I spent the day puttering around the house and yakking with Adam. We had lunch at the Pho Bac joint up the street (Better that sex, cheaper and easier to get, too!). I stopped by the computer store and was somewhat chagrined to find that the $200 40GB Seagate ATA100 drive I bought was not the source of my computer problems. Now I think its actually one of the $3 fans. I took the side panel off the machine and its running just fine! I didn't return the drive, however, I'm going to use it for backup.
Around 7pm, I went downtown to meet my longtime friend Jennifer L. and some coworkers who'd took their boss out for a send-off at the Pink Door in Post Alley.
The joint is a little too upscale for my tastes, but it was looking to be that kind of night. El Stu showed up a little later, as did Marcus J. and his friend Jason.
We all hung out for awhile, then around 9-we decided to head up to Capitol Hill for Carmel's belated birthday party at The Capitol Club. I've never been fond of the CC. Its the kind of joint Microsofties go on a first date to impress them with how much money they can spend on scotch. Also, its not a very big place-so being elbow to elbow with the kind of people you really don't have much in common with is a taxing situation. Fortunately, Carmel, James & Co. took up most of the room.
We stood around for awhile until a table opened up. Aaron and Laurie B. joined us.
It was a good night, until Marcus took off without saying goodbye to Jen. She hadn't seen him in three years and was really upset. I brought her back here to sober up, then took her back to her car downtown.

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