I haven't updated in awhile, due to some computer problems. After digging around in poor PALATINE's guts for a couple of days, I got fed up and took it to a repair shop. It should be back in a day or two. In the meantime, I've been reading Lilith's Brood and doing the usual.
Wednesday was Calliopie at I-Spy, a night of spoken word, music, singing and dancing put on by some local female. I was really impressed by the show, especially Lady Peace's spoken word performances. Each time she got up, the annoyingly chatty crowd would quiet down to hear her drop science. Sensi Pete was in the house and as usual, it was good to see him.
On Thursday, Tab, Maria, Stu, Tim, Angela, Adam, Hanna and I participated in Dine Out For Life a benefit for The Chicken Soup Brigade. We went to the Maple Leaf Grill and donated a portion of the bill which will help them help peolpe suffering from AIDS. Afterwards, we went and got our drink on at Barca, where DJ Swank was on the decks. Tab gave shit about not making eye contact-I was feeling shy that night-so I gave her shit about voting for Bush.
Friday, I had to come into work for a meeting. I found out my manager Matt F. was heading to Sydney for a couple of months to manage one of the offices until they get a replacement. Jason filled us in on the new G4's we're getting and I got to check out Lou's new G4 laptop-SWEET! Afterwards, I went over to the Triangle and yakked with some the other heads I work with while I waited for Jason to get off work. He and I then went to meet Neil, Paula, Merjan and her roommate Angela, Richard, Chad, Patty, Chris and Gopie and then caught the Doves show at the Croc. I guess the band decided not to try and recreate the moody atmospherics of the album and decided to pull a Geezer Butler instead. Talk about LOUD!
On Saturday I got up early and went to help Tabitha and her mother move some stuff from their house on Bainbridge to their new place in town. The ferry ride to Winslow was awesome, the sun was out and Tab and I wandered around talking about work, the media and her childhood. I hadn't been out to the Brainbridge house in almost two years and we were both unpleasantly surprised by all the developments.
They didn't have much heavy 'man-stuff' to move, so after Tab, Hanna and I got the house clear we wasted a lot of daylight on dump and Goodwill runs. I had to be back home at 5 for a jam session with the fellas, so the ladies had to empty the truck themselves. I felt bad about it,
but if we didn't get in a practice now, we would have to wait two weeks until the next one, due to the upcoming trip to Snoqualmie. I was pretty much wiped out and stayed in last night.
Next week, I'm on vacation! WhooHoo!

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