Suspect arrested in Green River Killings! I hope they got the bastard. I went to Jr. High School with Kimi Kai Pitsor, one of his victims and seeing her name in a news report when I was living in Georgia with my father was one of the biggest shocks of my young life. I remember her as a sweet, funny girl. She sat next to me at graduation (from ninth grade) and we yakked up a storm that night. It was the last time I saw her.
A couple of friends wrote and asked how dinner with the ex went. The best answer I have right now is...fine. We had some sushi and talked about what is going on in our lives-like friends do. At her request, I made her a couple of compilation discs:

Blue Disc

clem snide - the dairy queen
magnetic fields - i don't believe in the sun
spain - every time i try
everything but the girl - hatfield 1980
elvis costello - indoor fireworks
the blue nile - tinseltown in the rain
madredeus - guitarra
national skyline - karolina
p.j. harvey - this is love
morrissey - now my heart is full
juno - the young influentials
hothouse flowers - thing of beauty
kristen vigard - god give me strength
pedro the lion - letter from a concerned follower
elf power - o what a beautiful dream
brook benton - rainy night in georgia
the clash - every little bit hurts
low - will the night

Cyan Disc

swans - god damn the sun
three mile pilot - the longest day
the church - laughing
tuxedomoon - in a manner of speaking
sebadoh - too pure
tom robinson - war baby
scott walker - epilogue (the war is over)
don dixon - praying mantis
dancehall crashers - i don't wanna behave
wynonie harris - there's no substitute for love
lena lovich - new toy
deep sensation - soul heaven
brand new heavies - people get ready
dukes of stratosphere - little lighthouse
matthew sweet - divine intervention
talking heads - cities
wynonie harris - i get a thrill
twilight circus dub sound system - horsie
weezer - getchoo
buzzcocks - i don't mind

She gave me a lift home and got to check out SOUL HEAVEN (SGC!) and meet Frito (he was working in Europe when I was dating her). We have plans to kick it Friday...I have no idea what she has in mind. So...we'll see!

Frito and I were visited by our good friend Tabitha. I made a pot of chicken soup and a salad and she brought some bread. We ate and watched "Friends" and "Will & Grace".
Don't worry! Frito and I will be back to WWF Smackdown! next week.

??!! What?!!
George Harrison (1943-2001), R.I.P.


First Detection Made of an Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere
One of my new favorite things is the Korean soap opera Tender Hearts, which is shown here on Tuesday nights at 10:30PM on channel 17-with subtitles.
I find the cultural differences fascinating...and OK, I admit it-the women on the show are really cute! (Especially Kyun Mi Ri who plays
Choi Youngju (Jaeyup's wife) and Kim Chae Yun who plays Suh Miyun (Mia's sister))
I came across this site which helps to explain various elements of Korean dramas.
According to the KoreanWiz site, the Tender Hearts ended its run in Korea on October 26. Bummer...
Saddam in the Crosshairs (Village Voice): "Powell's such a product of Vietnam—he tries to prevent conflict, rather than realizing it's inevitable," sneers a Pentagon official who, despite never having heard a shot fired in anger, is spoiling for a larger war. "When conflict is inevitable, we should be the ones who decide the outcome. It's not about schmoozing and sucking up."

If this article doesn't give you pause, I suggest you read it again.


Its around noon, I'm listening to A.C. Lewis on Groovetech (Go Aaron!!) and surfing the web.
I'm meeting my ex-girlfriend for sushi in Fremont this evening. She's quite brilliant, she speaks several languages and loves to travel. I both admire and hate her ability to tack and jibe with her moods. We've been on fairly friendly terms over the last few months, phoning and emailing each other. As always, we crack each other up and there's a genuine warmth and attraction there. The problem is that we can't seem to build on it, make it into something more than is. Its frustrating, like being trapped in cage and straining to be free, but knowing that if you ever get out you'll die. I have several theories about our relationship, but none of them quite fit all the way. So, I remain curious about her, needing to interact with her in an effort to understand my instincts which have served me quite well in most situations. But I am adrift here. Am I completely wrong about her? Or am I right?!
Of course, this has been an ongoing thing. And since the answer has never been clear, we've hurt each other several times, seeming always out of sync. So we've gotten more cautious over time, yet still drawn to one another. You would think that would be the sign of true love...or morbid fascination. But what's the difference between the two anyway?
Thankfully, my friends haven't given me any shit over it. I think they see the attraction as purely sexual...but its more than that. She just 'smells' right. Always has. I've only had three or four major crushes in my life, but with only one other exception, I have never pursued anyone like her. She once told me that she chases me too, that she needs something from me but doesn't know what it is.
Anyway, I don't really know why I decided to post this. I guess its a way of thinking out loud.
Tonight will be fine, I'm sure.
Spent some time knocking around at Seattle Stories, a website about just that-stories about Seattle.
There's some interesting stuff here and its a great way to learn more about the town...check it out!


From one of the most honest and thoughtful websites out there, UNAMERICAN:

Saturday, November 17, 2001
i just want to quickly say that i totally love all y'all - even you haters out there - and i am praying my ass off that mullah omar's mutterings about the total decimation of america are scare tactics and not based on any tangible reality. however, one thing that is certifiably true is that SOMEONE out there who hates America is in possession of weaponized anthrax and the will to use it.

i was at a party in san francisco last night and asked a random bunch of smart people if they knew what they would do if plague did happen to get unleashed in their city. they had no clue, none whatsoever. shouldn't it be our government's responsibility to disseminate this information? unfortunately, our multitrillion dollar "defense department" has never given a rat's ass about DEFENSE. it's an OFFENSE department; it knows how to bomb other nations, but not to protect our own people.

so i advise each and every one of you to take it upon yourselves to brainstorm a plan of action in case the shit hits the fan, OK. don't be fooled like the rest of America that waving a flag will protect you and yours in the event of catastrophe. FIGURE OUT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL DO; where you will go, how you will get there, who you must round up, what you need to bring along. This is not something that experts can do for you. This planning you must undertake yourselves; without it, i can't see how you're able to sleep at night.

But don't be reassured by your television and newspapers into believing that everything is going to be all right just because the Taliban are retreating. I hate to say it, but I honestly doubt everything is ever going to be all right ever again. As the sticker says, "survive somehow". Good luck everyone.

Oh yeah, and listen to the White Stripes.


Thanksgiving: Frito made an awesome pork butt...it took all day, but was excellent! We had mashed sweet potatoes, Caesar salad and apple pie. Afterwards we gathered up some tunes and went to Nation for the last installment of PORNSTAR, which went until 12. Then we went to the Baltic Room for Black Sheep Thanksgiving, hosted by DJ Nasir.
On Friday, Frito got up and whipped up an Armenian dish (Keufteh) for Orphan's Thanksgiving-the traditional dinner held the day after the 'Official Thanksgiving' but is important because I'm surrounded by people I choose to be with and not out of any familial obligation. I was going to try and make baked pears, but then the selection at Safeway was piss poor and I really couldn't think of anything else. So I grabbed the apple pie Frito and I had leftover and we scootered over to Matt and Leslie's cozy little on Capitol Hill.
Dinner was amazing! Turkey, stuffing, cornbread, rolls, beets, roasted carrots and parsnips, Keufteh, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, blanched asparagus with peanut sauce, stuffed mushroom caps, apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, this chocolate/meringue pie whose name escapes me and tons of wine and beer! After eating, we beached ourselves in the living room and listened to music and yakked. When I could finally move, I bailed for home around midnight.
Saturday? Nothing too special. Band practice and later on I met Stu, Adam and Trip at the Baltic Room for LOVECATS. I wore a black polo shirt and skinny tie...hey, its 80's music!
I drank 5 tequila sunrises and barely caught a buzz...musta been all the food I've eaten over the last couple of days. The ride home was fun though! I'm getting more comfortable on the scooter and being in traffic.

So...what am I thankful for this year? Well, most of all my friends. Is nice to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. After the 9/11 attack, when it looked like the world as we knew it was over, they provided a sense of continuity. I rely on them for many things: love, intellectual stimulation, belly laughs, good times, encouragement and helping me keep my head on straight. I'm also thankful that I live in a country were I can get my swerve on without getting hassled by the Man. (We'll see if this changes). I'm thankful that I have my health (more or less...these grey hairs that keep popping up are pissin' me off, though) and that despite all that's going on, there is still room to be optimistic about the future.



I don't often remember my dreams, but this morning I was lucky. I dreamt I saw Motorhead performing at the defunct Seattle club Moe. I remember they played "Bomber", "Killed By Death" and "Stay Clean", which makes sense 'cause those are some of my favorite tunes by them. To me, Lemmy is one of the primal forces in the universe, The God Of Full-On. Didja ever have a day when you felt bulletproof? A day when cute guys/girls smiled at you? Babies cooed happily and dogs wagged their tails on seeing you? When everything you did was perfect?
That was Lemmy.
I'm sure there was some backstory but its escapes me...oh, well.
So guess what I'm crankin' now?!


Frito and I got back from the last SIL2K show. It was a good lineup: Otha Major did some beatboxing, Lobot played dubby jazz and Manalive vs. MissKick-well, I can't really describe it-but it was damn cool!
James, Laurie, Maria, Matt D., Leslie, J. Justice, Wyoming, Tim, Adam, Marjan, Kento, Plastiq Phantom, Carla and Eduardo were all in the house, along with a few of the SIL2K ensamble players, past and present. Some of these folks I haven't seen in awhile or haven't had a chance to talk to, so it was good to get all caught up.
Tomorrow night, Stu and the SIL2K ensamble are providing the music for Meetspace, a multimedia thingy at Consolidated Works, which you can watch online at Spaceboat T.V.
I'm having a hard time believing its almost Thanksgiving-though I'm happy its here. Frito and I are gonna BBQ, have some friends over and then spin some records with DJ Free at his final edition of PORNSTAR down at Nation/I-Spy. I go grocery shopping Wednesday. I'm totally psyched! Of course, Friday is the real event-Orphan's Thanksgivingat Matt and Leslie's!


Read this...Ain't this a trip? White people are racially profiling each other now! What's next?!
Frito and I watched Peter Greenaway's "The Pillow Book" a couple of days ago and I fuckin' hated it.(I hated The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and his Lover, too!) I gave up on the flick and walked out on it (if one can do so in one's own home). Yeah, I know Greenaway looks at film as a sort of moving canvas but something about that movie bugged the heck out me. I think it was that I couldn't sympathize with the main character. I know what it's like to be in the thrall of a fetish, but I saw nothing approaching real emotion in that movie. Even the love scenes seemed mechanical and distant and the story was poorly developed. It look good tho'. I like great visuals, but I think they should be in service to the story-not take the place of one. (Yes, Stu. I know you don't agree!)
Saw "Waking Life" with Stu on Friday night. I really liked it, even though it wasn't what I was prepared to see: Slacker with a straightforward philosophical bent. The movie reminded me of the many, many boozy BS sessions I've had with my friends over the years. I thought the pacing was a little slow so I grew impatient during the last 30 minutes or so.
Later, we went to Barca for a friend's birthday party. Stu and I were talking to the Canadian woman we know about the Seattle's proposed light rail system and monorail, Afghanistan and the stereotype of the Ugly American...heady stuff, I know...I went home around midnight.
Band practice Saturday. I rode my scooter-it was gorgeous out! Then Frito and I met his friends, Will, Ginelle, Lars and Lakshmi for dinner at Ohana.
Then we went to Georgetown for the Heroes and Villains Party from which I've just returned, ears ringing and stinking of cigarettes. The party was a benefit for Stronghold. From their press release:

Stronghold was created in response to the extremely limited availability of artist live/work space in Seattle. Changes in the economy and its attendant factors consistently push artists out of urban centers. In order to combat this process, Stronghold proposes to build a "fortress" for the arts community through the acquisition
of property. Stronghold seeks to create a working model that can weather gentrification when it hits a developing area. This is accomplished by fostering ownership of live/work space by artists, rather than by developers and landlords . . .
A small window of opportunity exists for Stronghold to secure a space in Georgetown and implement it's plan to help the art community flourish and stave off the effects of a changing economy. When this plan succeeds, it will serve as a model for other arts communities to gain ownership of property within their own neighborhoods.

The event was held at Jem Studios and drew appoximately 400-500 people-most of them in costume. I wore my lucador mask and Frito wore his pajamas with a silk robe and called himself "Hef"-he was both hero and villain-depending on how you look at it. There were DJ's, fire dancers, a drum corps, sculptures, paintings and projections...pretty dang cool. Most of the gang showed up and now that I have returned home and to the ground (so to speak), I can I had a rilly good time. Hopefully, some pictures will surface.
Later today, Frito and I are planning to go the the Silver Fork-a popular neighborhood restaurant. Nothin' like eggs, sausage, pancakes, coffee and gospel music to git one goin' on a Sunday morning. (hmm...maybe I'll get a 'Soul Burger'-100% beef patty topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a hot link-instead!)


Due to a little scheduling snafu I had to postpone my meet with my estranged friend until last night. I'm happy to report we're no longer estranged. I love her for reasons that weren't really clear to me (other than she's a really swell person when we're not bitching at each other) and that frightened me a little.
I think emotions are like water in a shallow dish, sometimes they spill out and go where you don't want or expect them to. I can't really say why the fight happened, aside from me feeling a tad insecure and covering it with passive-agressive behavior...and her being really defensive. All I can say is that it's several months later and I'm happy we're in each other's orbit again. We're both going through some changes, maybe it helped. We had nothing to lose and plenty of time to think. I missed her terribly-despite putting up a blase front.
Anyway, we've pledged to be kinder and to make more of an effort to communicate our needs.
It's nice to start over.


This just in:

Announcement: SIL2K @ I-Spy is no more. Long Live SIL2K!

This coming Monday's show will be the last SIL2K show at I-Spy. I don't know if it's the economy or what but audiences have been pretty thin lately. It's been quite a run though. We expected it to go about 2 months and somehow it's gone 2 years, longer than most weekly series of any type of music on any night anywhere in the city.

SIL2K started as an Ensemble that performed at On The Board's 12 Minutes Max. Soon after that in January of 2000, SIL2K began it's split personality of being both a weekly night of experimental music at I-Spy and an Ensemble dedicated to devising improvisational strategies for music making. SIL2K will continue on in the latter capacity.

The Past:
Over the last 2 years, we've hosted such International artists as DJ Spooky, The Ruins, Francisco Lopez, Kaffe Matthews, Kim Cascone, The Grandmothers, Takagi Masakatsu, Saadet Turkoz, Bran(...)Pos, The Art Cheerleaders, Clocked OUT, Daniele Brusaschetto, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Holz Fur Europa, Kid Lucky, Knotty Ensemble, Magic Sleep, Moonbabies, Mayuko Hino, Come Winter, Philip Gayle, Chris Forsyth, Boris Hauf, Jack Wright, Toshi Makihara, and Trummerflora Collective.

And we've featured local heroes Amy Denio, Dennis Rea, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Wally Shoup, The Degenerate Art Ensemble, PAN, Climax Golden Twins, Disjunkt, Entropic Advance, Eyvind Kang, Fred Chalenor, inBOIL, Intonarumori, Jeff Greinke, Jessica Lurie, Mount Analog, Plastiq Phantom, Rick Bishop, Reuben Radding, Reggie Watts, Rollerball, Sinister Kitchen, Solenoid, Evan Schiller, 2-Up Technologies and many others.

We've had some crazy shows what with the fire performances of Thermogenesis and multi-media pieces by Tripod, Detonator Beth, PAN, A.Frequency, King Leah, Sparrowform and the SFADI dance benefit.

Over this time, The SIL2K Ensemble has played John Zorn's "Cobra", Terry Riley's "In C" and Jim Knodle's "Tiny Boxes". And we've written and premiered 13 of our own improv pieces: Broadcast, Pallettes, Pulse/Impulse, AlgoRhythm, Interchange, Hold Music, GO/VAPid, Caged, Concord, Graffika, #4, Instant Score and Notebook.

I'd like to thank I-Spy for their patience and support over the last 2 years. No major club in Seattle has shown this kind of support for OUT music since the demise of the OK Hotel.

I'd like to thank my comrade in arms, Tim Rhodes for barnstorming the doors of I-Spy, brainstorming our approach and creating the visual look of SIL2K, what with ads, posters, video and all. And thank James Drage, who has taken over that role with video mixing, posters, T-Shirts and the website. Thank you Aaron Cayko for MC'ing, being the virtual voice of SIL2K for the year 2001. Past thank-yous to Robert Henson and Annie Fanning for press releases and media attacks, Kate Widdows for many a poster, Carl Farrow for band leading and CD artwork, Jason Justice and Aaron Lewis for booking DJs and ambient artists in the Lounge, and Jesse Canterbury, Matt Duss and Seth Howard for postering the city with our propaganda. And thanks to the 50+ musicians who at one time or another played in that amorphous entity that is the SIL2K Ensemble. And thanks to Julian, Chris and Paul for engineering sound and putting up with the craziest demands in instrumentation we could throw at them.

So what is in store for SIL2K?
Well, first of all there is the final show at I-Spy, Monday Nov. 19. Come down and celebrate 2 years of bent music with a night of beatboxing, Dub and DJ's. Maybe I'll even buy a cake or something.

11/19/2001 Monday 9:00 pm
SIL2K @ I-Spy - Lobot, Otha Major, Manalive vs. MissKick

SIL2K is also providing music for Meetspace at Consolidated Works:

Tuesdays at Consolidated Works through January 8 8:00-10:00
Meetspace at Consolidated Works
500 Boren Ave N (Boren & Republican)
A interactive multimedia collaboration between Spaceboat TV and SIL2K
You can watch/listen to this performance on-line at www.spaceboat.tv

The SIL2K Ensemble will continue to play around town. We have 5 new improv/game pieces to demonstrate and perform at EMP's Demo Lab Saturday Dec. 1st.

12/1/2001 Saturday 3:00-5:00 pm
@ EMP Demo Lab (free with admission)
The SIL2K Ensemble plays Stuart McLeod's "Hold Music" & "AlgoRhythm", Carl Farrow's "400 Balloons" & "Turrets", Heather Vergotis's "#4", Jesse Canterbury's "Ratios" and Kevin Goldsmith's "Pointillism".

This list will continue to tell you about TransAtlantic IceFloe shows. The next one is at Rebar:

12/4/2001 Tuesday 10:30 pm
@ Rebar transAtlantic iceFloe (Robert Henson, Kevin Goldsmith, Stuart McLeod)

This list will continue to tell you about the adventures of the New Style Collective. Started by members of SIL2K, The New Style Collective is dedicated to throwing large scale benefits for non-profits. Informally they produced last year's Night of Musical Games (a benefit for the Tentacle) and Fuseball (a benefit for the Fuse Foundation). Formally, they threw this Halloween's Troll-a-Go-Go (a benefit for the Freemont Arts Council) and are preparing to throw the New Year's Heaven & Hell Party for Consolidated Works.

But what should be done about spreading the seeds of adventurous music?

1. Go to Cognitive Dissidents, every Tuesday at Coffee Messiah 8:00 (free)
Ffej hosts the only weekly experimental series left in Seattle at the Coffee Messiah (1554 E. Olive Way, Capitol Hill, Seattle WA)

Support your friends shows and get them to come to yours. Promote your shows with press releases, posters, flyers and e-mail lists. Let people know what's up!

2. Support The Tentacle, THE paper and on-line magazine for creative music.
Read on-line at: http://www.tentacle.org/index.html
Subscribe to the weekly e-mail at tentacle@tentacle.org
Contact The Tentacle about volunteering. Help distribute copies around town. Leave copies in clubs, Doctor's offices, on buses, at your friend's house.

3. Buy your music at Wall of Sound Records, THE store in Seattle for OUT music.
2237 2nd Ave in Belltown

4. Start your own OUT music night!
All it takes is a little dedication and a vision of what can be. No one would have guess that we could do this (and for two years!) until we tried it. You'd be amazed the impact YOU could make in the music scene if you put your mind to it!

The 2K in SIL2K stands for the entire Millennium not just the year 2000. Because we are for a music that pushes forward into the future, despite the weekly's obsession with the retrograde music of Neo-Grunge.

There is a lot of creative music and art going on in this town, all you have to do is find it.

The heart of SIL2K lives on in each of you.

-Stuart McLeod

Bummer-it's the end of an era. I went to SIL2K a lot last year and haven't been since The Ruins gig back during the spring.
I just got off the phone with Stu and he's cool with the demise of the weekly SIL2K. He's writing music, performing with his band(s) and keeping busy. He said attendence had dwindled and he was thinking about ending it anyway. Ah well. Even though I was on the fringes of that scene, I met some interesting people and saw some cool shows...


Met Frito downtown and saw Heist. IMHO...don't bother. I like a caper movie as much as the next guy, but this one didn't really have much to offer by way of suspence. You didn't really care about the characters and Mamet's direction and dialogue were awful. Too bad he wasted a great cast.
Save your money for Ocean's 11. At least that movie looks like its going to be a hoot!
Its been raining steadily over the last few days and it looks like it will until the weekend. *sigh* Makes you just wanna stay in...
On the other hand, I got an email today from my estranged friend. We're going to meet tomorrow evening and try to get our differences straightened out.
Wish us luck?
Seattle has a professional women's football team...who knew?
So, one of these days, I'm going to make $190K and get myself one of these-a real-life reproduction of the Mach 5!
Hadda nice weekend. I went to band practice and heard some of Seth's (drums) solo stuff, which was amazing. Tess and Aaron's party on Saturday night was a quiet, intimate affair which was just what I needed. We sat around the fireplace and enjoyed the warmth. Aaron, Ryan and J. Justice spun some downtempo. I rode home sometime around 5AM and spent most of Sunday chillin'. Scott seems to be slowly recovering from his weekend in NYC...poor guy. I know how he feels.
I think hope can be a help and a hurt, depending on what you're hoping for. As much as I long for a meaningful relationship, I can't help but feel that everything is only temporary-and the longer you stick with something and let yourself relax, the bigger the hole that gets left when its gone. Sadly, its easier to remember the negative things.
Speaking of relationships, I had a falling-out with a friend a few months back and the last few times I've seen her, we've been friendly. She actually told me that she missed me and that she wasn't mad and that what we'd had was a disagreement, which is what friends do. While I believe that to be true, we both said some hurtful things and I'd like to have a face to face; so that if we are going to be pals, this won't happen again. I take this stuff seriously (Its been suggested that I take it too seriously-but hey, you know whose got your back when the chips are down, right?!) and I don't want to go through this again. So, if you're reading this and you know who I'm talking about-please have her drop me line so we can get this out of the way and get on with our lives.
I can't believe we're halfway through November already. Matt and Leslie will be hosting our annual Orphan's Thanksgiving this year. Usually held on the day after Thanksgiving, its a tradition started by Matt after moving out to Seattle from New York. Its the time that my 'Chosen Family' gets together and spends an evening hanging out, eating a lot of fabulous food and enjoying each others company. I'm bringing a dessert!
I'm not sure if its official but (to my surprise) it looks like Greg Nickels will be Seattle's next mayor. I guess the city isn't as screwed up as I thought it was!
There's a Heroes and Villains costume party this weekend. I just ordered a mask from Archie McPhee, I'm going as a luchador-El Stacio!!
Progress on the novel continues, I'm pretty sure I won't be done by the end of the month-which is why I didn't sign up for NaNoWriMo...Its a wise man that knows his limitations. Heh...


Local Store gets raided be the Fed. Right up the street from me...Gosh, it was nice out today.


Yesterday was election day. I'm not voting. Why? Mostly laziness on my part. I didn't get my voter registration changed after I moved and my scooter had a flat rear tire and I'm not that interested in going all the way to Ballard to vote. So there.
A new mayor will be decided sometime this week. Projections say its going to be too close to call until the absentee ballots get counted.
Greg Nickels is the lesser of the two evils in this case, but I have a feeling he'll lose because he's perceived as being "a nice guy", which, IMHO what was wrong with the last mayor. However, he is quite popular with Seattle's traditional lefties.
His opponent, Mark Sidran, comes across as being a lot more decisive, which I think is what the public wants in these troubled times. In his years as City Attorney, Sidran seemed unafraid to make enemies and pushed several controversial laws on the books, some of which were struck down as unconstitutional. Yet, he seems to be quite popular with the Law and Order crowd, who believe that the sole purpose of city government and law enforcement is to make the streets safe for shopping.
I've been paying a moderate amount of attention to the campaign and I'm reminded of a documentary I saw on Richard Nixon (who will be dug up and shot, when the revolution comes) and how he said there was a 'silent majority' that supported the war in Vietnam and how it was these people that allowed him to ignore the protests and demonstrations against it.
Seattle has a similar 'silent majority', (although I'm not sure they're the majority) these are the folks who have lots of money and/or property (or would like to) who think that panhandlers and the homeless should be rounded up and shipped to someplace far away. These people never question our institutions here, unless they stand in the way of some cash being made.
I'm curious to how this will turn out in the face of Boeing leaving, the dot.com crash, recession, war and terrorism, recession and the general lowering of expectations. Its all tied together, y'know.


Went and saw 'Audition' with Stu last night...whoh. We love movies on a dare and man-did we ask for it! Not a movie for the fainthearted. Afterwards, we stopped in at Barca, but didn't see anyone we knew, so Stu dropped me off.
I'm heading out for band practice soon and after I get back, I'm going to clean house and work on my novel.


Oy Vey! What a week. I went down to the FUNC to help out with preparations for the Troll A Go Go on Monday and Tuesday. We made made and hung curtains, set up the stage and I did a lot of sweeping. On Wednesday, showed up around 6 to help out with the last minute preparations. I didn't have a costume-I'm not sure why, but I really wasn't into dressing up this year.
I could tell that it was going to be a good party from the number of people who kept showing up, asking us when the doors were going to open. Tim looked a little tired and stressed, but I could see he felt it too. Around 9, I heard the sounds of drumbeats as the procession coming from Trollo'ween made its way down the street. There were dozens of people in costume and I ran out side to get a few pictures (which I will put up as soon as we get our home server going again.) The Cabiri started their performance outside in the parking lot as people started lining up at the door. The DJ's On Strike boys were in the house, so I grabbed one of their signs and joined them outside, yelling "DJ's on Strike!" and "What do we want? DJ's!, When do we want them? Now!" and "Down with Live Music!" then they took the stage for some weird-ass mutant cut & paste laptop jazz. Their set got hijacked by some guys wearing 'Scab DJ' shirts...pretty funny.
Since I was part of the crew, I had access to the backstage where a couple of kegs of Red Hook were kept in reserve for us. I got pretty plastered, but cooled it knowing that I was going to have to ride home on my scooter. Since I didn't care for Hicky or Kulture Shock I mostly ran around, talking to friends and taking pictures until DJ Free hit the stage and spun soul, R&B and Funk. Stu, Verity and I danced for the entire set. I got home around 3:30AM.
Pictures here!
Frito wasn't feeling so hot last night and I was pretty tired, but since I'd promised to help clean up, I hopped on Pearl (my scoot) and went back out to Fremont. I stayed until 6 or so, then came home. I was planning to see sub_sonic tonight, but just didn't have the energy.
I'm sleeping in tomorrow. Frito is off to New York to visit some friends for the weekend so have the whole place to myself!