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Hey there!
Its 2:30AM and I've just spent the last couple of hours playing "Counter-Life" a mod for "Half-Life" that combines the single player game with the weapons buying aspect of "Counter-Strike", another Half-Life Mod. Its kind of cool, because as you go through the game, you find money and use it to buy health, armor and ever more powerful guns...Woohoo! I can't wait to take on those special ops guys now!
Reading this back reminds me of a time that Chad and I were having a conversation about Half-Life. Stu (who wouldn't play a video game to save his life) listened to us for awhile, then turned to a friend and said, "Listen to them! They're having some sort of surrealist conversation! I can't understand what they're talking about!"
Anyway, this week has been fairly mediocre...aside from hanging out with my new friend Myshel. We took in some movies, on video and in the theater. We saw "The Anniversary Party", "The Pledge" and "Sexy Beasts". Of the three, I liked Sexy Beasts the best. Ben Kingsley was awesome and I thought it had the best story. The Pledge was OK, great twist near the end, but I felt the atmosphere of impending doom was a bit much and the ending unrealistic.
The Anniversary Party was cool, I enjoyed watching it, but I really hate movies in which almost none of the characters were people I could relate to. Also, like "Hurly Burly", I couldn't shake the feeling that this was a movie for actors by actors. It seemed to be more about showing off than telling a compelling story...
Later on today, I'm thinking of catching "Jin-Roh."
I just picked up Colson Whitehead's "The Intuitionist", while hungrily eyeing Neil Gaiman's "American Gods." I've yet to finish "Glue!" Jeez, no wonder I'm going blind!
Saturday is Frito's birthday, along with a bunch of other people. So to celebrate he's cookin' up some Pork Butt! Birthday's & BBQ, uh-huh!

Well, enough with this disjointed, meandering post...its bedtime...fa'reals!


From El Stu:


And Wednesday at 8:00 I am performing on sampler along with Tucker
Martine and Kevin Goldsmith at Consolidated Works. Should be very

Here is what's up:
Three of us on this coast and 3 musicians on the east coast will be
triggering samples in a webcast with live video according to a score
that consists of a map of the US with the title of the piece
stretched out across it. We each get a third of the alphabet,
assigning our samples to our given letters and then trigger them to
the words NEGATIVE SPACE, each letter also corresponding to a city or
town on the US roadmap. This roadmap will be scrolling across a
video screen in real-time. The samples can be loops, found sounds,
rhythmic or sounds collected from a field recording so expect a
sensual blending of unexpected and beautiful sonorities.

Want to know more? Come down to ConWorks Wednesday and check it out!
Wednesday, June 27
Consolidated Works presents
Negative Space
Consolidated Works, 410 Terry Ave North, 8pm, $7 / $5 suggested
"NEGATIVE SPACE is a multi-local sound installation in collaboration
with Spaceboat TV and Harmonic Ranch, which takes advantage of the
distance between a team of performers on the East Coast and a team on
the West Coast. Three musicians in New York (including members of
Clem Snide) and three
musicians in Seattle (Kevin Goldsmith, Stuart McLeod and Tucker
Martine) perform in real time from a composition by NY sound artist
John Roach. The piece's parameters are determined through the use of
the alphabet and a U.S. road atlas."

The performance will be streamed here!

Visit SIL2K on the web at http://www.sil2k.org<./a>


This just came in from DJ Aaron (AKA DJ Knightrider):

I have some guest list spots for these so let me know
if you're broke!

This Saturday 6/23 @ the Baltic Room IQU, DJ AARON,
The Nightcaps.
come and check out the Baltic Room
employees doing something better than serving drinks!

Next Saturday 6/30 @ The Baltic Room
Making your pussy extra wet with 80's hits from
Knightrider and Manny Montana

Monday 7/2 @ The Baltic Room
Come down and hear what the best in Seattle's Downtempo
community have to offer: DJ Aaron, LUX, Ken Wallace &

Tuesday 7/3 @ The Baltic Room
Drum and Bass
I have been waiting to play on this night for a long
time. Don't miss me drop it with the hardest of the
hard In this rare opportunity. w/DEMO and FLUX

Sunday, 7/8 @ the Capitol Club.
Sunset Sundays
A new night at the CC with Dj's out on the Balcony!
Dj Aaron, Michael Antonia.

Thanks for all your support!

Right on! I will probably attend most of these shows, 'cause Aaron takes no shorts! See you there!!


Here's a link to pics from the the fashion show the Wednesday. Damn, it looks like it was a hoot!

Met up with some of the Urbandownpour crew tonight to discuss how we're going to move forward with the project. After the meeting we all went up to Barca to hang out, catch DJ Slinky and DJ Heiko (from Germany!) and get to know one another better. Myshel, out marketing guru is a crackup and I look forward to hanging out with them more.

That's all for now. I got all my paintball gear, everything is in working order and I anxiously await the chance to see how I do on the field!
Hope you all had a lovely Solstice!!


WigNskirt Party pics are on the slideshow! More to come!
AND from all indications (I didn't make it, was having dinner with a friend) it looks like the DUMB fashion show was a success!! Barca was packed even after Tammy and I got there. Some of the models were still dressed in their smashing shiny frocks.
Also, my new paintball gear (JT Proteus Mask, Knee/Shinguards and a 12Volt Revolution Hopper) arrives this afternoon! I can't wait for Saturday at Hole In The Wall!! WHOOHOO!!


Just wanted to mention that there will be a fashion show tonight at Barca (1510 11th Ave.
Seattle, WA) for Paula Fletcher's DUMB clothing line. I think the things get rolling around 9:30. I hear they're trying to get everyone to dress up a bit and make it a real party!
I encourage you all to attend (if you can) the last one was a lot of fun! The clothes are cool, the models are hot and everything is reasonably priced and can be custom-tailored!


Tim just sent me this link-Fremont Solstice Parade Pictures!

BTW-Pictures from the WigNSkirt Party will be up soon...I just gotta find time to scan 'em.
I went to the Grandaddy/Coldplay show last night at Benaroya Hall. I met up with Scott Bwoy, Annie, Nantini (AKA The Thai Girl From Texas) and some friends of theirs at a bar downtown. The tickets said the doors opened at 8 but none of believed that the show would actually start then. Guess what? We missed Grandaddy.
I was bummed because even though I like Coldplay a lot, I find Grandaddy to be the more intriguing band. A ran into Steve K. at the show as we were coming in and he described the set as very Pink Floydish-like in a good way. Damn!
Anyway, Coldplay's set was really good, very polite and professional. Chris Martin (vox, guitar) bounced around the stage like a top, even running up one of the aisles near the end of the show. I was a little disappointed by the sound, the low end was really muddy. But Benaroya Hall isn't really set up for rock shows anyway. Also, I found the light show distracting. The auditorium is such an elegant room, with its wood panelling and somber colors. Coldplay could've done their quieter numbers with just the stage lights and it would've enhanced the mood.
Chris seemed a little awed by the venue as well. He made serveral comments about how weird it was to be playing in a posh "opera house with doormen in bow ties."
In addition to the hits (Trouble, Yellow, Everything's Not Lost) the band played several new numbers-about half the set, all received enthusiastically by the crowd. It was a fairly short show however we were out of there by 11:30 or so.


Wow, whotta weekend. I went to work on Friday to make up for the day of work I missed while trying to get home from Atlanta week before last.
Jason W. wasn't in, so it was me, Lou and Curt.
After work I met up with Tim, Stu, Neil, Laurie B. and Tracy for a last meal at Noodles, some of the best cheap eats in Seattle. The building is being demolished to make way for a new apartment building/retail space. They're basically ripping the heart out Fremont but I guess that's "progress".
What's the point of having community when is its never really yours? Why try to make a place unique when economic forces basically require everything to be the same?! Why give a rat's ass about the city you grew up in, once it becomes painfully aware that it'll be virtually unrecognizable in a few years AND that you really have no say in the matter?
I'm not a Luddite, its just getting harder and harder to find dusty corners to hide in. AND YES I'm still mad about the baseball stadium. I view it as a mockery of democracy.
Anyway, we headed up to Barca after dinner and hung out. It was an early evening.

Saturday was pretty mellow. I woke up around 10AM and decided that I didn't want to go to the Fremont Solstice Parade after all.
I had a lot on my plate that evening and didn't wear myself out. It was good that I didn't, as my new friend Tammy managed to catch me online and we spent several hours instant messaging one another.
Around 6, I headed to Sean K.'s for a farwell BBQ. It was a lovely evening, perfect for listening to Cameo and the Melvins.
Matt D., Leslie, Stu & Tim were all there, Dan showed up later. I brought some bratwurst and after we ate, Matt, Stu, Sean, Trish and I went into Sean's basement studio for a little jam session. We did a pretty good impromtu version of 'So Lonely' by the Police and ran through some Boston and Cars tunes. It was sloppy, but fun!
Around 10PM, we left the party and headed down to the Baltic Room for SEX MACHINE, put on by DJ's Free & K.O. We got a table about 5 feet from the bar and spent the next few hours dancing, drinkin' and checking out all the gorgeous women! I was hoarse from singing along to all the classic soul, funk, R&B and 80's tunes they played!
Around closing, Stu and I hopped into my car and headed to Milkana and Steve's party, which was still going strong. They live in a huge old house (AKA The International House Of Love) on Capitol Hill. The place was packed and people were salsa dancing dancing in the living room. We stayed for about an hour, I had to work that morning!


Today, we celebrate a real woman. (Brought to you by Whatever, Dude) Amen, brah.
Its the weekend and I'm feeling fine. Hung out with a friend after work last night and got to know each other better. I was dog tired when I got home around 10:30 and after checking my email and vmail, I went straight to bed.
I'm planning to run some errands today, maybe head to Butch's Paintball and get a drop-forward for one of my paintball guns and then drop in on The Prof and see what he's doing. The Fremont Solstice Parade is this Saturday and The Prof usually allows us to use his house as home base for the parade and the fair afterwards.
There has been a lot of talk about the Seattle Police Dept. (AKA The Whining Nazis) hassling the the Fremont Arts Council about the nude bicyclists that show up in the parade every year. The police have decided to arrest anyone seen cycling nude during the parade and threatened to pull the parade permit. I was interviewed by a local news station about this as I was out getting lunch one day.
What exactly is the problem? They say they want the Parade and Fair to be a "family event".
If I was so worried that my kid was gonna see naked people (on bicycles!), I'd stay home! Actually I'd be more worried about the TV, magazines and the computer in my home than some folks having fun at a parade.
What a crock! These are the same cops who stood by and let a kid get beaten to death at Mardi Gras. And it seems like Mayor Schell and the cops have much bigger problems than some exhibitionists on wheels...
But I digress.



Went to the Before & After Show with my beloved friend Karen on Friday. We were joined by Stu and Trip and most of the other "regulars". The show consisted of diptyches showing "before and after". The photographs were for sale, the price range was from $23 to around $1000. I was particularly impressed by Tomiko Jones' "The Easter Bunny Gets Egged". The showing turned into quite the party but knowing the WigNSkirt was the next day, we made an early night of it.
Karen and I stopped by Tower Records on the way home. She got the new Radiohead album and I got CD's by Low/Dirty Three, High On Fire and DJ Spinna.

Ladies and Gentleman, the fatted calves have been eaten and the dancing girls have gone home to soak their aching feet.
The Rev. Lester (me), Dan The Man and The Boy Known As Skip AKA The Haus Of Intrigue AKA La Casa De La Hombres Muy Extranos, threw their 3rd Annual WigNSkirt Party Saturday night. This was one for the record books!
The rules were simple: Wear a Wig or a Skirt and bring a bottle for the bar. And the people did so. And there was much rejoicing. Beats were booming in the Downstairs Disco, provided by DJ's Knightrider, Floormatt and Sherman. We had Karaoke in the living room and Skip's "Room Of Mystery" with its visual and audio effects that amazed and delighted the crowd. And we drank...we drank a lot! And the food! Chef Skip's snacks were amazing!! Roasted chicken and marinated vegetables, blanched asparagus, assorted cookies, chips, dips...we even had Twinkies!
Beautiful boys and girls were hooking up all over the place! (Literally!) Ah, Spring!
There was only one casualty, some guy named "Alabama" who chugged Bacardi like it was water. We actually had to call an ambulance!
But get this-they checked him out and left. He didn't want to leave and violently protesting, had to be carried out to the car by his friends.
Things wound up around 6AM. Lori B. & Frito stayed over.
Hours later, The Men From The Haus Of Intrigue surveyed the aftermath...The Rev., Skip and DTM nodded to each other in approval and said: "Yea...it was good"

Quotes: "WhooHoo! Paintball and drag! My two favorite things!!" -Jason, looking fab while posing for a picture with my new paintball gun.
"Damn it! Some of these guys have better legs than I do!" -Big Sister Amy
"Wanna see something funny?!" -Anna Banana, flashing her boobs at Stu, Laurie and Scott.

On behalf of The Haus Of Intrigue I would like to extend a heatfelt "Thank You" to all that attended and to those that assisted us in making this the best party yet!

Oh and Hey, Angela! Your friend is HOT!!


This just in from my friend Gopi:

Vital 5 Productions presents a
Group Show “Before & After”

When: June 8th, Friday 6 -10 PM

Where: corner of Westlake & Denny (cool 60s building across from Land Rover dealership)

Artists: Maggie Soladay, Tomiko Jones, Bootsy Holler and many others. Fabulous photographers.

Ah, this was a lovely evening.
I did laundry and comtemplated cleaning my room, but couldn't get up the energy to attack it. So I surfed, read and tried out my new Shocker. Later on, I got some Chinese Food and went to band practice. Later on, I went to 'Top Of The Pops' at the Baltic Room and met up with Frito, Maria, Laurie, Merjan, Chris and Gopi. Frito and I drank Pabst Blue Ribbon and air-guitared along to Blur, The Smith, Suede, Pulp, etc.
It was a hoot...
I'll have to be fairly disciplined over the next couple of days and get all my chores done for the party on Saturday. Last year, I goofed off and wore myself out. Not this time!!


A couple of days ago I was surprised and pleased to find this in my inbox:

hey! allow me to introduce myself and tell you that I just discovered your
blog. My name's Flip and I am half of the East Coast/West Coast blog - "the
bi-coastal blog experience" or some sort of nonsense like that. The other
day RJ and I decided we really needed to find some new links for our blog and
expand our "coverage" of our respective coasts, as it were. So, having
surfed through maybe 700 blogs in the past few days, ack, I have to say I
really like what you got goin.
I grew up in the projects in Seattle and i've had a colorful history in every
sense of the word. Reading your blog really takes me back there. On the
Boards. The Stranger. Alcohol Funnycar's still around? Winthrop's still
there? Hahaha. You're one great voice for me for the Seattle I want to read
about. And Boston covers? In any case, you're good blog man. I've
been living in the Bay Area for a little over a decade now. I'm white, gay,
life is good, no major complaints, and anything else you want to know you can
find out at eastwest.blogspot.com
In any case, just wanted to drop you a line and say I'm looking forward to
reading more about Stacius in the future. Hope your weekend rules guy...
Flip City

I just wanna say thanks to Flip for taking the time to write! I like getting feedback!!
Today's lesson is brought to us via www.jwz.org and is entitled: do what thou wilt
A couple of good things happened today.
I got my new paintball gun (a Shocker Sport Turbo LS, it has all the mods you can think of...now I shall rule!) and my bag showed up from the airport! Now I can settle back into life. Tomorrow I clean my room and do laundry and start thinking about what sort of wig to get for The WigNSkirt Party here at the Haus Of Intrigue on Saturday! WhooHoo!
le piano graphique has been making the rounds on several blogs lately. This site turns your keyboard into a musical instrument of sorts. Check it out!


frytopia: The Greenshoes Project is a CD exchange run by frykitty, a Metafilter regular. Send her a mix disk and she'll send you one back!
I love making mix discs! I've got couple lying around...guess I'm off to the post office tomorrow!
eugenemirman.com is just...odd. Enjoy!
Kim sent me this a link to Facial Action Controlled Musical Interface, a mouth-activated controller for musical effects. Weird.
Reasons for Air Rage 101 part two - the return.

So-I'm back in Seattle. A day late, exhausted and vowing to never fly on TWA again!
Around 4:40 on Sunday afternoon, I left the cookout my brother and his friends were having in Stone Mountain and headed to the airport. Right as I was pulling into the Avis parking lot to return the car, the heavens unleashed a torrent. Suddenly, I had bad feeling about this.
I return the car, take the bus and encounter this bitchy lady at the ticket counter-whatever. I check my bag, then proceed to the gate. I get my ticket stamped and wait.
Soon a voice comes over the loudspeaker informing us that the inbound flight (which was the jet we were supposed to take) was cancelled due to the bad weather. Most of the savvy travellers immediately get on their cell phones and start wheeling and dealing. I stand in line for an hour trying to get to the desk. Once there I'm informed that my only options are to wait for a flight at 10AM or to see if a Delta flight had been delayed enough for me to try and get a seat.
I try the Delta desk, but their flight had left. I go back to the ticketing desk in the main concourse to see if I can get a hotel voucher. I get the big TD, but the lady gives my some coupons for rooms at three places near the airport. I go out to the shuttles, nearly getting knocked over by all the people who are in the same boat as me. I call all the places and guess what? No room at the inn.
I weigh my options, I could knock myself out trying to find a place to crash. I could call Jason but I don't really want to have someone come out from Decatur to pick me up only to take me back in the morning. So I decide to find someplace in the airport to wait.
Hartsfield has a nice atrium with lots of leather couches and chairs. Several people were already camped out.. I make phone calls to my boss, Stu (who was to pick me up at the airport) and Adam. Then I find a place to sit and then spent the ten hours listening to Georgia State Radio (Album 88) and watching the clock. I can't really sleep, since I'm aware that I'm not completely safe.
Around 8AM, I head to the ticket counter and get sorted out. Then back to the gate. We're delayed until noon. But hey! I got a first class seat on this leg of the trip. We finally leave around 12:30.
The St. Louis airport (TWA's hub) was a mess! People are everywhere, long lines at every ticket counter. I get in line to find out if I've missed my connecting flight I overhear the couple behind me saying that they've missed their connection and will have to stay in St. Louis overnight. They stayed in Atlanta the previous night, but I guess they were lucky enough to find a hotel.
As I wait, the guy next to me sees a monitor and tells me he's going to the gate and that I should do the same. Is about 2:15 and I see the 2:25 flight to Seattle is DELAYED. I'm near C13 and my flight is leaving from D14!
I haul ass though the airport, I swear I covered half a mile!!
On the way, I run into Alex, a friend of Scott's. He was in town visiting his parents.
I get to the gate and check in. Everything is in order, I'm told. They're just waiting for the crew to come in from Philadephia. I chat with Alex. All but two flight attendants show up, so we board at 4:00 and wait for them. We took off at 4:30
I'd been mostly awake for a day and a half. I felt spacey and weird and I really needed a shower. But after we took off, all the stress and frustration left me. I thought about how good it was to see my brar and if I had to do it again, I decided I would.
We touched down in Seattle at 6:30. Of course my bag is nowhere to be seen. I filled out a claim and then took a cab ride home to Ballard...


Huh...There's still hope for us yet, huh Heidi?!


BTW-if you're in Seattle on April 9th and wanna put on a wig and skirt, then come on down!
Reasons for Air Rage 101

SO A-da-mu drops me and a couple of his friends who were visiting at Sea-Tac on Thursday sometime around 10:30. As I'm standing in line at TWA's ticketing counter, this lady come up to me and on finding out my destination, tells me that there are severe thunderstorms over my transfer point (St. Louis) and that I will have to be rerouted-ON ANOTHER AIRLINE. Nonetheless, I take the news in stride. The universe always manages to throw a monkey wrench into mankinds plans and hey, I'd prefer not to fly through a storm.
The man at the ticket counter tells me that he's moving me to American Airlines and that I will go to Dallas and then Atlanta, arriving about an hour and a half late.
No biggie, I think. Then I realize I don't have my brother's number on me. So I call Adam and have him send my brar an email, informing him I'm gonna be late. hah.
The lady at the American Airlines ticketing booth, on seeing that I'm a fairly big fella, is nice enough to give me a window seat over the wing, which gives me some exta legroom. Right on!
The flight leaves on time and we arrive in Dallas/Ft. Worth ahead of schedule. I check my ticket and head to the next gate, stupidly thinking there would be no further problems. Heck, I'm less than two hours away! Shortly after arriving at the gate, I half-overhear one of the agents telling the other that it looked like we were going to have to switch gates. I sit down to wait. Sure enough, 20 minutes later they inform us that we're going to have to go back a quarter mile to gate A28 (I was at C-10), so I gather all my crap and head back..About a half hour after that we board the plane. And sit...
Apparently, the crew got held up in Salt Lake! After a half hour, they show up and the captain shows up and informs us that they need to do a flight check and we'll be on our way in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, its getting hotter inside the plane, the explaination was that they were using 'outside air'. Another half hour creeps by. Then the captain comes back on and informs us that the transmitter at the engineer's station isn't working so we'll need to deplane and wait for new equipment. So its back into the terminal.
Most of us were mildly annoyed by this time, but tried to maintain a sense of humor. The airline offered us food vouchers so we could get something to eat while we waited.
I just sat and ogled (along with the rest of the guys) this totally stylish and hot MILF who-godblessher-showed us all that after three kids she still had it goin' on as she leisurely paced, chatting rather loudly with friends on her cell phone.
I left massages at home that I was going to be even later...
The new plane showed up around a quarter to 10. We boarded again and waited. The captain infoms us they need to change a fuel valve...
I get into Atlanta at a quarter after one. Four hours later than originally expected. No one is there to greet me, but then, I'm not expecting anyone to be. I rent a car and figure out how to get to my brother's house arriving sometime around 3AM. Did I mention the thunderstorm? Did I mention that they don't light the freeways outside of downtown here?
I get to my brother's house and...he's not there. He'd mentioned he was selling the house-he didn't mention that he'd moved out of it. Of course I'm soaked as I bang on the front door figuring this out. So I drive up and down the street impotently fuming until I find a phone booth and call home leaving a message to call Jason and have his ass come find me pronto.
Then I go back to the house, park and wait.
Sometime around 6AM, Jason shows up and I follow him back to where he's staying. I'm damp and stinky but don't care anymore. Needless to say, I slept well into the afternoon.

Later on, Jason and I spent some time driving around and talking. Man, its amazing how much has changed. When I lived here in the mid-eighties, this area was deepest suburbia. I went to the school with the smallest student body in the county. Now my old High School (currently my brother's Alma Mater) is huge!! They have a swimming pool and golf team(?!?) now. Whole subdivisions occupy what was kudzu-covered wilderness before. Memories flooded back. The way people talk, the humidity. How the sun seems to set quicker...
We got some Chinese food at this buffet place and I helped him set up a blog. Tomorrow is his big day, he graduates. Then he's off to college, "Gettin' the hell on." he calls it. I know, I've been there too.

I hope he knows I'm proud of him.