So, after being gone for several days I'm back here at work. In this dark room with no lights or windows, gettin' my scan on and listening to the late, great, Wynonie Harris. WhooHoo!
I was burnt out and tired last week and it seems like I'm not the only one. Maria has been flaking and Tab is MIA. I haven't heard from the Prof since his birthday Tuesday-but he's probably still hungover heh heh.
Yesterday, Stu and I went to see the movie "Too Much Sleep". (Review here) I guess I didn't like as much as Stu did, for the same reasons we disagree about Hal Hartley movies. I thought the acting was irritatingly amateurish and I really hate movies where you can clearly hear the screenwriters 'voice.' Stu finds these things charming, which is odd since he's a much bigger art snob than I am...ah well.
After the movie, we went out to the University District and went to all the record stores on the Ave, buying CDs and putting up posters for the upcoming Ruins/Ghidra show at SIL2K tomorrow. I bought a bunch of dub, some Squeeze, Killing Joke, Nat King Cole, Six Finger Satellite & Van Halen's 1984, which is the only CD from the DLR era that I didn't have. Now all I need is the Camaro...
Stu's ambient jazz combo was playing Sonarchy on KCMU, but I decided to go home and get some rest. I was a good boy and went to bed at 11PM. And wouldn't you know it? I could not sleep!
Anyway, I'd like to take this time to wish my beloved friend Oani "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Quote from El Stu (while checking out a really hot woman on Queen Anne Avenue): "Back in Seattle after a long engagement elsewhere, Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for...ASS!"


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