Saw Low tonight (6PM) with Stu at the cozy PARADOX Theatre...It was wonderful. They played most of the new album "The Things We Lost In The Fire", a couple of oldies and a Smith's cover. Mimi Parker is a very sexy woman and it was cool to see the band setting up their own gear, talking with fans and selling shirts after the show. And that was the just first set! Best show this year (so far)! We'll see what tasty treats St. Germain dishes up at The Showbox on the 25th. Also, I just picked up the new Nick Cave album "No More Shall We Part", which stunned me with its quiet beauty. The man just keeps on getting better...

Computer Tales...Coda.

So I got a phone call today from Neil and he had tried everything he could think of and my machine STILL kept crashing. I told him that I appreciated the hell out of his weeklong effort but I wasn't surprised. It just doesn't make sense.
So after running over to his place to pick up my machine, I decided to buy a new one. I called a company out near Northgate that builds custom rigs and told 'em what I wanted. I got a new case, an 850mhz Athlon, Gigbyte Mobo, PSU, new CD-ROM and a Ricoh CD-R/W. All for a little over $500. (the burner cost me close to $200). I came home and started gutting PALATINE, taking out the hard drives & RAM and putting into the new machine. I also swapped out the 250w PSU for the 300w I bought just a couple of weeks ago.
Voila!! PALATINE is reborn!!
Its been running for several hours with no crashes...I'm gonna see if I can get Chad to check it over for me next week. I'm BACK, BABY!

"These are definately NOT the salad days!"-El Stu

In other news...Stu called me early this morning to tell me that his stepfather had died. Nate G, as I liked to call him, was a very interesting man. While I can't say I knew him well, I do remember him being very warm and friendly and I am saddened to hear of his passing.

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