Yesterday, (Saturday) I blew off paintball (oh, I'm gonna catch heck for that tomorrow!) and went up to Whidbey Island for my Big Sister Amy's husband's Birthday. Ty turned 30 years old and we partied at Amy's aunt's cabin. I brought Ty a bottle of Don Julio Tah-kill-ya. I hadn't seen him and Amy in over a year (sad, considering they only live 10 blocks away) and I also got to see Patty, who I hadn't seen in 2 months (sad-'cause we work for the same company) and my beloved friend Heidi (not sad, but I missed her all the same.)
There was lots of food and the cabin was right on the beach. I'll be posting some pics I took soon.

Only 4 more days 'til the Doves show at the Croc!! I'm so psyched for this! They'll have tonight's Toronto gig archived, but I'll wait until next week to watch it.

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