I recently joined Blogger Insider and received my first batch of questions from Tuesday at Who Ate My Pizza?

Her questions, my answers:

1. Did you have a hard time coming up with questions for me?
Not really. Sometimes when meeting people online I’d sent them a little questionnaire in order to try and learn something about them. I’m in favor of anything of anything that reveals or illuminates or helps me to understand or be understood. I look forward to your answers!
2. Do you have a favorite possession? What is it? How did you get it? etc...
I’d say of all my possessions, my CD collection is my favorite. I didn’t buy a CD player until the early 90’s and now I think I own close to 800 discs. I love music, probably more than anything else. I listen to a wide range of styles and enjoy discussing it and discovering new songs and artists. Of all the things I own, my music gives me the greatest pleasure and joy.
3. What was your motivation for joining Blogger Insider?
I thought it would be a good way to meet/learn about people. I’m lucky that I have a tight-knit group of friends, but sometimes I encounter people whose outlook is so different than mine that it causes me to reexamine my views. And generally, that is a good thing.
4. How do feel about time? Is it passing you by or do you have it securely in a head-lock?
Well, since this is the last day of the year, time is something that’s been on my mind quite a bit. I don’t feel it’s passing me by, but I am starting to notice the gray hairs that are popping up more frequently. In some ways I wonder if the opportunity to follow my dreams is diminished. I wonder if I’ll ever meet my soul mate or get married and have kids. On the other hand, I’ve always been a person who liked to march to his own drum, so if these things never come about then perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. I think you can always find ways to happy, no matter where you are in life. As I approach 35, I think I’m in a good frame of mind and that’s what most important to me.
5. What would you like to be placed in your coffin when you die?
I really, really don’t want to be buried in a coffin. The idea of lying in a cold box in the cold ground for eternity fills me with dread. Of course, I won’t care then. But I’d really rather not.
6. If you don't want to be buried in a coffin, how and where do you want to be laid to rest?
Ideally, I’d like to be cremated and have my ashes scattered. I can’t really think of where right now. Discovery Park or the Arboretum or Lake Washington comes to mind.
7. What is the best thing about your partner (romantic)? If you don't have someone, what is the best thing about your imaginary partner?
I don’t have a romantic partner. I’m workin’ on it, though! My imaginary partner is someone who loves, trusts and supports me. She is someone who floors me with her inner and outer beauty. She is someone who understands me (as much as anyone can be understood) and is full of surprises and is someone I can learn things from. Tall order, huh?
8. Do you have acquaintances that you don't actually like yet hang around with them anyway? If yes, why? Do you think you will ever let them know that you can't stand their company?
I’m pretty bad at pretending to like people I dislike. It comes out, one way or another. I either put up a wall or don’t make any effort to get to know them. More often than not, this is something that usually happens in work-type situations. Very rarely do I encounter people in my personal life that I dislike…I guess I’ve been lucky.
9. What is one word that would describe your home?
10. What pattern/picture is on your desktop?
I have a comic from Penny Arcade. I love the last bit about Christ returning and saying “My Dad is going to be so mad at you guys, I’m not kidding!”
11. Would you or have you done dirty work for romantic partners? Examples: killing dreaded insects, cleaning up post-party vomit, sending letter bombs, etc... (just joking about the vomit) What was it and how did they get you to do it?
I have done dirty work for romantic partners. Changed tires in the rain, gone for gas in the snow, cleaned up puke, etc. I usually don’t have a problem with these things unless they were brought on by sheer stupidity or if they severely and unnecessarily inconvenience me. I try to live by the “golden rule” AND I’m a Leo, so reciprocation is a big deal to me.

You can read my questions and Tuesday's responses here.

I know, I know. I wasn't supposed to post until next year. But the preparations for the Heaven and Hell Ball went so well that I don't need to go down there today. (Which is funny considering we were ready to kill each other a couple of times!) More or less, I'll be helping Aaron manage the stages and enjoying the party. I will take picures and post them in the slideshow. As you can see, there are already some up from the first day of set up.
I'm on the clean-up crew as well, so I'll probably be busy for the next couple of days. We'll see.
We have a lot riding on the party tonight, we break even if 600 attend but we have capacity for 2000!

Anyway, I know that this was supposed to be a crappy year and war, terrorism, the loss of civil liberties and a lousy economy are nothing to sneeze at. But, the first half of 2001 was pretty good-for me at least. And I still got to visit London and Zurich and most of friends are healthy and happy. There's always room for hope! So let's continue to look for those silver linings in '02, alright?!



Man! You shoulda seen the placenta I coughed up yesterday morning!
I'm so sick of being sick. Ah needs tae get oot n see mah mates, eh? Ah'm gettin' stir crazy, gooin' aboot the hoose spraffin' tae meself inna Scottish accent!
Its time to change my bedding, my clothes, clean my room and get my dub set ready for Thursday. I guess I should get some groceries while I'm at it, 'cause there is nothing to eat here in the house!
I guess you could say I've recovered!
I'd like to thank those who saw me through this difficult time: Frito, Adam, Stu, Laurie, Tabitha, Maria (who called to check in on me yesterday), Tom Waits, The American Music Club, The Fugees, Funkadelic, Les Baxter (Cherry Pink, Apple Blossom White is the shiznit!), Anne Rice, MTV2, the late Bill Hicks and yes-you, dear reader.
I put some of the pictures I took on the weekend up, hope you like 'em. This will be my last post until after the New Year. I gotta get myself cleaned up real good so that I can embrace 2002 without worrying about my breath!
Rereading my posts over the last year, I realize I've been holding back when posting here. Maybe a bit too polite and careful. I've decided that if this thing is going to be a record of my thoughts and activities both online and in the RW, then its time I really crack open my cranium and let it all hang out!
My friend Nikki used to say to me, "I'd give anything for five minutes in that head of yours!"
Well girl-friend, be careful what you wish for!

See y'all next year!


OK. After eating aspirin all day and getting lots of rest, I feel a lot better. I had to skip Stu's mother's party and turn down an invite from Neil and Susan to come hang out with them but I think it was the best thing to do. There will be a lot of heavy lifting to do after X-mas for the Heaven and Hell Ball, so I better take it easy until then. Stu and Scott called to check on me and Tabitha left some yummy cookies on my front porch (I have some great friends!) so all is well here.
I'm glad that most of my family here are Jehovah's Witnesses, I'm not under any pressure to do "family stuff" or get into the spirit of a holiday that means nothing to this agnostic. I started reading Anne Rice's "Memnoch the Devil" (heh. I swiped it from Heidi) and I'm enjoying my relative isolation.
I've spent some time checking out people's "top ten" lists and figured I'd submit mine.
Sooo, my top ten for the year 2001:

1. Weezer - "The Green Album" Modern Power Pop for Modern Power People!
2. David Lynch's "Muholland Drive". The most enjoyable DL movie yet-without a G rating, that is.
3. Scott Walker, introduced to me via a mix tape then expanded on by buying "Boy Child 67-70" and his first 4 solo albums.
4. "Alias" on ABC. I never get tired of seeing girls kick ass! (Plus, I'm sick of the increasing lameness of "The X-Files")
5. Frito. A hell of a good guy and a great roommate (and no-I'm not kissing ass!)
6. My friends. They get me through, they give me love...my true family!
7. B'Austin at I-Spy 8/15. Got to see a project come to fruition and I was happy to see it delighted and thrilled a lot of people!
8. Clive Barker's "Imajica". Reread this year. Due to previous impatience I missed a great story. I didn't miss a thing this time!
9. Fuse Ball 2/3/01. The NSC threw a great party!
10. London and Zurich. I got to visit old friends, see things I'd only read about and bond with my goddaughter!

My new favorite song:

That Feel

(Keith Richards/Tom Waits)

Well there's one thing you can't lose
It's that feel
Your pants, your shirt, your shoes
But not that feel.
You can throw it out in the rain
You can whip it like a dog
You can chop it down like an old dead tree
You can always see it
When you're coming into town
Once you hang it on the wall
You can never take it down

But there's one thing you can't lose
And it's that feel
You can pawn your watch and chain
But not that feel
It always comes and finds you
It will always hear you cry
I cross my wooden leg
And I swear on my glass eye
It will never leave you high and dry
Never leave you loose
It's harder to get rid of than tattoos

But there's one thing you can't do
Is lose that feel
You can throw it off a bridge
You can lose it in a fire
You can leave it at the altar
But it will make you out a liar
You can fall down in the street
You can leave it in the lurch
Well you say that it's gospel
But I know that it's only church

And there's one thing you can't lose
And it's that feel
It's that feel


Hey there. I just got back from Bremerton. I took off early yesterday morning and got to Heidi's place around 11:30. I hung out as she got some things really for the X-mas party her folks were throwing up in Quilcene. I almost didn't make it. I've been feeling pretty lousy the last few days but since I hadn't seen the folks in quite a while I decided to suck it up and go.
As usual, Heidi's mom made a ton of food and it was really nice & cozy. I wish I'd been feeling better, I definately would've eaten more!
Since Heidi was going to stay at her parents overnight, I decided to catch a ride back to Bremerton with Chad and Patty. I crashed over at their place and then caught the 1PM ferry home. It was a brilliantly beautiful day today. The mountains were out and I took some pictures, which I'll post here as soon as I can.
OK...I'm going back to bed. I'm getting better, but I still need sleep.


I woke up yesterday feeling like a truck had run over me. I felt fine before going to bed, I stayed up pretty late as usual. I listened to Bill Hicks and Coldplay on my discman before drifting off. I think I'm fighting the flu. So I took some aspirin and stayed in bed until late, late afternoon.
My plan was to attend the NSC meeting for the Heaven and Hell Ball, but I didn't have the energy. I felt better after eating dinner, so I went downtown to meet Stu and Miriam for the 10PM showing of Lord of the Rings.
Having never read the books I don't have the fanboy mentality of some people I know, (*cough* Jason) but I thought it was a fairly good movie. That's all I have to say about it really. I'm a Philistine. So sue me!
El Stu (leaving the bathroom after watching LOTR): "I had to drain the Hobbit. Good thing I didn't have to take an Orc."

Frito is gone again, although he hasn't actually left town. The airline overbooked his flight, he volunteered to fly out tomorrow instead and got put up in a hotel in SeaTac for his trouble. He's a lot more patient than I am. I hate to travel in the first place and view any delays or alterations in my plans a personal affront!

Anyway, I still feel a little icky-so I better dress really warm and take my black ass to bed. G'nite!


I just got back from Bada! I finally made it in!! My impression? It's ManRay for straight people. The place has a small front area, almost like a reception room with a long hallway that opens into a much larger space in back. There's some red velvet pool tables and a more private room in the back. I felt like I was on the space station in Kubrick's 2001! The place was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. Lots of "beautiful people", but not of the same caliber as the weekend. I'm guessing that the place will blow up once the kids on the Eastside hear about it.
Why were we there? Well, it was Nantini's birthday and I'll never pass up the chance to bask in her beauty! After all, she inspired the name for me and Frito's electronic band, Thai Girls From Texas.
Frito got home from his stint in Kentucky around 7PM. He brought back several bottles of Maker's Mark that he got to seal in wax at the distillery. He suggested we meet Nantini and her bunch down at Toi, this chi-chi joint downtown. Frito and I scootered down and bellied up to the bar. There was a rumor that Bill Gates was in the house.
(Ever wonder how I keep winding up at all these posh joints? Its not my fault. Somehow, my friends became "grownups" and "professionals". It's not like I dress up for these things-or front. Really! Ask anybody who knows me!)
Anyway, we had some drinks (which were pretty good, btw) and got caught up while Nantini and her friends ate. Then Sean, Trish, Shelly, Annie and I went over to Bada.
During the course of the evening, I discovered that Annie is a big Mark Eitzel fan. She's so cool! We all got to talking about about what album the Dialectics of Rock (the rock cover band I'm in) should do next. At the end of the evening we left singing Smith's songs...

Tomorrow is El Stu's birthday! I have an NSC meeting at 7, then we're going to hook up and watch Lord Of The Rings!



The page for a little party I'm helping to throw is up! If ya haven't heard about it already, I hope you can make it! (Provided that you will be in Seattle on NYE-of course...)
Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Sentence Thrown Out
(via ABCnews) Whoa! This is big. I don't know enough about his case to have an opinion but Mumia sure has a lot of allies. Even though the first-degree murder conviction stands, he lives to fight another day. More info about him can be found here.


After a night of howling winds and blinding sheets of rain, I wake up to warm, yellow sunshine and clear skies...ah, life in the Puget Sound Convergence Zone.

From Yahoo News:

Monday December 17 11:59 AM ET
Former Big Country Frontman Dies at 43
LONDON (Reuters) - The former lead singer of 1980s headlining Scottish rock group Big Country has been found dead in a hotel room, his manager said Monday.

Stuart Adamson, 43, who had global hits in the 1980s, was found dead in Hawaii Sunday, his manager Ian Grant said.
"I have just lost one of the finest people I have ever worked with or been lucky enough to know,'' Grant said in a statement released on his official Web site.
He was not immediately available to comment on the cause of death.
"Stuart Adamson was found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii yesterday,'' Grant said. "I have no more news other than that at present.''
British media reported that Adamson had been fighting alcoholism.
Big Country's guitar-driven formula helped them to a string of British hits in the 1980s, including "In a Big Country'' and ''Fields of Fire.''
The band sold more than 10 million records, had seven hit albums and 17 top 30 singles in the United Kingdom, the group's publicist said.
Adamson left the public eye and moved to the United States in the late 1990s after the hits dried up.
He sparked widespread press speculation over his health in November 1999 when he failed to turn up for a UK concert supporting Canadian singer Bryan Adams.
Born in Manchester in northwest England and brought up in Scotland, Adamson's early career began in Fife, Scotland, in the 1970s when he formed punk band The Skids.
He went on to form Big Country in the early 1980s.
The band earned two Grammy Award nominations for the 1983 album "The Crossing'' and went on to tour with the Rolling Stones.

It's not like I knew him. But I do remember the goosebumps his music gave me as a (not so) wee teenager back in the day. I own two albums and an EP.
Maybe some of you whipper-snappers don't remember, but Big Country had a very distinct guitar sound (they used e-bows to make the guitars sound like bagpipes!) and one of the most explosive drummers in rock!
Every time you hear about something like this, it's like you lose a tiny little piece of yourself...I'm gonna dig out my Big Country albums and play 'em really loud in Mr. Adamson's honor today. May he rest in peace.


I've been checking out the trailer for the new Ali movie and I gotta ask: Will Smith??! Ergh...I don't know if I can suspend disbelief for that. Ali's beauty was in his raw power and speed. Its like comparing a Rodan sculpture to pretty-boy Smith's Michaelangelo. Smith doesn't walk like him or talk like him and the effect is like watching a "posh" kid tryin' to act "street".
So another weekend has come and gone. On Thursday, Stu and I went to a "White Elephant" party at James and Carmel's-I brought the 2 disc set, "Cocteau Twins at the BBC" (Stu got it) and managed to score a fondue set! On Friday we had a glorious, all-too-brief break in the weather. I hung out with my mother, we went to South Center Mall and bought some CD's. (Me: Low, Lemonheads and a Dub Compilation-Her: Tina Turner, Simon & Garfunkel and on my recommendation Wynonie Harris) Then we went to Red Robin, then she braided my hair for me.
Friday was also Matt D.'s birthday and since El Stu's is on Wednesday, it was decided to combine the two. The gang met at The Baltic Room for Aaron's Happy Hour set, then we went up to Piecora's Pizza for dinner. Then Laurie, Stu, Louise, Ji-Huyn and I went to Belltown to the Bada Lounge (that new joint that opened up in Belltown-I think I mentioned it a while ago) where some friends had gathered for a holiday toast. I got there a little ahead of everyone (scooters don't require much by way of parking) and watched the beautiful people try to get in. It was fascinating! All these young yuppies standing out in the cold-and it was cold, lemmetellya. All of them secure & worthy, yakking on cellphones, the guys confidently assuring their girlfriends-who weren't dressed for the weather-that they'd get in.
Actually, I heard several hipsters leaving the place, complaning about the service. One stunningly gorgeous woman said that she'd been asked to leave because she'd spilled a drink...she seemed genuinely hurt! Ah, well.
Anyway, once everyone got there we decided to go to the Lava Lounge instead. We hung out until about 1AM then headed home.
On Saturday, I went to band practice. After I got home, I had every intention of staying in, but Anna and Crystal's new clothing store, The Pretty Parlour was having its grand opening! So I hooked up with A-da-mu and we hit the scene. One word: Wall-to-Wall Beautiful Women! In fine frocks! Floormatt was on the 1 & the 2 and the place was packed.
Anna and her friends were a blur of color and motion, changing dresses and dancing in the windows! I drank some Budweiser and champagne, smoked some cigs with Adam and basically felt like bull in a very funky china shop...but it was all good.
The ride home was interesting with the wind and rain kicking up to 20+ MPH, I got home around 12:30.


I found a cool site while looking for info on one of my music heroes-the great, late Sylvester James (inspired by watching the 100 Greatest Dance Songs on VH1). And We Danced is a website dedicated to the dance music of the 80's. Check it out!



I met my beloved Heidi and her sister Creedence for lunch today. Karen is threatening to come over (though she was supposed to call almost a half hour ago). Joined the Seattle Bloggers community (via voxmachina, via Slightly North of Tomorrow) today, they seem like nice folks.

Light night, I hopped on the scoot and went to Meetspace at Consolidated Works. Stu, Rob and James were all down there, twiddling knobs and manipulating sounds and images. Imagine one of K.K. Null's ambient excursions with rave visuals and you sorta get the idea.

I'm watching Hamid Karzai on CNN. What a badass!! He's like something out a spy movie. If he blows it as the interim leader of Afghanistan (and I really hope he doesn't), then he should get into show business. (Hey, it could've revived Boutrous-Boutrous Ghali's career...)

And speaking of Egyptians (or rather Egypt)...I'm now watching "Women Pharaohs" on Discovery...gotta go.


Sittin here, listening to "Gone" by *NSYNC...*sigh*. They rule.
Sunday was Maria's 24th birthday and after much struggle, strife and hardship (I won't go into it here-but it goes along the lines of "leading a horse tae fookin' water and makin' her bloody well drink") we got her to the Hotel Monaco for a little party. We went through several bottles of wine, dessert ordered via room service and the fruits of a Jack-In-The-Box run. I left sometime around 4AM, after just about everyone there climbed into the huge tub/jacuzzi thingy in the bathroom.

I spent some of the day researching how to best go about painting my scooter. I'm hoping to get everything I need and start sometime in the next month or so. I'm not sure what colors I should pick...Like most simple creatures, I like bright shiny things and primary colors-though I've been thinking about metallic burgandy & midnight blue. Two-tone? I dunno. If you've got any suggestions, drop me a line.

Also rooted around for sites on paleogeography, something I've always been curious about...which led to a site about trilobites.


If you're into music photography, check out this site!


Hoo! Wotta day-one that will live in infamy indeed...must. focus. on. the. good. stuff:
Went down to the Rose Club Cafe in the 'hood' to have lunch and celebrate Tess' last day there. Met Louise downtown to see Ocean's 11. What a great flick! Soderburgh is a genius. Great acting all around, excellent script, minimum cheesiness. Even Julia Roberts (whose rise to fame and fortune confounds me to no end) is tolerable. A must-see!! 5 stars!!!
My only regret is not staying until the credits ended-I just know I missed something!
Afterwards, Louise and I head up to Bauhaus for some coffee and kill some time while waiting for Happy Hour at The Baltic Room to start. We discuss architecture, the movie, her dog, gossip and try to figure out the plan for the evening. Tess joins us, fresh off her old job with a week to kill before starting her new one!
Louise bails to run some errands and Tess and I head over to the Baltic to listen to Aaron spin some downtempo and trip-hop.
Matt, Leslie, Tim, Kim, Laurie and J-Justice are in the house and we hang out, dancin', drinkin' and talkin'! Love is in the air, Laurie also got a new job after two years of struggle, she's reaching the light at the end of the tunnel!
Louise returns from her errands and she and I, along with Laurie, J-Justice decide to head to Belltown to check out Planet Pop at 2nd Avenue Pizza. We get a few slices and talk with one of the guys from Spaceboat.tv, then meet Tess and Aaron at some swanky new club (whose name escapes me). As I arrive, I see about dozen people queued up outside but notice the place is half empty! Immediately turned off by such lame pretension we decided to get a drink at Brasa. Its an expensive yuppie joint, but at least they'll let you in!
Sample conversation:
Me: Dood, Nate Dogg's album just dropped-its about fuckin' time!
Aaron: For reals. Is there any project he's associated with that ain't the shit?!
Me: Ah, I don't care for that track he did with Ludacris...but everything else is tha bomb!
Aaron (deadly serious): You're not shittin' me are you?!

A-da-mu shows up shortly after we arrive. After a round and some dessert we decide to return to the funky safety of Capitol Hill. While waiting for everyone to get to Ristorante Machiavelli, I head a couple of doors down to The Baltic Room to check out Jambalaya, the Friday night live music event. The place is packed...uncomfortably so.
Everyone is groovin and looking fab, but I'm feeling clausterphobic and I gotta bail. So I say "Hello" to Tim (who's working the exit door) and head back to Machiavelli. Adam is there and the others arrive soon after. We belly up to the bar and proceed to order Lemon Drops all around. Tess is feeling no pain, but she has every reason to be happy after a rough six months of employment worries! Sean and Trish come in, as does Christo, Pete, Davis from Maktub, Shawn Smith (Pigeonhed, Brad, Satchel) and Free-dazed from a Gun St. Girls performance. Free is shooting a video for Sean, Trish and Adam's band, The Guest Stars. So they were tossing around goofy ideas for the shoot.
By now its getting close to closing time. So I pay for my one drink, say goodbye to everyone and head out into night, steeling myself for the cold ride home...


Its almost 7AM as I write this. I went to bed a little earlier than usual and due to a visit from a friend, had dinner a little later than usual. So I had an unusual dream.
Get this: In the dream it's night and I'm floating in Elliott Bay with several people I don't know. There's a really cute girl who looks a exactly like Theresa, this woman I used to work with, 'cept she's brunette in the dream and blond in real life.
What's even weirder is that I have a fear of deep water. I would sooner attempt to walk through Death Valley with no water than swim in Puget Sound, The Pacific, etc. Yet, in the dream, I'm calm-enjoying myself even.
Like I said, in the dream it's night and the stars are blazing brightly overhead, as are the lights from downtown Seattle. The water is calm and it seems to be a warm night. There are about 5-7 of us. "Theresa" is the only female and we males circle her, treading water and trying to gain her attention. "Theresa" is a bit of an airhead, it seems. I see an opening and take a chance, engaging her in conversation for quite awhile. Then some other fella comes along and I feel my grip on her slip away.
Mildly frustrated and somewhat resigned to losing, I allow myself to sink below the suface, going down about 15 feet. There's an abnormal amount of light, visibility is good. I can see stalks of seaweed and a few fish. I'm not straining for air. I'm serene. Just floating...

Then I realize I'm dreaming and wake up.


OK. The AT&T connection is stabilizing. It kept dropping and flaking out all day. I gotta hand it to AT&T, they got us back up pretty quickly...as Midnight Oil once sang: Who can stand in the way/When there's money to be made?
Not much happening around here. After putting it off for a couple of weeks, I finally got my butt down to Big People Scooters and got my clutch fixed. I love my scooter a little more with every ride! There's nothing like zipping along at 30-40 MPH with the wind on yr face and the roar (and she does roar) of the motor in your ears! Now I'm all ready for my first rally-Yule Scoot Seven on Saturday and Sunday!
Alas, poor Frito is leaving for Kentucky tomorrow, he got drafted to work at a Amazon.com distribution center out in the sticks-he'll be stuck there until the 18th...probably get some "away-team' nookie", tho' (*snicker*).
This afternoon, Tabitha and I will be hooking up to hit the Annie Leibovitz: Women exhibit at SAM, then back to SOUL HEAVEN for this and this!


If I were a work of art, I would be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

I am extremely popular and widely known. Although unassuming and unpretentious, my enigmatic smile has charmed millions. I am a mystery, able to be appreciated from afar, but ultimately unknowable and thus intriguing.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

Uh. Yeah...I didn't make that up, folks. (via George)


Got an email from my friend (and drummer in my as yet unnamed band), Seth Howard. He's announcing his new album. Check it out!
"Walk for Capitalism" infiltrated by Anti-Capitalists. Man, I wish I'd been there to see this!


We here at SOUL HEAVEN receive(d) our connection to the internet via Excite@home, which as some of you know-went tits up. We got some info today on how to reconnect, but so far we're unable to connect via our cable router. We are working on the problem, and will get back to you ASAP.