OK...its the wee hours of Saturday morning and I'm feeling much, much better. The weather was smashing! I went over to Free's place to pick up Dan's dual CD player (I'm DJ'ing a friend's B-Day party) and then went down to the Triangle Tavern to have a couple of drinks and meet Stu for dinner. Some people from work were there so I hung out with them. Stu showed up a little late, but we were joined by Marjan, her ex-roommate Angela and a friend of theirs who name escapes me. Around 10PM, Stu and I drove over to Mona's near Green Lake to meet up with Tabitha, Patrick and Maria. Mona's is a cozy and swank joint. Not really the kinda place I'd hang out but since a vodka collins was only $4, I didn't complain.
The girls brought up the Erotic Literature Contest (Tim is SO slacking on this one!) and as a result Stu and I amused ourselves by making up opening paragraphs to smut stories:

Bill had a cyst on his arm the size of a small pea due to his heroin habit. But Tammy didn't care. She laughed in the face of danger! And Bill always looked so good on stage, sheathed in leather with a cigarette dangling from his lips as he spooled out guitar solo after guitar solo...

Of course, this is one of the milder ones-they got more and more outrageous as the night went on.

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