OK, the move is (mostly) done and I am here at Frito's. I'm updating on his machine, mine doesn't like the internet connection.
The move went fairly well, probably would've been better if I'd called in some favors and gotten help. There are a few loose ends to be tied, but hopefully everything will be squared away by the end of the week.
Tonight is the Torchlight Parade, an annual event which is part of Seafair, Seattle's celebration of our maritime heritage and the most damning proof that despite out big-city pretensions, that this is still a small town.
As usual, I will be at my friend's Living Room on 4th & Bell-the only way to watch the parade. Stop by and say hello if you see me!

BTW-I came across this article via George...something to think about, sho' ' nuff.


Paintball pictures are up! These shots are from the Team RGB website and were taken on different days and at different fields.

So I spent most of the day rounding up all the crap that has spread out or been forgotten in this house over the last 2.11 years. Would you believe that the majority of my belongings are books and music? heh.
I think the move will go fairly easy-like. This is the worst part the last couple of days, spent stumbling over boxes and realizing you had more crap than you ever imagined.
Dan says he's having a garage sale, so Its possible that I could leave some things behind. But I'm afraid I might do that accidentally anyway.
I go to work tomorrow, and I'll probably dismantle my computer Wednesday night...Mark Eitzel at The Crocodile tomorrow!! WhooHoo!



Stu, Trip and I went to The Henry Art Gallery to check out their Volume: Bed Of Sound exhibit today. Unfortunately, the joint closes at 5 and we got there around 4. My bad, I was hungry...
Anyway, the exhibit was not a visual one but a collection of audio works by several muscians: Vernon Reid, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Genesis P-Orridge, Sonic Youth, Rufus Wainwright, Pan Sonic, to name a few. You're supposed to put on headphones and lie on this huge futon to listen to the works. This could take a whole day, some of the pieces run over 30 minutes!
I wish I'd gone earlier, the last time we'd gone to the Henry was to see
Wolfgang Laib: A Retrospective. 30 years of pollen in piles on the floor?! Call me a Philistine, but I was underwhelmed.
The beeswax smelled nice, tho.
It 1:30AM and I am sore and tired after a day of running around on the paintball fields.
We had a good tme. Team RGB didn't get its own field this time, we were all basically walk-ons. There was one large 5 acre field with lots of bunkers, hay bales, tractor tires, trees and tall grass. There were something like 30-40 people on the field at a time which meant there were some pretty intense battles. My team got easily taken down the first couple games of 'capture the flag', but things got a lot better once we started talking to one another and coordinating out move and fire routines. I played sargeant to the newbies and tried to keep everyone around me moving.
The last game I played that day, I wound up running out paint and got bunkered. I have a nasty welt on my upper right bicep. However, my Shocker performed well and I easily burned though alsmost half a case of paint!
There was a 'wiper' on the field (a guy who tries to erase evidence of a hit and stays in the game when he should call himself out) who compunded his unsportsmanlike behavior by leaving his gun on Turbo mode and lighting up other players. Fortunately, guys like that are the exception and not the rule in paintball.
We had four women on the field-Kim R. made two flag captures and was shot going for a third, showing everybody there why she's called "Tha Killa'. If Carey and Brad's wife (whose name escapes me had only made it...)
Afterwards. we went back to Jason and Kim's and had some burgers. We watched 'Snatch' and 'Sugar & Spice' on DVD and came home.

There should be some pictures from the day up at the Team RGB website, check the link in a couple of days if you're interested.
I go now to sack out.
Good night!


Went shopping at Tower today. Picked up Tricky's 'Blowback', Nikka Costa's 'Everybody's Got Their Something', Faithless' 'Outrospective',
Craig David 'Born To Do It', I-Roy 'Touting I Self', Built To Spill 'Ancient Melodies of the Future' a 4 disc set of the late, great blues shouter, Wynonie Harris and two compilations: Various Artists-Enrico Morricone Remixes and hi-fidelity dub sessions presents Roots Combination.
This should keep me happy.
For a couple of weeks...

Things on the list that I didn't get?
The Pastels
Twilight Circus
Noonday Underground
Clem Snide

Soon, my pretties...soon.


Free Dmitry Sklyarov!!! Sklyarov, who was in Las Vegas to deliver a lecture on electronic book security, allegedly authored a program which permits editing, copying, and printing of electronic books by unlocking a proprietary Adobe electronic book format.
Sklyarov was arrested July 17 in Las Vegas, NV, apparently at the behest of Adobe Systems, according to the DOJ complaint (link at right). He was charged with distributing a product designed to circumvent copyright protection measures. He is being held without bail at an undisclosed location, and has allegedly been denied access to Russian consular officials.
Dmitry's colleagues and other reports have said that neither they nor his family have talked to him since his arrest, do not know where he is being held, and do not know where he'll turn up next.

This is America?

Paradise is exactly like/Where you are right now/Only much, much...Better!

I'm about to head out and do some CD shopping and general Tomfoolery with El Stu and Scott. We'll probably wind up at the Sunset Tavern.
I actually went out and got some sun today and liked it! Maybe I can put my Nocturnal ways behind me!


Paintball tomorrow!! WhooHoo!!


As you can see, I've changed the look of the blog once again. I really liked this template, which was among the winners of Blogger's Template Contest and decided to go with it. Adding the pictures and links back in only took a couple of minutes and voila! New-look blog! Let me know if you hate it. I need an excuse to experiment a la George...
Not a whole lot to report this evening. Myshel and I went over to Jason M.'s place to watch "Gonin" a Japanese Yakuza flick. I was underwhelmed. The subtitles were white, so anytime they got imposed on a light background they became impossible to read. I found the plot half-baked and I saw no reason to care about any of the characters. So we made lots of jokes and tried explaining the finer points of the plot to one another.
Jason seemed to know quite a bit about Japanese Cinema, so hopefully we'll see some better movies soon.
Myshel and I were considering going to Top Of The Pops at the Baltic Room, but we were kind of tired and full after the movie so we decided to call it a night.


As usual, we were a day late and a dollar short. We got down to the Frontier Room only to find that it was already closed. I hope there was some sort of mega blowout the night before.
Frito and I wound up heading to Sean's and then to The Cantebury on 15th for some drinks and pool...
Not much else going on, work was complicated by server hiccups. Despite having the Sword Of Damocles over our collective heads, everyone seems to be in a reasonably good mood...for now. My department's annual Camp Vashon party will either be piss-poor this year or a rager for all-times depending on what happens. Its the not knowing that'll drive you crazy. Kinda like when we were kids your parents tell you you've got some heavy discipline coming...but not yet. So you spend that interval creating the worst possible scenarios in your mind. That's worse than the actual punishment!

I got some things I need to get sorted out this week. I've got to start locating and collecting all the crap that I have distributed around the house, start packing my books, CD's and clothes. In just over a week, I'll be moving to Frito's place in SE Seattle. The Mt. Baker neighborhood. Not far from the now-hip Columbia City. I'm really psyched about this. Scott's a good guy. He's fun to talk to and hang out with and we have a lot of common interests. I also look forward to being nearer to Lake Washington. I'll be just in time for the Seafair boat races...back when I was a kid, we used to joke that it was the only time that white folks rode the Number 7 bus south of downtown.
This Saturday I'll be heading up north to play paintball with the boys and girls of Team RGB. We're trying out one the the newest fields in the region, STP Paintball. I've got both of my Shockers all cleaned and ready and I'm considering getting a Paintball Jersey...
DJ Aaron AKA Knightrider is spinning classic Hip-Hop at The Baltic Room on Saturday. I hope y'all show up. I feel like some dancing would seriously lift my spirits!



If you live here in Seattle, you probably know what I'm about to mention here. That's right, another venerable Seattle institution is going away: The Frontier Room.
Now, I'm not gonna front and go on about how Nina and I were best of friends & that I was a regular and knew everybody who worked there, 'cause we ain't and I didn't.
I know most people thought of the place as a dive, but what was always amazing to me is the everybody drank there! Bikers, hipsters, dot-commers, sailors, punkers, college kids, professional drinkers...my favorite thing to do was get there early and watch the various groups come in.
My association with the place goes back to 1990, when my old buddy Jeff and I used to go down to The Vogue when it was on First & Virginia. We'd get our hand stamped at The Vogue and then head down the Frontier Room for a few shots of Jagermeister before returning to dance and socialize, something we did every week up until my father died from cancer that summer.
A few years later, Heidi and I would start off our night out there before heading over to the Brick St. (Also gone) She'd get a Tequila Sunrise or two and I'd drink Rolling Rock and we'd play 'American Dreaming' by Dead Can Dance on the jukebox and sing: I'm in love with an American girl/She's my best friend/I love her surreptitious smile/That hides the pain within her.
I sorta remember Nikki taking me to the Frontier Room for my 26th birthday and having a few too many Bloody Mary's (actually that should be vodka with a little Bloody Mary mix for color in it) before catching a Blackhappy gig at the Croc.
I met my ex-girlfriend for the first time there one night in late '98.
Anyway, the Frontier Room is going away...at least as most of us know it. The folks at the swanky Queen City Grill (the new owners) are going to keep the signage and turn it into a 'casual BBQ restaurant'...hmph.

Well, tonight a bunch of us are going down there to have a stiff one, eulogize and say our goodbyes. I hope we can get in...


The Day That Counts a demonstartion against Mr. Bush's refusal to recognize the separation between Church and State. Right on!
Its Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning...
My dub set at Barca Thursday seemed well-received! Two of the owners told me they enjoyed the set and wanted to have me back...Whoohoo! It was also Neil E's 30th birthday and the gang got together to welcome him into the "Old-Timers Club".
This afternoon I got a call from Myshel, who said she was at home and bored and wanted to hang out. We had a late, late lunch at Agua Verde and then got some ice cream on University Way. We also stopped in at Big 5 Sporting Goods so I could get some cleats for paintball.
From there we headed to Capitol Hill to R Place, where we met Stu and some of his coworkers for a few drinks. Around 7, Myshel and I walked down to The Baltic Room to catch DJ Aaron's downtempo set. Frito, Stu and his friends Chris and Leslie joined us.
We heard that Peter Parker (who'd blown us away at the Weezer tribute a week or so ago) was playing with the Pixies cover band No. 13 Baby at the SitNSpin, so we went downtown to catch them.
After grooving to openers Dorkweed, Peter Parker hit the stage but unfortunately, seemed to be having an off night. Myshel and I bailed, we were both a little tired and I wanted to go home and chill. So after reading the Stranger, I'm back down here in front of my computer...
Later on, I will be attending a carnival at my Alma Mater, Franklin High School and hitting a party or two.
Then its back to work!


OK-there are some things that need clearing up and I shall do so now before I get busy with something else and fergit...I do that sometimes.
The B'Austin gig that was set for July 25th at I-Spy is not, repeat not happening. There was a communication snafu with the booking guy and we have to move the show to another date.
We're currently looking at August 15th, two days after my birthday...I will send another email and post info here and elsewhere once we get a confirmation. I'm bummed about it, but grateful to have more time to practice!
A couple of friends wrote to ask me what's up with my employer's troubles and if I got hit with the ax. The answer is not yet. I don't know if I will.
We could hear something as early as next week or perhaps around the first week of August.
How do I feel about it? Well, my first instinct is not to worry about it too much, that only drives up my blood pressure and I don't like being stressed. I have been an employee of first Photodisc and then Getty Images for close to five years and no matter what the outcome, I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with and learned from so many cool people. My department is like a tribe-like family. We work hard and play hard together. We have the lowest turnover rate and the highest teamwork scores in the company. Our work appears everywhere!
If my time at Getty is done, then I will leave with my head up knowing that I gave my best shot. If not, then we are rolling on...
Learn form the Past, Live in the Now, Have Phaith and Pursue the Unknown End!
I will be playing some music tomorrow at Barca, mostly Dub with a little trip-hop and reggae for spice.
I have no game plan and will be winging it, but I'm sure you'll have a good time anyways. Come on down and have a beer or three and vibe with Jah (or whatever). I start at 9. Sean van den Heuvel (Good Friday Productions, SEA) will be spinning Dark trance and funky techno after me at 11PM


My Dumbass boyfriend...A page brought to you by the owner of a RealDoll...I'm speechless...


Evergreen Albums at www.airwindows.com is long but damning piece on the RIAA and the way music is packaged today. Remember the term "Artist Development?" This article explans what happened to it and why you can never really find the record you really want at Tower...


I'm back from Bremerton, we hadda a blast! There wasn't a cloud in the sky this weekend. Chad and Patty put out a nice spread and we spent Saturday evening chillin' in their newly landscaped backyard, listening to my new dub CD's. Heidi, Cree, Amy, Ty and Jen all made it. I stayed overnight and after getting some lunch in Silverdale, headed back around 4.
There's a lot going on this week...My friend Nikki will be in town, visiting from Sacramento and Tim sent this in:

7/9/2001 Monday 8:00 $7
A Home Alive benefit
featuring new music for porn videos
filtered porn videos by Humanlab
with a live score by Ota Prota
Spoken word by Riz Rollins, Tara Hardy, Buddy Wakefield,
Jason Carney, Karen Finneyfrock & Maya Santos
with DJ Foolchild
and artist Ethan Harrington
SIL2K @ I-Spy 1921 5th Ave. info#: 206.725.1650 8:00 pm www.sil2k.org

Melting Man
Tuesday July 10th
2:00 pm - 1:00 am The Seattle Aquarium Pier 59

Plus I will be trying to get my passport together and start packing for my move to Scott's house at the end of the month...Hmm. I better go to bed!
'Nite All!


Its been a pretty mellow weekend thus far. On Wednesday, I went north to the home of my co-worker Jason R. and his lovely wife Kim. Another co-worker Tim and his wife Stephainie showed up and leaving Jason to do the cooking, the rest of us went down to a nearby lake to do some canoeing. It was a really nice day, the best 4th of July weather we've had in 10 years.
After the trip to the lake, we returned to chicken sate with homemade peanut sauce, fresh fruit, devilled eggs and chips with salsa and guacamole. I'd brought some marinated flank steak but passed in favor of steak with Jason's Special Rub...spicy!
After a short nap, Jay, his sister Andi and her boyfriend Paul arrived and we started eating again! Grilled Pineapple for dessert! Then we retired to the back yard and waited for it to get dark. Jason had bought a ton of fireworks and we spent the next couple of hours lighting off fountains, smoke bombs, sparklers, ground flowers and 1-inch mortars.
All of Jason neighbors were doing the same-so it was like a 360 degree fireworks display....pretty damn cool! Here's a picture of all of us.
Thursday, I met the lovely and talented Maria for brunch, we hadn't seen each other in a while and it was nice to reconnect. She finally got around to doing the sculpture she promised me for my birthday last year and I can't wait to see it! Later on, I went to band practice, then down to the Sit N Spin for Weezer Tribute Night with Frito. Most of the bands did fairly passable covers (mostly b-sides and rarities), but two groups really stood out: Peter Parker and Wonderful both brought the rock! While I was disappointed that nobody did 'Getchoo', Peter Parker's full-on 10 minute version of 'In Dreams' (with psycho noise fest near the end) was worth the price of admission!
Friday, I hopped a bus and went downtown to meet Stu so he could pay me back for the plane tickets I charged for out trip to London in September. We sat outside Benaroya Hall and yakked with Ty, this guy I know from back in the day, who just happened to be walking by. Then I headed to the bank, then to Borders to get some new plastic. I bought 6 collections for my upcoming dub set at Barca next Thursday.
Returning home, I chilled and sent some emails. Then Stu arrived and we went out the the University District to catch Noggin's set at the Paradox. Noise rock fan I ain't, so I was greatly relieved when they stopped torturing their instruments. Stu and I headed to Capitol Hill for a drink at Barca, then down to Nation, where J. Justice was having a birthday party. We stayed for an hour or so, then headed home.
Today, I will be hopping a ferry to Bremerton as my dear friend Patty is celebrating her 32nd birthday! (a day late). We're going to BBQ and whoop it up...maybe fire off a few rounds from Chad's AK!! (kidding!)


The Uses of Negro Knowledge, Or, Why the All-Knowing Black Sidekick Gots No Job, by Charles Mudede and Kudzai Mudede (07/05/01) This is a frequent stock character in movies and books ("The Stand", "The Legend Of Bagger Vance")...what George refers to as "The Magical Mystery Coon."
Brother and Sister Mudede break it down for the peeps...