I have this friend who never returns my phone calls. Then, when she does call and can't get hold of me (usually on the weekend-wanting to know "the plan") lectures me on my need for a cell phone. Like I need yet another monthly fee! Well, from now on, when dealing with this person-I shall use the golden rule. Do onto to others as you would have them do onto you. We'll see what happens then.
In other news, I went down to check out a Wing Chun Class. I was pleased with what I saw. It was a small class. The Sijo paid close attention to what his students were doing and seemed very focused on passing on his skills-not just building the school. There was a lot of emphasis on the forms and the philosophy behind them. I think I could do really well there.... and I'm really excited about doing this again!
Only bad thing? I'm gonna have to learn to like doing pushups...I fookin HATE pushups...!

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