Its in the wee hours (man, I love saying 'wee!') of Sunday and its been a rather strange and wonderful week.
My non-phone call returning friend and I have parted ways. She and I have had many disagreements and strife over the two and a half years we've known each other. Mostly due to poor communication. But this last time led to some places we never had before-downright unreasonable. It wasn't so much the phone call issue as it was all that had gone on before it. And this was the straw that broke the camel's back, as they say.
Yet, I don't feel bad about it. I think that as the disagreement escalated, I realized that we weren't what we both thought we were: close friends. And its better to have someone untrustworthy out of your life rather than in it where they can continue to hurt you. I'll forget about it soon enough and even if we wind up in the same room, It be alright. The switch is now in the 'off' position.
So life will go on. She thinks I'm nuts and I think she's a silly cow.
'Nuff said.
Thursday night was my first Wing Chun class. I was really nervous about going because I know I have a lot of hard work to do, just to get caught up. And while I had a good feeling about Sijo Ferrer-he hadn't barked at me for doing something wrong yet. But as I arrived, most of the class was standing there on First Avenue, watching the girls go by and Sijo was cracking jokes and admiring a really nice BMW some yuppie had parked on the street. I realized that although I was going to have to endure some hardship, the Sijo (outside of class, anyway) is just a regular guy-although one that could seriously injure me in two seconds.
The night went pretty easily, we did Qi Gong excercises ('5 Organ Breathing' and 'Triple Burn'). Then I got to practice the basic fighting stance over and over while the rest of the class practiced Chi Sao (Sticky Hands) stuff. While I yearn to join them (it looks like so much fun! ) I knew I should focus on what I was doing.
An interesting thing about the Qi Gong stuff: Although I'm very interested in Taoist philosophy, I was never that sold on the concept of Chi (Qi), since I have no emperical knowledge of it. After class I went home and ate and slept normally. But roughly 24 hours after the class, I felt wonderful! A total body high, like I was on E or Mushrooms.
For some reason, I was sure the exercises (which are designed to bring fresh Chi to the heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys) had something to do with it. If I experience that feeling again next week...I'm sold!
Work was a bust this week due to server problems and a bad batch of mylar (bad mylar=dirty scans), but we did go to an all-day Photoshop class on Friday at Photobition (formally Ivey Seright). We got to check out their facilities and ask their production guys lots of questions and generally see how the other side lives. Everyone at Photobition was super nice to us and hopefully we'll get to have them over to our house sometime soon.
On Friday, after the PS class-I met up with Stu and Tim and we went to see Amore Perros (Love's a Bitch). I liked it a lot-and as the review says, its about time we here in the States got to see some Mexican Cinema. I spent the latter part of my teens and early twenties reading Love and Rockets (new series coming BTW!) and I know there are some great stories to be told-beyond 'Like Water For Chocolate', 'El Mariachi' and lucha libre flicks...(ok, so they rule!)
After the movie Stu and I hung out for awhile, then I left him and met up with Scott Bwoy and some his friends at the Back Door Ultra Lounge. I didn't really dig Marney's pal and his wife (the Leo thing again, see 3rd paragraph) but his coworkers were all really nice people. I had a blast-we wound up at the J&M after the BDUL got too crowded and I think/hope/pray Frito has found a new love interest in the very cute and totally sweet Staci....we'll see!
Yesterday, I went to a wedding. (Matt and Jennifer's) a birthday party (April's) and then to The Baltic Room for Love Cats (Jen, Robert, Stu, Maria, Rachel, Marjan, Sean, Pete, Anna, Connie and Brandy-who I went to High School with!). 80's tunes were played and there was much dancing and shaking of butts. (Especially when 'Double Dutch Bus', 'Kiss' and 'Boy' came on.)

To bed!

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