Wow! I see that I haven't updated here in awhile. The weekend went well, hung out and partied with the boyz and grrls as usual, my mother got out of the hospital OK and is chillin' at home with her sister, who is visiting from California. I went to the Rainier Valley Heritage Festival with Stu on Saturday and Frito and Maria on Sunday. I was I'd thought to bring my camera. It was nice to see everyone getting together and having a good time. Stu bought an African fertility statue (he hopes it wil improve his luck) and Frito bought a mask. (We ran into DJ Riz, who on seeing the mask exclaimed, "Ooooh! You bought one of them masks! Now you're gonna have bad HooDoo in your house!")
Saw "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (enjoyable if you like dick jokes-I do!), a Thai film called "Ghost Wife (Nang Nak)" (cool! My first exposure to Thai cinema) and "Dude, Where's My Car?" (Quite possibly the worst film, ever!).
Also caught the Naked Music show at I-Spy on Saturday...Lisa Shaw and Miguel Migs put on an awesome set. It must;ve been 200 degrees in that room! My 'Girl-dar' is burnt out from over work!
I ran into Richard, one of the owners of Barca last Thursday, he asked me if I'd be interested in spinning dub and Wednesday AND Thursday this week! WhooHoo! I may just have to break down and buy my own decks at this rate! My buddy Chad is coming over from Bremerton to lay down some deep, progressive and trancey house on Thursday. Come on down if ya can!
Speaking of music, Frito and I got our mp3 server up and running this weekend. So far there's about 2000 songs on it, I'm ripping and downloading more as I have time. We've got a wireless transmitter coming that beams music from your computer to your stereo!


I came across this while listening to 'I Ain't No Joke' today. In my opinion, the real G.O.A.T...Rakim!
Blogger is Two Years Old Today!! Happy Birthday!!
From Popbitch:

"I was performing at a Rock/Pop festival in Europe
in the 80's and staying at a hotel with all the
other luminaries of the day. I recall seeing Ozzy
Osbourne and Bruce Dickinson talking in the hotel
bar that evening. Becoming overwhelmed by my fan-like
mentality I helplessly ran up to Ozzy and spouted,
"Oh my God Ozzy Osbourne I can't believe it, you
were my biggest influence.

"To which he replied. "Fuck off! I'm not taking the
blame for that crap"


OK-I admit it! I totally goofed off yesterday. I installed and updated Win2K on the machine that's going to the mp3 server, did some laundry and chatted with friends via email and instant messenger. Later on, Scott and I went to a Chinese restaurant on Rainier Avenue and stopped in at Safeway to do a little shopping.
Its raining today (just like that Scott Walker song) and after Scott went for his run we had some cookies & cream ice cream and argued about who in Destiny's Child was better-looking (Scott says Kelly, I say Beyonce).
I got an interesting email from a guy at a new startup (haven't heard that word in awhile, have ya?) that was addressed to former Getty employees telling me that the former production team's work was highly regarded in the industry and depending on how things go, that he'd like to keep in touch. I don't know if this will turn into anything but its nice to know someone appreciates you!
Its raining for the first time in weeks! Only REAL natives could say something like that and convey their quiet joy. I'd try to explain it if I could but I guess you'd have to either live here or simply enjoy rainy days. Now I feel like going outside and down to the lake...
In case you were wondering, my mother came out surgery just fine. I got there right as she was going into the recovery room, so my Aunt Joyce and I chilled and blathered over coffee until she was ready to see us. Mom was really groggy and kept drifting off, so I left around 3pm and headed home.
I'll stop in later today and see her, she'll be out of the hospital on Thursday or Friday.


I got to bed around 5AM Sunday and was briefly awakened that morning by the noise from the Danskin Women's Triathlon, as it passed through the neighborhood. Scott and I capped the weekend by getting up around two, going to Jones BBQ and getting a rack of ribs, potato salad. coleslaw and slices of pecan pie and downing it all in a glorious feast! Afterwards, Scott was more industrious than I, going for a run (he says he's training for a half-marathon) and then doing some fishing at the lake.
I spent most of the afternoon chatting with friends on IM, watching the WWF Tough Enough Marathon on MTV and loafing. Tomorrow my mother goes in for knee surgery and I'm going up to the hospital to show my support and hang with my Aunt Joyce, who's visiting from CA.

My set went OK last night. I played everything from Rae & Christian to the Buzzcocks. Jason was so worried about getting too many people that we didn't really get the critical mass that a party needs to really get the thing going. I did meet some cool people and the sub_sonic boys threw down an incredible set (imagine the Bomb Squad producing Fat Boy Slim) and we managed to kill both kegs AND make most of our investment back, so it was all good. We'll be doing it again fa' reals!

I thought this weekend marked a slowdown on the social schedule for the summer, but I'm gonna hit the Rainier Valley Heritage Festival in Columbia City on Saturday. And the following weekend is Bumbershoot!
I've got to save as much cash as I can for my trip in September and beyond that, I'll need to really concentrate on finding a job. However, I'm starting to enjoy the time off and I'm embracing my inner slacker...heh.


Its Saturday afternoon. Maria took me out to lunch for my birthday. We went up to Columbia City and ate at the Columbia City Alehouse. Then we went to the Wellington Tea Room down the street for dessert. I was blown away by the Teahouse, after Maria told them we were celebrating my b-day the owners were super nice and brought us an assortment of cakes and pastries with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to me! We had peach/ginger tea and had a nice chat. The Tea Room had lots of nice overstuffed chairs and is a place I wouldn't mind being a regular.

Frito and I leave for Fremont (The Center Of The Universe) in a couple of hours for the party tonight. I haven't planned my set, but I do need to pick out some stuff to play. I've been playing 'Please Don't Mind' by Philly's Most Wanted a lot lately. It somehow wormed its way into my brain and won't let go!!


Naked Music, quite possibly the grooviest house label on earth is coming to I-Spy August 24th!! Bring yr dancing shoes-its gonna be a blast!


Its over. I'm a bit relieved, happy and sad too. But like all good things this had to come to an end. The B'austin show went pretty well although I'm sure there will be much cringing on our parts when we view the video and check out the minidisc recording. It was really loud on stage, my hearing went after the 3rd or 4th song and I really struggled during the second half of the set. A couple of my musician friends said they didn't notice my flubs, so I guess all is well.
Hopefully someone took some pictures I can post later. I heard that over a 100 people showed up for the gig. Most of those were friends but Tim told me that the guy that books the Showbox was in the house along with the drummer from Hovercraft. Both DJ Floormatt and DJ Free put on some awesome rock sets and it was fun watching everyone dancing.

The next project is J-Justice's party on Saturday in Fremont. I'll be spinning some CD's of whateverIfeellike to start the night off. Floormatt, YYAF, sub_sonic and J-Justice will also be spinning/playing as well.
E-mail me if you wanna go!



This is my favorite comic ev-er.


Well, I missed out on the sushi. I didn't get downtown until well after 2 and most places close between 2 and 5pm. So I went to the Noodle Ranch instead for some nice Red Curry with chicken and yams. I went to Wall of Sound across the street and picked up some Nu Yourican Jazz from the 70's and a couple of dub CD's. I also stopped in at Zanadu Comics and purchased Shirow Masamune's Dominion.
Later, Scott and I headed to band practice and I'm pleased to say that its sounding really good. I can't wait for the show tomorrow, should be a lot of fun. We were both horrified and amazed to find our selves listed in the recommended sections of both The Stranger and The Weekly. Must be a slow week for live music! Afterwards, all of us went down to Nation/I-Spy for some dinner and drinks. James gave me a ride in his spiffy Audi TT and the fellas were nice enough to pick up the tab for me. We caught a bit of SIL2K, but since we were in a dancing mood, we decided to head up to The Baltic Room for some groovy downtempo.
There was this TOTALLY CUTE young lady dancing near me who was having a blast with a group of her friends. Around 12:45, she comes up to me.
Her: I just wanted to say thanks for dancing with me!
Me: (Thinking, "I was dancing with you?!") Hey, no problem-that was a lot of fun.
Her: Guess what? Its my birthday!!
Me: Really?! Me too!!
Her: Nooo...How old are you?
Me: 34...and you?
Her: I'm 21!!

That's it. I'm officially the old guy at the club.

Nonetheless, Scott and I continued to cut a rug until close. The music was excellent and the club was nicely attended for a Monday night. Since I don't have anywhere to be on Tuesday mornings, I might make this a habit...for a short while anyway.
Right now I'm listening to www.dublab.com's live feed and chillin. I want to thank Chad, Patty, Jennifer L., Heidi D., Karen, Laura, Sean, Matt D., Adam, Frito, Trish S., Megan, Free, Micah, Richelle, Stu, Jay, Oani, James, my sister Heidi L. and Liz from the Baltic and Jen from Nation for making what I thought was going to be an average day into a great one. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people!!


Today is my birthday. 34 years ago at 1:15 on a hot Sunday afternoon, my mother introduced yours truly to the world. The time between now and then has had its ups and downs but despite it all, I'm here happy and healthy (knock on forehead).
Since there is nothing cool, unusual or exciting about turning 34, I've decided to keep it low-key. Several of my closest friends have sent birthday greetings (thank you all) and I'm planning to take myself out for sushi today. Later on, I will go to B'austin practice (Only two more days until the big show!) and maybe I'll have some drinks with the fellas after that.
What have I learned in all this time? Not much. Just that one should follow the Goldern Rule. Try to pick up new music whenever you can. Say what you mean but realize the limits of words. Be free with love but tighter with trust. Be Curious. Regard your parents and friends. Keep an open mind. Remember there is opportunity in crisis. Oh, and TIM will let you have it when you are bullshitting! (Thanks Tim!)


Camp Vashon Pictures! Here and here and here!
How Stacey Got His Groove Back

So yesterday I decided that I was sick of worrying about my future and of navel-gazing, what-ifs and that-which-doesn't-make-sense-and-is-unchangeable-even-if-it-did.
The day was brilliant-not a cloud in the sky and it was warm and inviting out there. So I went.
Took a bus downtown as The Still Employed were getting off work. Smiled at cute girls. Shopped for books and music. Met up with some of my former co-workers who were celebrating a birthday. Drank some margarita's and had dinner at El Camino and played some pool at the Dubliner.
Came home full, buzzed and...happy!


My former cowokers are like family. And like any family, we talked a lot of shit! Here are some quotes:

* "Everybody wants my pants!"
Jason W.

* "What I want to know is, what the hell do I have to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer!"
Michael F.

* "Are you lookin' at my nuts?"
Jay S.

* "Sorry, I just lost my legs."
Carey F.

* "Nothing gasses ya' up like lentils."
Jason W.

* "Get a couple drinks in me and I'D do Wiley!"
Jay S.
"Want a drink, Jay?"
Jason W.

* "It's kinda cool to pee in really deep snow."
Tim P.

* "A dongle ate my baby!"
Johnny 2X

* "What's wrong with your sucking?"
Dante G.

* "You want me to open my mouth? Okay."
Laurie F.

* "Girls have great potential... To SUCK!"
Carey F.

* "I was actually thinking more of a big hunk of meat."
Jason W.
"Jay's standing right here."
Kiyo M.

* "How do you catch a dead herring?"
Laurie F.

* "I shoulda lost my ghetto pass a long time ago. I was listening to Rodger Whittaker in the '80's."
Stacey L.

* "I think you smell pretty good... For a girl."
Michael F.

* "My love life is like a fairy tale... Grimm."
Curt W.

* "Not for MY pleasure! You keep your ribbed ones!"
Kiyo M.

* "Trident! 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it...I hear the 5th is about to cave."
Robert F.

* "Hey, hey, hey...We don't know who the b_tch is going to be...Yet!"
Richelle B.

* "Dude, I got a fart in the queue...Don't make me laugh!"
Stacey L.

* "I'm a realist. The glass is twice as big as it needs to be."
Jason W.

* "It's not as big as it used to be, but there's still a little lump there."
Jay S.

* "Why can't I stroke this?"
Kiyo M.

* "I'm not in the way, baby. I AM the way."
Curt W.

* "It's really swollen. Wanna to feel it?"
Robert F.

* "Boy...Didn't I tell you not to play in the SCSI cables!"
(Stacey L. Say it in "dad" voice to get the full effect)

* "You better keep your little creep away from my baby girl!"
(Johnny 2X to Victoria while she was pregnant her son)

* "My finger hurts...I was holding it wrong when it went off."
Laurie F.
"You're only supposed to hold it by the tip."
Jason R.

* "Uhhh...Oh! There's my libido!"
Chad B.

* "How 'bout we just call you 'ass'? Oh wait...We already do."
Jason W.

* "You know Bryan, you can do that and not necessarily end up with kids."
Curt W.

* "You never listen to me."
Jay S.
Dante G.

* "Look at me when I call you asshole... B_tch!"
Dante G.

* "Team sports SUCK!"
Robert F. (This guy was Digital Retouching team lead)

* "Every time I look at you I think of bacon."
Jason W.

* "I'm being all honest and sh_t."
Jason R.

* "Never change your pants!"
(Carey F., reffering to Jay forgetting his card key when he changed pants)

* "What are you doing? Stop it... B_tch!"
(Michael F., talking to his computer)>

* "You just can't plant your mojo and not cultivate it."
Robert F.

* "I still have your little man. He's riding my lizard."
Jay S.

* "It's just not summer unless there's a server crash!"
Stacey L.

* "Un-ass my chair!"
Jay S.

* "How did you see Curt's chest?"
(Kiyo M. Referring to Curt's tattoo)
"He looked up."
Jason W.

* "Let's face it, if he ever gets on base it's 'cuz he got hit by the ball."
Jason W.

* "Jeeze, what do you say behind my back?"
Jay S.
"Say my name!"
Dante G.

* "Hey, I'm trying your thingy out."
Michael F.

* "I'm just watching it wiggle."
Tim P.
Watching an Old Navy commercial today, I am somewhat amazed to see the miniskirt making another comeback. Third time's the charm I guess! (They debuted in 1955)

Not that I'm complaining or anything...

Now that I think about it-we've got a Republican in office, trying to start a new cold war and talking about Star Wars (renamed the NMD), Billy Idol is playing Seattle next month and I am just as broke and lovelorn as I was in the 80's.

So why not?!


I'm back from the Westsiiiide. Hanging out with Patty, Chad, Jason, Liz, Carey and Carl the night before was fun as always.
Camp Vashon was really nice this year. There was tons of food and drink as usual and we vowed that it would not be the last one. I certainly hope so!
We presented Richelle with a directors chair signed by all of us and we gave her and Matt F. (my former manager) mad props for being such great people to work for. There was even some talk of going into business for ourselves. I might be up for that-after watching "Office Space" and "Fight Club" last night, I certainly have no desire to return to office work!
Scott is out of town and won't be back until Tuesday. I feel a little isolated right now, but maybe its because I'm tired. I plan on getting the rest of my squared away and taking care of some business tomorrow. I have to make sure my bank, etc. have my new address and pay some bills. Maybe I'll see a movies or go downtown and wander around a bit...I dunno. Some of the heads were talking about going down to San Francisco next week and invited me but I have to wait and see what the plan is before I can decided to go or not.
Jason J. wants to throw a party in Fremont in a week or two and needs some help with that...
I poked my out about a half hour ago, it looks like the hydroplane races are over. The helicopters in Genesse Park are gone and all the traffic is headed out of the neighborhood. Wow, that means the only other major summer event left now is Bumbershoot!

Phew! I need a shower and a nap.



Visualize this:

I'm sitting down here in the basement typing this as F-18 fighter jets swoop overhead. This has been going on all morning. Yes folks its Seafair 2001, which has been going on all month and concludes this weekend with the big hydroplane races on Lake Washington.
Scott has gone to visit his folks and I am getting out of Dodge...
With the influx of race fans and partiers, my neighborhood (mere blocks from the Lake) is going to get mobbed. I decided to head over to Chad and Patty's in Bremerton. Then the three of us will head to Camp Vashon.
I think reality of the layoff is slowly sinking in. I haven't been unemployed in over a decade and a half. Part of me is happy to have the free time, but then my work ethic is screaming at me to do something right away. I'm trying to ignore it...at least right now.
Chad called me today and told me that office morale is shot. There is a lot of anger and sadness. In a way, I'm glad I'm not there. It would be much too depressing.
I believe everything will turn out OK, it usually does-but the next few weeks or months will be a test of my mettle. Its good to find yourself out of your comfort zone...I'm grateful that I only have to look after myself. I'd be freaking if I had children.
I spent part of yesterday with my mother. Then I went to Baustin practice then down to the Baltic Room where the members of the New Style Collective were discussing upcoming parties they'd be hosting. Adam gave me a lift back to Dan's, I turned in my keys, got my mail and my car and drove home. On the way I stopped at the grocery store and bought $200 worth of food as I had not a crumb here in the house.. I love being back in the 'hood! They have 10 kinds of Ramen on the shelves at Safeway!!


I got laid off yesterday...
After watching several people I'd worked with and liked be let go over the last few days, we were all wondering when or if the axe would strike us. I felt we would get through this OK, being that we had a scanning room with over half a million dollars in it and the company had finally given us the room we wanted in the new building. It wouldn't make sense to make such a huge investment, only to let it sit idle. Boy was I wrong!
When I arrived at work that morning, I decided to hedge my bet and pack my stuff. I tried to get some work done, but knowing the VP of Production was in the office in a meeting didn't help my concentration. By noon, I was ready to march upstairs and demand some answers. Around 4PM, Matt F. comes in and asks me to come out into the imaging room 'cause an announcement was being made. We waited until Pam (the Veep) and one of the HR people showed up. Basically, they told us that the company had decided it would be cheaper to dissolve the scanning and imaging teams and consolidate production in the UK. They kept Matt, the Mastering group and Jeff J., then they told Robert and Dante that they would be staying on and to talk to Richelle, our director, who was also leaving.
I think most of us were too stunned to do much else other then go through the paperwork concering our severance, etc. with HR, then hand over our keycards, gather our stuff and leave. We were told not to make phone calls or send any emails. HR wanted to push us out rather quickly, so they hovered while we threw our stuff in boxes.
I was so relieved to finally know something that I was almost happy! Kiyo, Bryan and I finished our paperwork first, then were escorted outside. As we walked out we passed the Mastering guys, who looked both relieved and angry. I think Jay took it harder than a lot of us did.
It was a bright sunny day out and the three of us stood out on the grass and waited for the others. Then we all headed up to The Triangle Tavern and got smashed.
What an lousy way to end 5 years at a company. As I'd said earlier, I go out with my head up, 'cause we did some kickass work there. I'd heard from several people that there was quite a battle over Production, I'm sure we had some advocates up there in Management. I hear they're just going to move the scanners over to the new space and leave them. So maybe there's a chance some of us might be back if London can't produce.
However, I think I'm ready to move on and put this era behind me. Johnny 2X (who's wife just delivered their first child last weekend) says he feels that way too.
Danielle sent me this Onion Article to cheer me up...know what?
I scanned that picture!!
I think I'm going to take it easy for awhile. I need to think about what I want to do next. Maybe I'll go to school or just see what's out there. I think I'm going to be OK and I can't wait until the day when I can look back at this entry and smile...y'know?
Camp Vashon is going to be a bittersweet party this year. I'm going to miss eveyone!
As Kiyo said, "Where will I find such a cool group of people to work with again?"