Jeezwhatafookinordeal. So after replacing the motherboard, hardrive, CPU and power supply (to the tune of $600), it appears that the source of my computer woes was-ready for this? The soundcard. I have always believed that evil up close is usually mundane and this, my friends is the proof! Fortunately, my new mobo has sound built in, so I will be ripping the little bastard out as soon as I get a chance. I shall GREATLY enjoy flinging it as far and as hard as I can and watching it disintergrate on the pavement, believe you me!
These are some strange times, lemmetellya. The yin & yang is swirling about, making my head spin! A friend and I had a misunderstanding-yet, after talking it out I feel closer to her than ever before. We've had an AWESOME spring so far, yet we face a drought. Last weekend while at the cabin, I was felt introverted and wanted to hide from everyone. Today, I can't wait to see my friends! Life is feels good now, but when I expand my view beyond my circle of love, there's some serious shit goin' on out there. (Spend a few minutes on Metafilter or Salon if ya dinna ken what I mean.)
Some would say this is life-that things are always this way, but I have never felt it so acutely before. Its this part of growing older? Being aware of my mortality? Or something else?
Enough comtemplation for now...'Cause tonight is Professor Tim's (AKA Cap'n Piledriver) 35th birthday. We're going to the Frontier Room ta get messed and celebrate a guy who's brain is almost as big as his heart!

I gotta grip of pix to put up. Some are from the the Crystal trip. A few from my excursion with Maria to Fremont, then the Market on Tuesday and the rest are the survivors of the ferry trip over to Whidbey a few weeks ago. I've got a few ideas for the blog so look for some changes soon. And email me with any questions or comments...

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