The word from Neil:

Okay, I finally got win2k on there. The first time I installed it I forgot what
I had put in as a password... duh... and because I had used fucking NTFS my DOS
boot disks couldn't see the hard drive anymore so I couldn't go in and rip out
the password file (If that is possible with Win2k. I assume it is. Oh, Dave here
at work says that there is a utility you can boot to on a floppy that will allow
you to change the password. Oh, well. I wanted a nice clean install anyway.) So
anyway, I got things running about 8pm last night and have left IE and Outlook
and the pipes screen saver going all night and it hasn't crashed yet. I just
called Susan to verify that it still hasn't crashed. I didn't use NTFS to format
the drives this time, I used FAT32. I don't like NTFS because nothing else can
read the freaking drives. You can't run DOS apps and for large partitions you
lose a lot of space because of the node sizes. There are some benefits to NTFS
but for what you are using your machine for, I don't think they out weigh the

For this install I have things bare-bones. I am still using my memory in the
machine but I am pretty sure your memory is fine since my computer hasn't
crashed with it. I have the cd-rom, floppy, video card and Maxtor drive hooked
up and that is it. Tonight when I get home I will start the card stacking game
and add one thing at a time back to the system and watch for instability. So far
so good though. I'd say your machine is just fine. All of the computers I've
worked on have little quirks like some cards just won't work in this or that
slot or the IDE connectors only work when you have things plugged in
reverse. You just have to work around them. I hope I'm not jumping the gun in
saying I think things will be okay. I will need the computer over night again
but hopefully by tomorrow we should have some resolution.

-Dr. Taint

WhooHoo! I could be back online in just a day or two!

PS. Love the redesign George!

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