Another beautiful spring day! Stu, Tim and I headed to Green Lake to eat some fish and chips at Spud's and then get some sun (and check out the girls.) Later on, we went down to Kim's house and visited with him and Kathy and their two kids. Still later, I grabbed Dan's DJ gear and went out to the Benbow Inn in West Seattle and spun some disco, 80's funk, trip-hop and a couple of reggae tunes at a surprise birthday party. Dante's (a co-worker) wife Kim is turning 30 next Thursday, so the party marks the beginning of a week of celebration for her! Some of the folks from my department were there and Scott Bwoy (AKA Frito) came to hang out. I think he had a good time. I did!!

Its 2:30AM and I am gonna resist the urge to play Tribes2 until dawn. Instead, I'm gonna turn in and do some spring cleaning tomorrow.

BTW...Tim took issue with me calling him a slacker and let me know that the Erotic Story Contest site has been updated! The current entries are up and the contest date has been extended!! So get the gears turning, the juices flowing (creative ones-ya little sickos!) and get to writing!!

That's all!

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