Hey There.
Most of the last few days were spent trying to find out what the hell is wrong with my computer. I finally brought it to Chad, to see if he could fix it. After swapping out most of the parts, he still couldn't get it to run without crashing. He thinks its possessed and I am inclined to agree.
Neil decided to give it a shot, but we could be calling in a priest pretty soon on this one.
Since my last post, I went to see 'Panic', had dinner at Tabitha's, played paintball, hung out with my friend Karen, spent a lot time on the phone and IM'ing Annette, my new friend in Spokane (who I hope to meet really soon!),
celebrated Ryan's divorce...went to work, hung out at the usuals with the usuals, etc...
I was rather dismayed last week to find that my favorite radio station, KCMU is now KEXP. The site claims that the change was needed to show that station's embrace of new technology and innovation, but something here stinks-and I know what it is. Paul Allen.
Folks, the changes at KCMU have nothing to do with technology or innovation-its all about the Benjamin's. Its only a matter of time before the station that did the most for local music is no more despite the claims to the contrary. I have avoided listening...It makes me feel creepy-like I came home to find a homeless person had taking a huge, smelly crap in my bathroom....
Also, my beloved friend Stu has had some weird health problems and although the doctors say he's fine, the symtoms persist. He's taking it like a trooper, but with him its more what he doesn't say than what he does...He's planning to take it easy, cut back his busy schedule and get some regular exercise...Please assist me in sending some positive vibes his way.
That's about all for now. As I write this, I am at Chad a Patty's comfy house in sleepy Bremerton. I came to visit them and my favorite cat-Rover and just maybe catch a glimpse of Heidi before I return home Saturday afternoon. I will spend part of the day helping them move rocks for their backyard...It should look pretty cool when they're done with it...(maybe we'll post some pictures!)

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