The Tale Of The Helmet, Redux:

I roll out of the rack this morning and realize three things. One-National Novel Writing Month doesn't start until November. Two-Its Chad's Birthday. Three-My helmet has not arrived.
I shuffle downstairs and check my tracking...what's this?! It says a delivery was attempted and refused! And that the package is being returned to the sender! Guddammit...
I call UPS and ask them what the hell is going on. The Customer Service rep informs me that a delivery was attempted on Friday (?!!!) night at 6PM and that the package was refused. Uh, I was home around six on Friday and nobody tried to deliver nuttin' here. And nobody refused no delivery neither!
I'm pissed, and the CS rep is apologizing but not really offering me any way to indemnify me for all this shite. I can't really yell at her anyway, so email the shipper and tell them to forget it. For all the hassle, I could've gone someplace in town and enjoyed some instant gratification.
Then I hop on my scoot and I'm off to the Fremont UNconventional Center to help set up for Troll A Go Go.
Man, coming home tonight was so awesome. blasting along Lake Washington Blvd. smelling the leaves and feeling the cold night air on my face. My shifting is getting better too!
Anyways, I got an email from the helmet company. They're sending the helmet back overnight-FOR FREE! WhooHoo!
Hopefully UPS gets it right this time...


Either I'm getting sick, staying up too late too often or just getting old, but I felt like crap yesterday. I had no energy whatsoever. I was supposed to help out in Fremont for the Troll A Go Go, but just didn't have the gas. Sorry guys. Frito didn't get home until 5:30 or so on Saturday night and he wasn't rarin' to go either.
So, we spent most of the day on the couch...and we were visited by a friend who was kind enough to show me her neither regions (Twice! Without me askin'!) as we soaked in the hot tub. Later we ordered pizza and watched 'Brazil'.
I didn't sign up for the National Novel Writing Month but I'm gonna try it anyway. I'm going for a 'Cities of the Red Night' meets 'Mad Max' type feel. I'll start as soon as get up tomorrow. Wish me luck!


So yesterday I roll out of bed fairly early, 'cause it seemed to me that there was a lot of things to be done. I had band practice with Matt and Seth at 2PM, one of Frito's co-workers was coming over to buy one of my basses, there were a bunch of parties to go to in the evening AND I really wanted to cut my hair. Yes, that's right-cut my hair.
I mentioned here a couple of days ago that I'd bought a scooter AND what I needed next was a helmet big enought to fit my big-ass head. So I ordered one Next Day Air from a company in Florida. Guess what? It failed to show up the next day. Or the day after that, dammit. Needless to say, I was steamed. I called UPS and asked them what happened. Apparently, my package 'stalled out' (their term) somewhere in Kentucky on 25th-the day it was supposed to be delivered. I don't understand-aren't packages marked NEXT DAY AIR given some sort of priority? Didn't it occur to someone at UPS that a customer willing to pay $30 (THIRTY!) for shipping REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wants his shit the next day?! And as a result, I can't ride my new scooter. Once again I am thwarted....my effin' middle name.
But I digress.
Frito and I had scrambled egg sammiches for breakfast, Amy B. came over and as 1PM drew near, I threw on some gear and left the bass I was going to sell out for Frito so he could handle the transaction and headed down to Rainier to catch a bus. I missed my connecting bus by mere seconds and had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.
I know there was a Harley-Davidson shop downtown so figured I'd mosey on down there and see if I could find a cheap helmet-'cause who knows when the other one is going to turn up. Alas, the store had moved.
I got to the practice space in Wallingford and we had a pretty good time kickin' out the jams. Matt and I caught a bus downtown. I decided to go up to Capitol Hill to see if I can find a helmet the Honda dealership on Pine Street and Summit-but alas, thery were closed.
I caught a bus back downtown and stopped for some Pud See Eew at a noodle joint in Westlake Center. Now I'm in a foul mood 'cause both my car and Frito's aren't running and the thought of going all the home to Mt. Baker and then back downtown on the bus is a depressing one. Don't get me wrong. I love mass transit. Used it for years and thought I'd never buy a car. But eventually I got tired of the bums, the weirdos, the loud, the ignorant, the unruly teenagers and the fact that taking the bus increases the amount of time it takes to go somewhere threefold. Plus, where I live, the bus that stops in front of the house stops running around 6PM, which means that if you want to go somewhere after 6PM, you gotta walk the 3/4 of mile or so down to Rainier Ave. to catch a bus there. I was ready to throw in the towel when some fool challenged the bus driver to a fight on the way home.
So hopefully that explains why I was bent out of shape about the helmet.
After I got home, I decided to trim off the dreads-I could go on about that, but won't-(they'll be back, tho') and see if I the helmet Dante had given me would fit. It did, but just barely. Not the safest thing, I know-but dammit, this meant the difference between me blowing everything off and stay home to sulk or me going out seeing my friends and having a good time.
So I clamped that puppy on my head real good-like and Frito and I hit the road. I learned the shifting bits pretty quickly (which surprised me-I can't drive a stick) and while I stalled out a couple of times and made a few mistakes, I made it to the party. Which was a loud, crowded, raucous affair-btw. I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen for months and actually one I hadn't for years. Larry, a former next-door-neighbor from 10 years ago recognized me and reintroduced himself...man, that was cool!
The ride home was even better. Passing through the International District (Seattle's *ahem* "Chinatown"), an young asian guy complemented me on my scooter! I made it home in good time, even though it was super foggy in the Rainier Valley.
I called Frito and told him a made it home OK...Its 4AM and he's still out there.

Enough yakkin'-time fer bed!


I just got back from another smashing SEX MACHINE at the Baltic Room. I chatted with Plastiq Phantom about his side project DJs on Strike and tried to talk Kento (AKA DJ K.O. from IQU) into doing a mix for X-Mas this year. (I was really trying to score a custom one for myself-but decided not to be greedy.) I think he'll do it.
James, Ryan, Adam, J-Justice, Lori, Maria, Free, Kento, Summer, Marjan (back from Puerto Rico and looking especially gorgeous), Sean, Trish, Ji Huyn, Louise, Stu, Tim, Sy, Aaron and a few others were in the house-making it a full-on family affair. I quaffed a several Vodka Collins and danced to 70 funk until close.

I'm considering signing on for NaNoWriMo this year, maybe finally getting that sci-fi novel I've been yakkin' about out there. I'm intimidated by the 50,000 word requirement but it would be a nice thing to try, dont you think? George is going for it. I wish him luck and I hope he realizes that now I'm going to pester him for a copy when its done.

Well, its officially Friday and The Weekend. I'm supposed to hook up with Matt and maybe Seth to jam again. We're talking about putting out an EP as soon as possible.
I really hope our efforts bear fruit.

Until next time, do like The Meters-and keep strechin' your rubber band!


It was beautiful out yesterday. It was windy but the skies had cleared and the sun was out. So after I grabbed breakfast at a little cafe up the street, I walked down to the lake and took pictures. I went along Lake Washington Blvd. to Genesee Meadow back to the park. I'm posting the results for you to see!
Later on, Dante came over with my new scooter! That's right folks, I'm now a proud owner of a 1980 P200e Vespa. She needs a little paint but the motor is strong and I look forward to bombing around town on it as soon as my helmet arrives! (Like, tomorrow!)
It was Neil C.'s birthday yesterday and so Paula threw a little party for him at her studio space. It was a hoot, especially when AnnaBanana showed up in her tap outfit and sang 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy. Paul, Neil, Summer, her roommate Mary and Alec, Dan and Shelly kept exchanging wigs and clothes all night. We went upstairs to Barca and closed the place. I came home via taxi.

Its cold and gray out today. Perfect for staying in, reading and listening to The Church.
The Samuel L. Jackson soundpage, muthaf***ers!


Oh my. This made my day!
Someone sent this to me today:

"The war on terrorism took a strange and sad turn Friday as airline officials at O'Hare International Airport refused to let a 73-year-old grandmotherboard her plane. She had in her possession two, six-inch knitting needles. Airport officials expressed concern that she might knit an Afghan."



Quote of the weekend:

"I'm gonna go into the other room and smoke myself into apathy."


I don't think I could stand another ten years of this fighting
All this stabbing and wounding - only getting my own back
I don't want to batter you to your feet and knees and elbows
When I'm kneeling like a candle at the foot of my own bed

Corresponding disasters every night on the TV
Sickening reality keeps gripping me in its guts
All my friends talk and joke and laugh about Armageddon
But like a nightmare it's still waiting there at the end of every day

from 'War Baby' by Tom Robinson

The last couple of days have been uneventful. Frito was home Wednesday and Thursday 'cause he was sick. So we hung out. Yesterday, Tim came over and he and I went to Boeing Surplus to pick up a huge roll of black felt which we are going to use to decorate the Fremont Unconventional Center for the Troll A Go Go. We looked around the place, a huge warehouse out in Kent and saw some cool stuff. I picked up three wooden boxes that measured about 5 inches by 6 inches. I don't know what I'm going use them for, but they sure look cool! And I grabbed a nylon tool bag, which is about the right size to hold my paintball guns.
Later on, I went to the Elysian to meet Matt and Adde, a drummer who answered our ad. I think we may jam with her sometime next week. When I asked her what kind of music she was into she said, "Loud." How cool is that?!
Still later, Matt and I went down to Barca. I hadn't been in for a month and I wanted to see how having the hard stuff had changed the place. Laurie, Kathy, Milkana and some of their friends were there having a 'ladies night'. I sat at the bar with Matt and Sy and talked about books, writing, etc. Tim, Maria and Scott came in later as did most of the 'regulars'. It was a good night. The drinks were decent. Michelle and Liz (the Betty and Veronica of bartenders in my feeble mind) were as cool, stylish and beautiful as ever and I was happy. Jeff gave me a ride home.
Today, I've got a few errands to run, then I'm meeting Patty at the docks around 5 to catch the passenger only ferry to Bremerton. I'm going to hang out with Patty and Chad this weekend, watch Starblazers and visit with Heidi and her parents on Saturday. Hopefully, Heidi's brother Jason will show up-I haven't seen him in a couple of years.


Met my longtime pal Patty last night for sushi. We went to Saito's in Belltown and proceeded to demolish futomaki, sake, hamachi, a rainbow roll, a tempura roll, vegetable and shrimp tempura, miso, Amaebi, Kirin beer and a sake sampler. Chad joined us later and the bill came to $127! Whew! I think that's the most damage I've done at a sushi place ever.
After that, the three of us headed to the Crocodile Cafe to see Mark Eitzel perform at a benefit for Groundwork, an organization that helps poor countries grow food. Apparently October 16 is World Food Day. Huh. Everyday is Food Day at my house!
Anyway, Marc Olsen and Christy McWilson opened up. I'm not normally a fan of Alt-Country (Clem Snide being my one exception) but I enjoyed both sets. Mark Eitzel was playing solo and appeared to be in a good mood, although calling his humor self-deprecating would be a gross understatement. He played for about an hour, even though he kept claiming from the second song that the next would be his last one. He even made an encore, playing 'Blue and Grey Shirt', song that's choked me up on more than one occasion.
Stu showed up just before the Eitzel's set and was kind enough to give me a ride home, sparing me the hassle of either taking a bus or a cab.
Once I got home, I installed Windows XP on my machine. (Thanks Chad!!) I gotta tell ya, it shore is purty...
Oy! Lookkatthetime! I better hit the hay!



This just came in from Stu. It appears that I'm not the only one wondering how oil fits into "The War." This is good. Here's another article...also from Stu!


At the outset of 'The Conflict' I theorized that part of the motivation for going after Osama was oil. I guessed that it has something to do with the Baku oil fields. Frito disagreed and technically, he was right. But I wasn't exactly wrong-I was just off by a few hundred miles and on the wrong side of the Caspian Sea. Check out this article @ AlterNet -- The New Great Game: Oil Politics in Central Asia-Take that Frito!!
This article kinda sums up how I've been feeling about "The War" (via MeFi)...I've been doing my best to ignore it in hopes that this is all just a bad dream. I can't wait until the day my kids (if I ever have any) ask me about it. *sigh*
Its Sunday, Sensi Pete's birthday!. I was mildly hungover after drinking several 'blood oranges' (1 shot tequila, 1shot vodka, 1 shot Bols Raspberry liqueuer, orange juice) while prefunctioning here as SOUL HEAVEN and beers at the singles party. Which, I may add-turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be. The house was packed and the boy/girl ratio was pretty even. There were a lot of Microsofties there (but you swing a dead cat in this town without hitting a few of those) and everyone was really friendly. I saw several people I know from 'the scene' and met some new folks. Stu and I chatted with the very lovely Verity (too bad she's only 21!) and Michelle D. and some of her friends were in the house. Frito was dancing with a couple of hot young ladies who started making out with each other...much to Stu's delight! I didn't see of meet anyone I wanted to hook up with but it was nice to do something outside the Barca/I-Spy/Baltic Room axis. I've been hearing about a bunch of new cool places to hang out so maybe a little exploration is store!
This morning Scott made us pancakes and coffee then we did some recording on a project he's working on. We got all inspired after reading some articles in MC2 magazine about building beats with any sound. Very soon we'll schedule a 'Production Day' to record samples, found sounds, etc.
I'm supposed to start rehearsing with Matt and Adam (?) hopefully sometime this week. This new band will be kicking out power pop and garage rock jams that Matt and I used to play (along with Stu and Andrew) in the Visitors. Hopefully, we'll find an audience this time! I'm going to attempt to post a couple of Visitor's mp3's here, so check 'em out and tell me what you think, 'K?


Its been drizzling and kinda icky out the last few days. The kind of weather that makes you want to stay in bed curled up with a good book. Yet, when you get a view of Elliot Bay and Lake Washington, these gray days have awesome beauty of their own, which I can now fully appreciate with my powerful new peepers. The good news is that its still pretty warm out. Like I always say-I don't mind being cold or being wet, but both at the same time REALLY sucks.
Free came by today. He asked me if I wanted to help him shoot some footage for a Plastiq Phantom project he's working on. So we went to Alki and I staggered about acting like the Frankenstein Monster (tho' dressed hipper-erk!). I had a hard time staying in character, mostly cause I was in a funny mood and was a little self-conscious knowing that people could see us from the street.
After finishing up there we drove over to Seward Park and that session went a little easier, although I poked a nasty hole in my palm crashing through some trees. The scene ended with me smashing a pumpkin and smearing the guts all over my face (Hey-it doesn't have to make sense, it Art!)
Came home and played my new game Operation Flashpoint and then went downtown to meet Stu, Karen and Neil for the new David Lynch movie Mulholland Drive. I really liked the movie, tho' you could tell it was a pilot for TV. The audience seemed to enjoy the little "Lynchisms" in the movie, convoluted plot, stillted dialogue, all-out weirdness, etc. Going to a Lynch film is a bit of an event in our little group, we get to argue about what the movies are actually 'about'. (These are the schools of thought: 1.) They don't mean anything, they're just 'moving pictures' and 2.) The movies is actually 'about something' and 3.) What that 'something' actually is.)
Anyway, I probably liked this movie more than anything I've seen since 'Wild At Heart' (quit rolling yr eyes!) and so if you're in the mood to pay good money to be mind-fucked, I wholeheartedly recommend it. So there.
Later on...today, Frito and I will be helping Dan move into his new house and even later on a bunch of us will be attending a 'singles party' hosted by some woman named Heather. I don't know why I'm psyched about this but I am. I doubt I'll meet anyone that's interested in dating me, but I wouldn't mind meeting some new people. There's a lot of changes going on right now and with me being unemployed, the holidays coming up and uncertainty about the future looming, I say 'Fuggit', bring it on-I don't care any-more. I can't control these things so I might as well embrace them and see where this wild ride takes me. I covered a lot of ground so far this year and there's still a lot to do and see...so...we're doing and seein'!!
(I have a feeling however, that this party is going to wind up like those awful Jr. High School dances where you wind up talking to your friends all night. Maybe getting liquored up will smooth things out a bit. We're prefunctioning here at SOUL HEAVEN, y'know.)
Wish us luck, y'all-we're gonna need it!


$10adv/dos - adv available only at The Crocodile box office!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the fine (and uniquely British) art of Gurning!
More here! And here!
Pleasure Pod Productions - POP ART Thursdays is going down tomorrow night at Habanas. I'm thinking about going...And you?


We got back from Orcas Island last night. Man, If I could win the Lotto and have my own high-speed connection, I'd move up there in a second! I forgot my camera, so you'll have to check Frito's page to see if he posts some of the photos he took.
One thing I'll never forget was going outside on Saturday night. Most of the cabins were dark and quiet and as I walked from the Blakely cabin to Peapod to get some CD's, there was the moon, hanging just over the trees to the West with a huge wispy halo around it...beautiful.
The weekend was wonderful. I feel much more relaxed and rested now. Things are slowly falling into place. The only things that mar an otherwise perfect weekend was the fact that the hot tubs weren't working properly and the news that bombing had begun in Afganistan.

I've just gotten the pictures back from the London and Zurich trip. I'm setting up a slideshow, but since the files will be hosted off the Musicserver, I have no idea how fast they'll load-so don't be surprised to see a few tweaks.


OK...The Prof will be here in about an hour to pick me up for our trip to Orcas Island. I still gotta pack...
I will be gone until Sunday night. I hope your weekend is as pleasant and restful as mine! (Hot Springs! Sauna!! WhooHoo!!)

Hey George! Let's chat when I get back, mon!


I was sitting on the couch watching MTV last night and they played that new Britney Spears video. I just sat there with my mouth open-stunned. She's a virgin, huh?
Shah-as if!
(Not that I'm complanining or anything)

I think Janet is gonna have to do a video butt-nekkid to top that one...


Matt D., who we all know and love, weighs in with a Flag Essay over at Common Dreams. Check it out, y'all.


Eyes are a funny thing-the window to the soul, Yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, while I was in London last week I lost a contact when I took it out to clean it. It washed down the sink leaving me to half-see. But after a visit to the eye doctor today I realized that I'd been half-seeing long before my right lens went down the drain.
I met my beloved Heidi and her sister for lunch today downtown at the Mall. After we parted ways I went downstairs to the "Metro Level" for an eye exam and to get replacements. The exam went quickly. I filled out some forms. The nurse ran some tests and then turned me over to the doctor, a short, trim and jovial Asian man.
I told him I wanted glasses, but he said that since I hadn't worn them in years it wouldn't be good for my eyes. He also said that I should stick with gas permiable lenses since that's what I've always worn. He didn't exactly make fun of me but he did let me know that my eyes are pretty lousy. "I've seen a lot worse than yours", he said.
After sticking my face in a couple machines he told me that he was going to fit me with soft contacts until the GP lenses were ready. Then he handed me off to another nurse. She gave me the lenses and showed me how to put them in and take 'em out again. Soft lenses are bigger than what I'm used to. And then I got a look at myself in the mirror...
If you're ever had your prescription 'tuned-up' you know it takes a little while to get used to. Glancing in the mirror, I almost jumped back from shock! I could see every pore, bump and blemish. Jeez! I'm no prize, but when did I get so ugly?!
"Wow", I managed to mutter. "That's quite a difference..."
The doc poked his head in the doorway. "Yup! And the Gas Permiable lenses will be even sharper!!"
(My goodness! I thought the man looked like a barracuda!)
I paid and they told me they'd call when the GPs were ready.
I bailed out of the Mall, making a concentrated effort not to catch sight of myself in a mirror. With my powerful new peepers, I could see every stone in the sidewalk, determine the color of nail polish on a woman's toes from a block away...fascinating. Is this what people with normal vision see?
As I got to my bus stop on Second Avenue in an area where people with money do there best to ignore those who don't, I stood there mesmerized but trying not to stare. Where did all these ugly people come from? Why does everyone look so tense? How come I never noticed this before??
I went inside the Nordstrom Rack to get shielding from the bright day and the disturbing reality I'd been exposed to, but I couldn't find any sunglasses I liked. So I gritted my teeth and retreated to the safety of my basement. Stopping only to look in the bathroom (a source of horror in its own right) mirror until I was more or less OK with my face again.
I'm glad I don't have to squint like Popeye at my monitor anymore, but I'm REALLY dreading that phone call...
This just in from The Prof:

Fremont Arts Council’s Troll-a-go-go:

The ONLY Halloween Party You Should Go To

The Fremont Arts Council is returning to its hedonistic roots by presenting the 2001 Troll-a-go-go, an All Hallows Eve Pagan Festival and Masquerade Ball, on Wednesday October 31st, 2001, at 9 p.m., at the Fremont Unconventional Centre, in Fremont. This ethereal haunted lovefest is being produced in conjunction with the New Style Collective, the people who brought you last year’s FuseBall. Troll-a-go-go tickets can be purchased by calling the Fremont Arts Council at (206) 547-7440.

Troll-a-go-go will feature: musical performances by Kultur Shock, DJ Free and rockabilly upstarts Hicky; fire and trapeze by The Cabiri; belly dancing by Raqs Halim; a rare performance by the shadowy electronica protest group, DJs on Strike; and installation art by Fremont artists from the Arts Council and the Foundry.

The 2001 Troll-a-go-go is a fundraising benefit for the Fremont Arts Council. All proceeds will go to sustain the critical work of the Fremont Arts Council, which works to strengthen and diversify the Seattle community through promotion of the creative process and free artistic expression. This year’s Troll-a-go-go represents the Fremont Arts Council’s ongoing interest in reaching out to the next generation of Fremonsters.

Still energized from the success of last year’s FuseBall, co-organizers the New Style Collective are glad to be putting their hip, young and eclectic brand on this time-honored All Hallows Eve celebration.

For more ticketing information about the Fremont Arts Council’s 2001 Troll-a-go-go, call the Fremont Arts Council at (206) 547-7440. Troll-a-go-go tickets are priced as follows: $10 in advance; $15 at the door ($12 in costume). The 2001 Troll-a-go-go is an age 21 and over event. A variety of scrumptious concessions including beer and wine will be served. The Fremont UNconventional Centre is located at 160 N. Canal Street, across the street from the Redhook Ales Brewery in Fremont.


Tim Rhodes
Eyes, Ears & Memes, NSC & SIL2K
New Style Collective / Strategic Improv Laboratories


Every once in awhile, you come across a something so beautifully put it moves you to tears. This did it to me today...