So after a semi-stressful three days of work, I am now back to the dark cave that is the basement. I went out to the Baltic Room tonight for Top Of The Pops (Brit-Pop night) and to drink, socialize and ogle all the fresh, sleek and pretty girls that seem so young . Stu and I often make remind each other of Chris Rock's joke about "The Old Guy At The Club" ("He's not old-Just too old to be at the club"). Or as the late blues shouter Wynonie Harris sang-'I feel that old age comin' on...'
Odd numbered years seem to be particularly nasty lately. In the first three months or '99, my ex-girlfriend lost her mother and grandmother within a month. It was rainy and dark almost all the time. My stepmother passed away, leaving my teenaged half-brother an orphan. My friend Big Sister Amy discovered she had MS. My pal Chris fell through a roof and broke his back...
This year...Well, to tell the truth-I really don't want to go on about it. Some of you already know what's up. Oddly enough, even though nothing bad has happened to me yet (knock on wood), I still feel like I'm in a leaky boat on a sea of shit. My way of dealing with it is to focus on what is directly in front of me and keep moving. So if I seem a little "different" lately-that's why.
I still managed to find little pockets of joy, however. This one cheered me up! (warning: turn yr speakers down if yr at work) AND I just got this note from two very lovely and talented ladies I know:

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 4:06 PM

this is just to let you all know that there is a retail showroom opening and
studio launch of our new space...wednesday 25th april...between
...dumbclothing and fabulous frocks......maggie soladay
photography plus special guest artists...please come and help
celebrate the opening of the pink palace ....1504 E 11th @
...directly below the actors studio...thanks for the continued

I'm planning on stopping by before the St. Germain show.
Well, hopefully it will be sunny again tomorrow (so I can avoid going outside!). Chad (AKA DJ Deep C) is coming from Over Yonder (Bremerton) to check out Barca (he's gonna lay down some deep house there in about a month) and hang out...another reason to cheer!


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