BTW-www.feyrey.com is up. There isn't much there yet, but over the coming weeks, Frito and I will be adding pictures, sound files, band news and a blog, maybe a message board.
We've got some shows coming up. Thursday we play the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. The 16th finds us at EMP opening for Jon Auer (Posies)! We're at Chop Suey on the 29th and on Feb. 1 (my sister's birthday) we play live on KEXP's Audioasis!

But right now, I gotta catch some sleep if I wanna go out tonight. I hope the New Year fulfills whatever promise you think it holds. Remember, THIS is your life. It's started...so get out there and do the dumb things you gotta do. Put your hand inside the puppet head...

May we all get what we deserve.
So Laura and I go out for Pho yesterday. I was a little feisty, 'cause she made me wait an hour before telling me she could make it, then she was something like 20-30 minutes late. I was starving, having last eaten at 10PM the previous day. So I ordered, had two cups of tea and had killed off two spring rolls and was halfway through a large bowl (with rice noodles, bbq pork and meatballs) before she showed up. I'd told her I was gonna order if she was late, so even though she was somewhat dismayed, she decided to give me a hard time in other ways.
So, we were verbally sparring (like we usually do) and I was holding my own, when She came in. Tall, slender, wearing blue jeans and thick turtleneck sweater. Chin length dirty-blond hair, big blue eyes and a cute little upturned nose. She was young, but at least old enough to ogle without feeling nasty. She was with an older man, with white hair and beard. I think he was her father. They sat at a table next to the door. We're on the far wall about 25 feet away.
As She came in she looked at me, smiling slightly. I guessed she saw Bad Ass Betty outside and was pegging me as the owner. My helmet was on the table next to me.
"Cute, cute..." I muttered.
Laura followed my gaze.
"She's gotta be like, 17." she sniffed.
"Nah, I'm guessing 19 or 20." I said.
So Laura launches into this story about her and her boyfriend. I'm listening but but still clocking Her and Her father.
Laura kicks me under the table.
"Stop that, I'm getting jealous."
"Why? You gotta man."
"So? You're with me...it's rude."
"Yeah, but...Cute, cute!"
After shooting me the greasy eye, Laura goes back into her story. Her food had arrived, so between eating and talking, she didn't notice I was still staring...for about a minute.
She follows my gaze again.
"17." She said again, drawing out the syllables like saying the number that way was supposed to put a stop to my (completely superficial) attention.
"OK...how about 19?" I say, amused at her annoyance.
"What do you wanna bet?!" Laura challenged.
"I'm not betting anything!"
"17 or 19...let's bet!" Laura was really fired up now.
"That's 'cause you know I'll get up 'n' go over there and ask her, don't you?!"
Seeing that I was sufficiently cowed, she then asks me for some advice. I give it my best shot, though I'm still somewhat distracted but I seem to be doing a little better at hiding it.
Soon we're both done eating. I get up to pay-I had to leave so I could meet my friend Patty in Fremont.
As I follow Laura out the door, She makes eye contact again. I can't read Her face, I don't see anything there but the mildest interest, like She'd ask me about my bike if her dad wasn't there.
Suddenly, Laura blurts, "Yup! Seventeen!!"
My cover (if I ever had any) is blown.
"Will you SHUT UP!" is all I can say, hurrying through the door as Laura cackles with glee.

Fuggin' brat..

Much later, Laura and I are on the phone. She's annoyed because I refuse to make any New Year Resolutions.

"But why not?!" she wants to know.
"'Cause I figure if there's anything that Life wants me to know, it'll just slap me upside the head with it!"
"It does seem to work that way doesn't it?!" she giggles.
Bowl of Oranges (Bright Eyes)

The rain it started tappin'
On the window near my bed
There was a loophole in my dreamin'
So I got out of it
And to my surprise my eyes were wide and already open
Just my nightstand and my dresser
Where those nightmares had just been

So I dressed myself and left then
Out into the gray streets
But everything seemed different
And completely new to me
The sky the trees, houses, buildings, even my own body
And each person I encountered
I couldn't wait to meet

And I came upon a doctor
Who appeared in quite poor health
I said there's nothing that I can do for you you can't do for yourself
He said oh yes you can, just hold my hand, I think that that would help
So I sat with him awhile
Then I asked him how he felt

He said I think I'm cured
No, in fact, I'm sure of it
Thank you, stranger
For your therapeutic smile

So that's how I learned the lesson
That everyone's alone
And your eyes must do some raining
If you're ever gonna grow
And when crying don't help
You can't compose yourself
It's best to compose a poem
An honest verse of longing
Or a simple song of hope

That's why I'm singing baby don't worry
'Cause now I got your back
And every time you feel like crying
I'm gonna try and make you laugh
And if I can't
If it just hurts too bad
Then we'll wait for it to pass
And I will keep you company for those days so long and black

And we'll keep working on the problem
We know we'll never solve
Of love's uneven remainders
Our lives are fractions of a whole
But if the world could remain within a frame
Like a painting on a wall
Then I think we'd see the beauty then
We'd stand staring in awe

At our still lives posed
Like a bowl of oranges
Like a story told
By the fault-lines and the soil


heh. About that last post. I got a couple of emails asking me what was up. Well, nothing really. I post song lyrics when something resonates with me or when it gets stuck in my "mental soundtrack". Sometimes it's a reflection of a situation in my life, but more often not.
However, if I say I'm in a "Sick of Food" mood, call me and take me out for a drink, OK?


"Why Bother?" (Weezer-duh)

I know I should get next to you
You've got a look that made me think you're cool
But it's just sexual attraction
Not something real so I'd rather keep wackin'

Why bother? It's gonna hurt me
It's gonna kill when you desert me
This happened to me twice before
Won't happen to me anymore

I've known a lot of girls before
What's the harm in knowing one more?
Maybe we could even get together
Maybe you could break my heart next summer

Why bother? It's gonna hurt me
It's gonna kill when you desert me
This happened to me twice before
Won't happen to me anymore

It's a crying shame I'm all alone
Not with you, nor her, nor anyone
Won't you knock me on my head?
Crack it open let me out of here

Why bother? It's gonna hurt me
It's gonna kill when you desert me
This happened to me twice before
Won't happen to me anymore

Why bother (why bother)
It's gonna hurt me (it's gonna hurt me)
It's gonna kill when (why bother)
You desert me (it's gonna hurt me)
Why bother (why bother)
It's gonna hurt me (it's gonna hurt me)
Why bother?
It's gonna hurt me


Last night I dreamed of New York. As I wandered through Times Square, I noticed the streets were virtually empty, yet I did not find this odd. I remember having a brief conversation with a road worker and staring into the empty darkness of the Holland Tunnel. Hmmm.



I don't know what went wrong but Blogger choked on one of my posts and I had to tinker before some of the newer ones started showing up.

Quick recap. Last weekend: Solstice came, went. I visited my friends in Bremerton. Developed a fascination with Yo La Tengo, The Faint, Flying Saucer Attack, Interpol, The Liars and Solomon Burke. Talked about motorcycles with Chad. J.R. and wife stopped by. Watched Silent Running, Eight Legged Freaks and expanded version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Loved and was loved on by Heidi (I think I'm wearing her down, a couple more years and I propose!). Sent home with a huge tin of Christmas cookies and mondo bar of dark chocolate.

Work was busy but uneventful. Tomorrow, I start my last week in Eastgate!

Xmas is over! The tribe is gathering at the Baltic Room for drinks and L-O-V-E...come on down to Happy Hour (6-9) if ya want in.

Thinkin' about this whole Trent Lott flap and the issue of race and the GOP:

Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

Lott's Racial Honesty (thanks George!)

Of Race and Imagination (WSJ)

Newt Gingrich on Affirmative Action

I've said before that there is probably much to attract black folks to the conservative cause, yet the nasty legacy of those Dixiecrats, Dems who jumped sides in the 60's over the civil rights issues and the party's historical opposition to several issues that are very important to us seemed to put the kibosh on blacks voting for Republicans in significant numbers. However, if you have been paying attention, there seems to have been a shift in the party leadership's thinking. Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich have spoken about the need to attract more black votes. I find this really interesting in light of the Lott Gaffe. Five or ten years ago no one in the party would've come out against Lott. If anything, the matter would've been quickly relegated to the back pages of the papers.
After (I thought) rather empty and cynical display made at the GOP covention in 2000, I still have my doubts. But wouldn't it be interesting if these moves actually amounted to something? Even the stiffest brother couldn't help but bring a little flavor to the party...(Clarence Thomas notwithstanding). Could this lead to a widening of our political discourse in this country? Which to me - is something sorely lacking in the months following 9/11.

Or maybe I just shouldn't drink before I post...heh. (Thanks George!)


I was really saddened to see the news about Joe Strummer today.
If Mick Jones was the bands heart, then Joe was the brains.
Despite my reputation as a 'music snob', I didn't really understand punk rock until well into my senior year in high school. I remember my reaction the first time my friend Thomas played the Sex Pistols for me. (Something like: Dude! That's HORRIBLE! They can't even play their instruments. Put on some AC/DC!)
I'd heard various Clash tunes on the radio (Rock the Casbah, Train In Vain, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, This Is Radio Clash) and I think I even had "Combat Rock" on cassette but it wasn't until I picked up the first album a couple of years later that I really became a fan. I was really diappointed when they broke up and have hoped for years they'd get back together and tour one more time so's I could see them. I was pretty excited to hear they were being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year, 'cause maybe they'd get together and play one show. But I guess that dream died along with Joe.
Damn, there aren't many in this generation comin' up that walked the walk and talked the talk like he did. One of punk's elder statesmen and a truly classy guy has died.

Guess what I'll be crankin' at work tonight?


James sent this to me. He didn't know what to make of it. Neither did I, actually.

Last night I met up with the beautiful and talented Suze...we were gonna check out the last edition of Loop Loop at Chop Suey, but the doors weren't open yet. So rather than stand around in the cold, we walked over to The Elysian and had food, drink and gossip. It had been a long time since I'd been in the orbit of this particular sun and an hour and a half passed like nuttin'. Unfortunately (for me), I had to go to work. But knowing I'd reconnected with someone I haven't seen in over a year and a half had me smilin' all the way to work.

When I got home today, I decided to go in search of Sensi Pete. I haven't seen him in months and basketball season is just not the same without him. His phone ain't workin'...so I stopped by his apartment and left a note with one word on it: punk.
Hopefully, I'll hear from him soon.

Tomorrow is El Stu's 37th birthday! Happy birthday, ya geezer...


Man, what a busy weekend. Thursday, I went to have lunch with an ex-coworker friend of mine. We got all caught up. I rode my scooter, even though it was pouring out. By the time I got home, was slightly moist and exhausted. Dan was celebrating his birthday that night, but I didn't have the energy, plus I had to be at work at 6AM for a training session. I racked out at 5 and didn't wake up until 12 hours later.
After the training session, I came home and did some laundry, paid some bills and whupped Dagoth Ur's candy ass. I decided to ride downtown to Elliott Bay Bookstore to pick up a Barry Yourgrau collection for El Stu. Somehow, between locking the bike up and going up the block to the store, I managed to lose my motorcycle key! I was so pissed! After searching the street three times and went back to the store I picked up "A Man Jumps Out of an Airplane" for Stu and "Islandia" for myself then pushed Betty down to a parking lot at Seahawks Stadium, then took the bus home to get my spare key. Tabitha came over at 5 and she and I went back downtown to catch the International Motorcycle Show at the Seahawks Exhibition Hall. We wandered around taking it all in. I wanted to pick up some highway bars for Betty, but didn't see anyone selling them. So I got some TireFlys and scored a Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0 armoured texile jacket for $20 under its regular price AND paid no tax!
I always get a kick out of going places with Tabitha, 'cause she's so freaking gorgeous-even when she's not trying. My favorite thing is to hang back a few feet see the look on guys faces as they check her out, then realize she's with me, hah! And of course, she's oblivious to it all.
I was teasing her, 'cause she's really into "crotch rockets" and she was more than a little disappointed with the new sort of insect-like fairing on a lot of the new bikes. I drooled over the BMW's, vowing that when I become more a distinguished gentleman (hah!), I would get a beemer touring bike.
Tab's ex, Roger picked us up from the the show and the three of us met up with alla "the heads" at Buca di Beppo. Since there was over 20 of us, we had to wait over an hour beofre getting seated, but once the wine started flowing, it was all good. Stu, Maria and Matt all wore Burger King Crowns in honor of their birthdays and the whole room sang to them...oddly enough, none of the songs we "Happy Birthday". After eating salad, bruchetta, calimari, ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs (As big as your freakin' head!), lemon chicken and tortellini (really, I had some of alla that), Neil, Stu, Roger, Maria, Tabitha and I went up the the Cha Cha to meet Trish and some friend of hers for a couple of drinks. I had switched to Coca-Cola, 'cause I knew I was going to have ride home. We hung out at the bar for about an hour, but my body clock was fucked so I had to go home. Tab dropped me back at my bike and I went home.
I rolled out of bed close to noon on Saturday. Showered, dressed and walked down the street for a haircut. I had BBQ'd duck at a Chinese restaurant and found $20 lying in the parking lot! I bought some supplies and a Mocha from Tully's and walked home. Last night was the company party. Even though I'd RSVP'd, I'd decided not to go, since I had to work. It didn't seem worth it to get dressed up only to have to leave early. But Tabitha talked me into going anyway. The party was at the Maritime Heritage Foundation. The Dudley Manlove Quartet was playing, making conversation difficult and since I'm fairly new, I didn't really know anyone outside me department, except for Matt F. and his girlfriend Kim, who I used to work with at PDI/Getty. So Tab and I ate dinner and sort of took it all in. It was like a very surreal high school prom. I guess the building we were in is actually a basketball court...
I got to work around 11...and had a TOTALLY uneventful evening. So now it's bed, band practice, then back to work!

Whoo. Hoo.


I'm happy to report that last nights show at the Green Room went well. I was pleasantly surprised by the openers, Tilted Blue who managed to blend jazz, new wave, soaring harmonies and a little bit of the "jam band" sound. They seemed like nice fellas and I wouldn't mind playing with them again sometime.
The stage at the Green Room is pretty small, the neck of my bass was out in the aisle and I had to keep an eye out to make sure I didn't clobber anyone with it as they passed by on their way to the bathroom. We made a few mistakes, due to fatigue (all of us were running on empty just about) but overall, I felt it was one of our best gigs thus far. I left immediately after the show for work and made it at midnight. I was all hopped up on Coca-Cola...must now go to bed!

THANKS to all who came down and supported us, especially on a Wednesday!!


Saw in more than a few places that Massive Attack's new album, "100th Window" will drop sometime in early Feburary! They've also announced some UK tour dates for the spring. WhooHoo! I hope they decide to come this way again. That show at the Paramount was awesome! I was just at their website and I see (true to form) they've got "NO WAR" banners up. I just hope they don't do something silly like last time, when they dropped "Attack" from their name...

I sold my car today. Afterwards, I went outside and stared at the spot it occupied for the last year and a half. She was my first major purchase. I remember being really thrilled and scared when I drove her off the lot. We had some good times...trips to Vancouver with El Stu and down to Eugene. I never made to Spokane, though. As much I love my bike, there's nothing like driving around on a sunny day with Van Halen II or Pinkerton cranked, singing at the top of yr lungs. Goodbye old paint...



Today is Maria's 25th Birthday. I've known her for over half a decade now and she never ceases to amaze me. I don't know anyone else as talented, sexy and fashionable as she is. She blows my doors off regularly and although I don't have a chance in hell (I'm more like a brother...sigh), I'm pleased to be in her thrall.
I imagine the rest of her life will go something like this:

2004-Maria makes her debut in the New York arts scene.
2006-Get a major commission from the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco. Meets and marries the son of a wealthy manufacturing family...Fiat?
2007-First child, a girl ("Ugh! That was gross, never again!")
2009-First husband dies in a sailing accident.
2010-Maria and child move to Rome, she decides to get into acting
2011-Her first movie, a remake of "Roma, città aperta" is a smash. Stars in a successful string of romantic comedies (Frito sees all of them). Shiraz becomes all the rage.
2012-Moves to London, but finds the city "depressing." Decides to split her time between Hollywood, NYC and Beziers in southern France.
December 23, 2012-Nibiru (AKA Planet X) returns, Maria is chosen to be Earth's ambassador to the Anunnaki. ("Y'know, I've spent a little time with our new overlords-They're not bad guys!")

Happy Birthday Maria!!


Ugh. I haven't updated in awhile due to being sick. I think the flu was trying to get it's nasty hands onto me, but I fought off going all the way. I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life! I must've needed it, because I feel mostly human again...of course now, I'm stir crazy.

My roommate Frito, sent me an email yesterday telling me that he'd been in touch with John Richards from KEXP and that we might be able to get a date on their all-local show Audio Oasis in Feburary! Whoo hoo! Something to look forward in the Doldrums...
If you live in Seattle and wanna catch a great show, come down to see us perform at the Green Room next Wednesday, 12/11. I don't know who else is on the bill but it will be the debut of our newest member, Sean Kelly!

Oh yeah! Also check out Adumb's band, Nervewheel and El Stu's band transAtlantic iceFloe:

Tuesday January 14 9:00 pm
@ Crocodile Cafe $6
220 2nd Ave
Rollerball (Portland)
transAtlantic iceFloe

Rollerball are friends of Dan The Man's and are really nice guys to boot! Shoud be a great show!


I was discussing music with Scott Bwoy a few days ago. He was looking for some new tunes to check out-maybe buy some CD's. My wanderings on the web brought me to gnod.net and I suggested he try this out. It's pretty easy to use and when coupled with the power of GEMM.com, and Allmusic.com, yr wallet is gonna get spanked! Don't say I didn't warn ya...


Tomorrow is Orphanz Thanksgiving, a tradition started by Matt that seems to grow a bit every year. If you're lucky like I am, you have great friends-the family you get to choose.
It's looking like a packed house, something like 24 of us, but it's all good! Oani is coming up from Puyallup, she wants to use the kitchen here to make pie...
What am I thankful for? Good health (or a reasonable facsimile), my aforementioned friends, the future, a job, pr0n, books, music, being raised in a place that never ceases to astound me, all the girls I've loved before, whatever useful knowledge I've gained, my kickass band, Pho Bac, Thai food and you, dear reader...



The Stranger article featuring my lovely roommate Scott (AKA Frito), Jacob London and their Turducken has appeared!


Someone recently asked me if I was going to buy the new Nirvana compilation..."Nah", I replied. I didn't wanna sound like the "Old Dude Who Saw The Stones In '69 and Can't Understand Why Rock Music is So Vapid Today", so I left it at that. This article, over at the excellent Pop Matters site, does say what I could've and maybe should've said then.
I've been wondering about this lately. With all the crap going on, why was it easier to find a 21 year old song (see the 11/24 post) that addresses current events better than something comtemporary? Or maybe I'm not paying close enough attention?!
When I bother to watch MTV2 (you know, the one that actually plays videos) all I see is bling-bling and sexgirl-of-the-moment type stuff. I know there's good music out there, I buy CD's all the time! But none of it is overtly political. Even U2 is all wussed out. Man, I wish the fuckin' Goats would re-form! Waitasecond...!


Laura and I went to the International District for lunch. We both have curried tonkatsu at the Fort George Restaurant.
It's a beautiful day, sunny, clear and a little cold. Laura tells me about her trip to Seahawks Stadium to see her first football game since college. We stop in a Otaku model store. I drool over all the Star Blazers models. I pay $10 for a box of super-sized Pocky, then wander through the bookstore at Uwajimaya. From there, we go to Broadway to look around and see what we could see. We talk to Sabrina, the cute, cute, cute counter girl at the Varja Incense store. Laura runs next door to use the john and Sabrina tells me about all the Tarot cards, incense and essential oils for sale. She dips a toothpick into her favorite and mixture for cucumber and lime...which is actually very pleasant. Distracted by Sabrina, I wordlessly hand the toothpick to Laura as she comes in and she sticks the thing in her mouth! There is much much laughter.
We hang out a bit, then zip into Payless Shoes and try on some. I see a pair I like, but decide to wait 'cause I need some new boots, too. So we cross the street into the Broadway market and into Urban Outfitters...just looking. From there, we hit a couple of other stores but I tell Laura we should check out Paula's place, Dumb Clothing on Pine St....so after another quick stop at Varja, where Laura buys some Shea butter lotion, the cucumber-lime oil and a wind chime. We chat with the Tarot card reader who suggests a book to Laura. We hop into her car and drive down, but Dumb Clothing is closed.
So, it's back to my place...I bid Laura a good day and head to my computer. Next? Email, blog update, The Golden Compass, Sleep and Work.


The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Fun Boy Three)

i see a clinic full of cynics
who want to twist the peoples' wrist
they're watching every move we make
we're all included on the list

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

go nuclear the cowboy told us
and who am i to disagree
'cos when the madman flips the switch
the nuclear will go for me

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

i've seen the faces of starvation
but i just can not see the points
'cos there's so much food here today
that no one wants to take away

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my right to choose
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my point of view
the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my dignity, take these things away from me
the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my family, take away the right to speak
the lunatics have taken over the asylum take away my point of view, take away my right to choose

(guess who's been imaging pictures of dead Iraquis from the Gulf War all night?)


Tonight promises to be a another whirlwind of activity, as those intrepid men-about-town, El Stu and He Who Is Sometimes Known As The Stacius make their plans. They will be joined by Maid Miriam (grrr) and Neil Tha Viking, Ji-Huyn, Louisey, Gopi and A-da-mu (AKA Adumb) at various points during the evening. First, we hit a photography exhibit, next a stop at OtB, followed by some dancing to the sounds of the Asian Massive...Ach! I canna wait, ken?!


I had a pretty good night. Even though it's windy and raining a bit-it's really warm out, it's supposed to reach 60 tomorrow!
I called Laura and she came out to pick me up. We went downtown to the Pacific Place mall and did a little shopping. I bought the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" (I gave up on the libertarian sci-fi novel...I got sick of being preached at and just think, if everyone could just do whatever the hell they wanted, carry weapons at will and not pay any taxes-would that really lead to uptopia?! Hah.) and red fleece cap at Old Navy. Laura got a sweater and a fleece pullover.
It felt good to be out today! Already, crews are out getting things ready for the Holiday Season and while I could care less about X-mas, I do like all the lights, noise and activity.
I heard that a couple of people in my department are leaving...I'm hoping that and the move will lead to schedule changes that will get me some better days off. I don't mind working nights so much, but I do mind my weekend being over as everyone else's is starting. I'll keep plugging away and keep my fingers crossed.
Otherwise, there is nothing new to report, really. Just waiting to see what new changes life has to offer and hoping that I'll have the courage, smarts and flexibility to deal.



Scott's scooter showed up Friday night. Four months ago, he ordered a Vespa VBB from Scootrs and after much nail-biting, garment-renting and gnashing of teeth, it's here! We uncrated it and it's sooooo sweet! He got it gassed and oiled up and we took it for a spin around the block. It feels really solid though I prefer my mine, though...it's bigger!
I got a windscreen for Betty from my buddy Jason and after some difficulty finding some mounting clips, I got it on and took her out for a test drive. I've been on the freeway, and while I can't really tell that it makes much of a difference, damn, it sure looks cool. I also purchased a thermal rain suit and a new pair of gloves which set me back $150...I was prepared to pay more but why look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?
Frito and his buddy Jake got together to make a Turducken. A reporter from The Stranger is supposed to write about it, so look for a story in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, I had a good weekend. Maria took me out for Dim Sum, Oani came up from Puyallup to visit and she and I went to the last Bonafide! I generally took it easy.
I'm about to hit the hay, I've got practice at 4PM. The band is coming along well and there may be some surprises in store!


I felt really good riding my bike home from work this morning. The pavement was dry traffic was decent and even though it was very windy, I grinned all the way home at around 60 mph. I'm 8 miles away from finishing the initial break in period, an oil change and throttle check are due along with my first payment!
Heidi, Jason, Laura, Chad, Patty, Scott, Tess...everyone has given me the "be careful" speech. I appreciate your concern...really! But even when it's crappy nothing compares to riding...
In a way, I'm glad I'm just now discovering it. I think I know myself better than I would've ten years ago. Even though I'd really get off on owning a crotch rocket, I know that buying a cruiser was a much wiser decision. I was on the scooter yesterday and I was struck by how tiny and flimsy it was compared to my 500+ pound bike. Betty is so solid, comfortable and powerful. One day I'll move up to a big Beemer touring bike, but I'm just really starting to enjoy this one!



From The Nation: Regime Change Now...For the Democrats.
From X-tina-modified of course:


1. It is important to find a (wo)man who works around the house
occasionally cooks and cleans and who has a job.

2. It is important to find a (wo)man who makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a (wo)man who is dependable and doesn't lie.

4. It is important to find a (wo)man who's good in bed and
who loves to have sex with you.

5. It is important that these four (wo)men never meet.


Sometimes you find something amazing right under yr friggin' nose...and don't know it. Scott brought home a disc from this German band Missouri earlier this year. With a title like "To The Darkened Corners Here We Go", I think I was expecting something crushingly heavy and was disappointed when I gave it a quick listen back during the summer. Scott told me that he didn't like it either, I think we were both annoyed by the drum machine.
Well, somehow this disc wound up in a stack of CD's that I brought to work tonight and I listened to it again...and I'm fucking floored!
Imagine Kraftwerk, American Music Club and Tuxedomoon mixed together with David Baerwald at his most subdued and melencholy and you might get close. The songs are sort of depressing (they sing in english) but it sounds like nothing I've ever heard..."Song of Violence" will make my next mix disc for sure.
I'm going to see if I can get their earlier album too...
Frito just emailed me asking me to post his latest interview with none other than El Stu...enjoy!


Wow. What a good night! Queen B and I had Pho then hopped on my scooter (I brought an extra helmet) and rode down to the Meridian 16 to see the new Adam Sandler flick. It was a rather excruciating experience in my opinion. All of the humor came from Barry's (Sandler's) awkwardness and suppressed rage. I was cringing so hard it hurt!
I felt the movie was more of a tradgedy about to happen than a love story. I could imagine Barry snapping and killing poor Lana someday.
Another thing-it is implied in the movie that Barry can be quite charming and easygoing (his relationship with his employees, some scenes with Lana) but I never understood why Lana was attracted to him. Perhaps we're supposed to believe that she sees his inherent "goodness", but I don't think there's a woman on earth who wouldn't run like hell from a man so deeply repressed and with so much emotional baggage.

But then, the last girl I dated read nothing but New Age Self-Help books, expected me to take her seriously when she talked about having "entities removed from her aura" and got pissed when I told her cat to get off of me (it was standing on my groin at the time). So what do I know?

Anyway, if you thought "Muriel's Wedding" was a laff-riot, then you'll probably dig Punch Drunk Love.

After the movie it was raining pretty hard, so Brianna and I caught a ride with Frito up to the Baltic for "Spodie". We were on the guest list (thanks, guys!) and we crammed into a booth with Tess, Ryan, Holly, Paul, Jason, Mike, Laurie B., Matt and Leslie. Knightrider and Mr. Mic where spinning all yr fav hio-hop and new wave cuts from the 80's. We did some smokin', dancin' and drinkin'...all good!

Later Frito dropped Brianna and I back at the scooter. It had stopped raining. We scootered back to her place (hee-she has to work today!) and headed back to SOUL HEAVEN...


Arianna Huffington breaks down Tuesday for ya. And I found this article perfectly articulated something I've felt since Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, thereby proving (to me, anyway) whose side he was really on.

To all those on the left and thier progressive allies: WAKE UP!!


I got some good news from Matt! KEXP DJ John Richards emailed him, said he liked Fey Rey's "Nixon in China e.p.", gave it a good review and will start playing it in regular rotation tomorrow afternoon! WhooHoo!! So if you hear one of our tunes, wouldja do me a solid and shoot me an email?! Thanks...
I'm off to meet Brianna for some Pho Bac and then we're meeting "the gang" to see "Punch Drunk Love", then we're going to "Spodie", Knightrider's (AKA DJ Aaron) new night at The Baltic Room!


Troll A Go Go pictures are here.
Ugh. I passed on the Day of the Dead ride. I am so lame. See, my bed was so warm and soft, I didn't wanna get out of it. I had band practice too. I got home Saturday, thinking I'd get a couple of hours of sleep, when Scott and the girls came home and made so much friggin' noise, sleep was impossible anyway. I made it through the shift and came home. I couldn't get much sleep on Sunday either. But Ali came to visit and I took her to the Columbia City Ale House for dinner. She got a new job and we had to celebrate-plus it was her first trip to SOUL HEAVEN. I tried sleeping when I got home, but again, too much going on...so I racked out for 9 hours on Monday!

I was at http://www.negroplease.com/, and although the aformentioned death of Jam Master Jay is sad-this comment made me laugh:

"Yesterday I paid tribute by answering the phone "Who's house?" and if they didn't respond "Run's house!" they got hung up on. It took some of them 4 or 5 tries to get it right. Some even tried to talk me out of hanging up on them but the way I see it, if you don't know the proper reply to such an easy question you weren't worth my time anyhow."

Today, I got home goofed off for awhile and then voted. Then I took Betty out for a long ride. We went along Lake Washington all the way to Lake City, then over to Greenwood Avenue, then down Holman Road/15th to Interbay then into Magnolia. I ran out of gas about two blocks from the village. I was surprised to find it take $7 to fill my tank and not $3 like I'd previously thought. I then went downtown to Elliott Bay Books and got my copy of David L. Hough's "Proficient Motorcycling" and then headed up Jackson Street to the Pho Bac Restaurant, where I had the most awesome Pho yet. I swear I needed a cig after I was done!
Then I rode home and slept.
I've been trying to avoid the media today, but alas, one of the guys here had NPR on when I came in. Now I have this song stuck in my head:

BREAKDOWN (Agent Orange)
Lyrics: Mike Palm/Steve Soto
they want us to tell them what to burn into the groove we're just gonna sit and let them make the first move the radio obsession doesn't mean a thing to me i don't like first impressions and i don't watch much tv i don't want to think about it who, what, when, or where i don't want to think about it i don't really care i don't want to think about creating something new i don't want to think about it because i've got much better things to do i don't want to think about it i don't want to see i don't want to know the kind of fool they'll make of me the public gets what they deserve not what they demand unless we all decide to be a business, not a band i don't want to think about it who, what, when, or where i don't want to think about it i don't really care i don't want to think about creating something new i don't want to think about it because i've got much better things to do - just like you it's just an awful nightmare and i get these awful headaches and i can't get any sleep at night i don't know what to do i don't know where to turn or what to think i haven't got a clue i don't know what's come over me i'm getting dizzy please will someone make it stop (repeat 2nd verse) (repeat chorus)

Yeah, I know it's actually about the music business, but the line "the public gets what they deserve not what they demand" is what is resonating with me now. Anyone wanna take bets on the day the shooting starts?


It's Sarah Cracknell sort of day out. Sunny and inviting...at least that's how it looks from in here. I feel like I should be in a Jaguar covertable, flying along a country road, listening to St. Entienne (natch), wearing my finest tweed sport jacket and maybe smoking a pipe full of Cavendish. I could get armored up and go for a nice long bike ride.
But I'm going to do that for a few hours tomorrow, anyway.
My goodness-I'm beat. Troll A Go Go, from all early indicators was a success! We were close to a sellout before the doors even opened. Thanks to all the volunteers, bands, partygoers and of course, the NSC for making it a blast! Best part of the evening? Dancing with the dangerously cute Brianna and spanking Erin's red vinyl hot pants-clad ass!

(Halloween's on Friday next year...)

Pictures when I get some!


I Don't Mind

Reality's a dream
A game in which I seem
To never find out just what I am
I don't know if I'm an actor or ham
A shamen or sham
But if you don't mind
I don't mind

I'm lost without a clue
So how can I undo
The tangle of these webs I keep weaving
I don't know if I should be believing
Deceptive perceiving
But if you don't mind
I don't mind

I used to bet that you didn't care
But gambling never got me anywhere
Each time I used to feel so sure
Something about you made me doubt you more

How can you convince me
When everything I see
Just makes me feel you're putting me down
And if it's true this pathetic clown'll
Keep hanging around
That's if you don't mind
I don't mind

I used to bet that you didn't care
But gambling never got me anywhere
Each time I used to be so sure
Something about you made me doubt you more

I even think you hate me when you call me on the phone
And sometimes when we go out I wish I'd stayed at home
And when I'm dreaming or just lying in my bed
I think you've got it in for me
Is it all in my head is it in my head

How can you convince me
When everything I see
Just makes me feel you're putting me down
And if it's true this pathetic clown'll
Keep hanging around
That's if you don't mind
I don't mind
I don't mind


The gig last night was ultramega o.k. I don't think any of us were really into it and playing at 6:30 for 10-15 in a pretty bare room with no smoke or booze did not make for a rock & roll atmosphere, IMHO. All three of us screwed up and various times but we managed to play it off. We stayed for Ms. Led and SushiRobo's sets, 'cause Paul (Sushi's bass player) needed to borrow my cabinet. I was gonna try and make it down to Tacoma for Chad's birthday celebration, but something told me not to risk it. Tacoma is a little far to be riding at night just yet.
So instead, I came home and around 11, Frito and I went down to Nation for BONA FIDE! Maggie and Antonio were having a Bon Voyage party. She's moving to New York and he's going to Miami. EVERYBODY was in the house, with the exception of Stu and Miriam. I thought I saw James' car, but wouldn't be surprised if he was downstairs at Amon Tobin's set at I-Spy. Aaron was pretty hyped, he debuted his remix of MJ's 'Smooth Criminal', the bar and the dance floor were packed and their guest DJ (Dr. J?) had it goin' on, with broken, jazzy and latin-styled beats.
I went to bed around 3AM and got up at 10-slightly hungover, with the intent of going to get my license plate and tabs from the motorcycle dealership then maybe going for a ride and then getting some more sleep in, when I get a cryptic phone call.A male voice said, "Stacey, come to the door!"
I went the back door to discover my mother and my dad's older brother, Uncle Sonny on my back porch. "Yaaah!" I shouted. Mostly from surprise-but also 'cause I realized my plans for the day were shot.
My Uncle Sonny is really cool. He and his wife, Aunt Mary were always really good to me and my sister on our visits to Atlanta-taking us out, having us over for dinner, etc. They'd come to visit fairly often or on the occasional layover in Seattle, we'd go out to the airport and visit. I sent Scott up to introduce himself while I got dressed (he's never met any of my folks) and then my Mom, Uncle Sonny and I went went down to Renton to get some Chinese food and catch up. I was really feeling out of it, due to stubborness and poor planning on my part, I went several days with little sleep and I was feeling it today. After eating, I wanted nothing more than to get my plate and go home. Uncle Sonny checked out some bikes while I was doing the paperwork and flirting with the cute receptionist. I tried to head home (Mom insists I drive whenever we go out), but they wanted to go to my sister Heidi's place in Kent.
"We won't stay long!" They insisted.
Heidi lost a ton of weight over the last year, I was really impressed! I haven't seen her in awhile. It turned out that today is my nephew Jamal's 8th birthday, so the house was full of kids and parents. Deep in the throes of a food coma, I watched The Matrix on TV and tried not to fall asleep. I got home sometime after 5 and by the time I got into bed, guess what? Fully awake.
So now I'm here by myself at work. All my friends are at Shelly's big Halloween party and I'm beat. I'm hoping the night won't hold any nasty surprises!
Wish me luck.


Something stinks about this. "People of the Week?!" WTF?!

In other news, I'd like to take this time to wish Chad B. a happy 30th birthday. It seems like just yesterday, you were a fresh-faced cynical genius and I was...well, somewhat older. Enjoy yourself today! As far as bass-thumpin', gun-totin', socialist psychonauts go-you're the best!

I gotta gig at the Milk Bar tonight. It's our first all-ages set! Come on down if you can, looks like we're on third!

Queen Bee wants props for my post on the 23rd...well, there you go.

Two more things:

1.) Looks like Statanic Action! has passed 5000 visitors! In less than a year. I love you all, keep comin' back and tell yr friends!
2.) With the power of my Safeway Club Card, I saved a whopping $17.00 on groceries today!!

Thenk yoo.


IT'S ABOUT TIME! I wanna go, but I'm afraid some unwashed trippy-dippy geek is gonna make me regret it...hmm.


I got this from a friend today:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Leo actor Christian Slater bemoaned aspects of his training. "I glommed on to the idea," he said, "that I had to suffer for my art. Acting teachers love to promote the idea that in order to really get into character, you've got to put yourself through emotional hell."
Many of you Leos have a similar attitude. You regard your whole life as a work of art that shines brightest when it flirts with interesting pain. In the coming months, though, you'll be called upon to make dramatic revisions in your approach to self-expression. I suggest you take your inspiration from Slater's new and improved belief: "Now I'd say, *'Don't* suffer for your art.'"
-rob breszny

Thanks. I've been getting good advice from all corners! I think I'd already decided to *not suffer* when I told J. I couldn't be friends with her. It was hard because even though we weren't working out, we still liked each other a lot.
I know myself though! Remember how hard it was for you and I become friends. If I let myself repeat that pattern, I'd be setting myself up for another failure and it would suck and I'd wind up hating her. As it stands, I'm amused that I didn't heed the many warning signs. Like I said before she and I hooked up-hope can be a two-edged sword. Now I'm healing on my own and have moved back into my happy space. I still have my true friends, life is good.
I don't know what the future holds, but I've learned an important lesson: If it don't fit, don't force it!

P.S.-Saw "The Ring" today...brrrrrrr!


My plan or world domination proceed apace!! IOW, I got my learner's permit. I'm going to try and take the test during the first week of December, so I'll be riding everyday for an hour or two until then. I was amazed that I was able to get in and out the the DOL on about an hour. They were actually pretty nice to me...it was early, tho'.
I bought a full-face helmet, I couldn't afford the Symax (later!) so I picked up a lower-rung helmet for around $150. I also added some black reflective tape to it. It's Snell and DOT approved, so don't worry about me cracking my head open-just yet (I've got nothing to lose anyway!)
It's on, my niggaz...
I got an 80% on the test, I blame it on two days in a row with less than 3 hours sleep. I accidentally pushed a couple of wrong buttons. I'm sorta delirious now, but at least I can crash happy.
I bid thee, goodnight!

PS-Went to Elliott Bay bookstore and got "Porno" in hardback. Was distracted by another book "The American Zone", a Liberitarian science-fiction novel. Heh, isn't putting the words "Libertarian" and "Science-Fiction" together sorta redundant?! It reads like a more strident and idealistic Heinlein, without a snap-crackle plot, but I'm amused enough to keep going. Maybe I'll knock off Hunter S. Thompson's "The Rum Diaries" (soon to be a movie!) next before moving on to Mr. Welsh.

I canna wait, y'ken?!


I was all psyched to take the written test for my motorcycle learner's permit, only to discover that the office is closed on Mondays! I swear those guys are so slack! I need a State job, fa'reals! When I went to get my driver's license renewed, I stood in line, paid the $25 for my new license and was told to wait. So I sit for 40 minutes, meanwhile, people who came in AFTER me are getting called to get their picture taken! WTF?!
I sat, fuming as the workers there chatted casually about lunch and their kids. One lady went to ask another a question. She got an answer, then spent 10 minutes looking at some book (probably not related to the task at hand) before getting back to the customer! A friend of mine who has a government job tells me her coworkers get weird if it seems she's been putting in an extra effort!
Anyway, I have to admit the the WA DOL's website is pretty slick, you can download manuals, take sample written exams, and even renew yr tabs online!

I went to Sonic Boom Records yesterday, picked up the new Low CD, "Trust", two Delgados discs (the song in the previous post came from "The Great Eastern") and Arling and Cameron's "We Are A & C". I've listened to all of them and I am quite pleased. Low is one of my favorite bands (duh! if you read this blog on a reggular basis) and they've really expanded their sonic pallette on this new one. I don't think it's quite as good as "Things We Lost in the Fire"-fewer "hits", but they still give me goosebumps. I wonder what it's like to be able to create moments of stunning beauty like that, seemingly at will! I think they're on tour already, so I hope to catch them live again soon. (Mimi Parker is such a hottie! Mormon girls-grr!)
Someone described The Delgados as "Belle and Sebastian on steroids", I thought that was pretty accurate, there are some similarities (aside from being Scottish), B&S tend to get on my nerves after awhile...too...twee and precious. The Delagados are If you can find a mp3 of "American Trilogy" or "Make Your Move", you can see they're a lot more straightforward.
We've been digging the Reindeer Section's latest around here too...Oh and before I forget! Salon made an excellent suggestion in the Baltimore band Love Life...download the mp3 and I'll race you to the store to get a copy of the disc! "Joy" is bad-ass in a Lee-Van-Cleef sorta way!
Two more things...the new Irvine Welsh novel "Porno" is out and T-Bone and Willie will be mixin' it up at the Baltic Room tonight, from 6 to 9PM. Come have a drink and listen to some tunes chilled, poured over ice. aaahhhyeeeaaah....


American Trilogy (The Delgados)

I became accustomed to a kind of social servitude
and no one, I mean no one, could accept what I had become
Selfish, bitter, weak
Enough to make you sick
And lately, I've been feeling there are bits of life I'm stealing
Get me home

At times it seems I will not help
but it's just that I must save myself
from fear that blankets me like mist
on an optimist who insists
it's the simple things that crush
and I'm crying far too much
so much so that I'm thinking my control on life is shrinking

There's a light on in my head and I'm thinking what I said
All the freedom in my brain, I'm alright now
I'm just thinking what to say
Sorry doesn't seem to wash
when there's truths around that I have quashed
and no one, I mean no one, can depress me more than I can
So does that make me weak or should that make me sick?
But lately I've been feeling that I'm gonna give up breathing

There's a light on in my head and I'm thinking what I said
All the fever in my brain, I'm alright now
I can even take the pain
There's a light on in my head and I'm thinking what I said
All the fever in my brain, I'm alright now
I can even take the pain


I just got back from Chad and Patty's place in Bremerton. I had a great time eating homemade brownies, drinking lotsa tea, listening to ambient dub and playing with their four cats-Rover especially!. Heidi came to visit us too! We watched Bubblegum Crisis 2042 and Chad and I talked about motorcycles. I checked out his copy of 'Proficient Motorcycling' by David L. Hough,which is a must-have if you're going to ride and hopefully make it to a ripe old age.
I always feel really mellow after a trip to Bremerton...Patty's place is really nice and cozy! Anyway, Frito's out of town with the girlfriend and I have to leave for work in a couple of hours...back to the grindstone, the weekend is over.
Next weekend is Chad's 30th birthday-he'd just turned 24 when I met him...geez, that makes me feel old!


Oy. Call me crazy, but I've been awake since 6PM yesterday. Somehow, got busy and forget to get some sleep. Laura and I went out for Filipino food on Beacon Hill today, we were starving and wolfed down the grub like the Simpsons. She suggested we take the scoots out for a spin and I readily agreed, as I was still tingly from an excursion earlier that morning.
I'm getting the hang of shifting with my foot! We cruised up and down Lake Washington Blvd. The leaves are turning and it was a beautiful day, making it harder to keep my eyes on the road! We rode around for about an hour and took some pictures on the bikes. Then I helped Laura set up her weblog. Tonight is Movie Night, Donnie Darko and Dancer in the Dark were playing at Chez Stu, but somehow I couldn't get up the will to go. I've seen both movies fairly recently and I'm not in the mood for anything depressing on no sleep. Plus, Scott made Schnitzel and Knoodle...how could I pass that up?
"Why are you still awake?" You might ask. To tell the truth, I dunno. I've always fought sleep, even though I've learned to appreciate it as I've gotten older. I've entered into a Zen state of sorts...very linear-although I'm finally starting to flag. Maybe I enjoy doing this to myself, why, I can't say. St. Stacey of the Will-ful Insomniacs.
Tomorrow, I visit Chad and Patty which is always relaxin'!

OK...I give!



Someday I Will Treat You Good (Sparklehorse)

there's something going on around here
I could not crawl back if I tried
I couldn't wait around
I couldn't wait another second
something going on around here

I left my baby on the side of the highway
she just couldn't see things my way

someday I will treat you good
someday I will treat you fine
someday I will treat you good
you know I should

everything that's made is made to decay
well I'm shrinking bones in the sun
won't you tell me why that
the beautiful ones are always crazy
she's whispering like morticia now

I left my baby on the side of the road
I left her with a heavy load

someday I will treat you good
someday I will treat you fine
someday I will treat you good
you know I should

something going on around here
I could not crawl back if I tried
I left my baby on the side of highway
she just couldn't see things my way

someday I will treat you good
someday I will treat you fine
someday I will treat you good
you know I should


My lovely roommate decided to hack my blog! I wonder if he'll enjoy the taste of his own nutsack when I feed it to him!
A picture for your entertainment:

Today is AC Lewis' 29th birthday. If you wanna celebrate with him in person (he started yesterday), stop by Loop-Loop at Chop Suey tonight-Prolly sometime after nine...HAPPY B-DAY AARON!!


I named my new scoot "Betty" after Betty (Bettie) Page. Scott doesn't like a) that my bike has a name and b) that I choose Betty. He gave me shit for a half hour! I asked him what he'd suggest...and he says, "Fernando".
How lame is that?!
Anyway, since I'm the one both paying for and riding it, I should be able to call my bike whatever I want! My modification plans include taking the badges off the tank and replacing them with something similar to "nose art". Heh. Frito will have a canniption for sure!
It's 3AM and I'm getting ready to leave the computer, climb the stairs and crawl into my bed with the red flannel sheets and enter a deep, dreamless slumber.
I was glad to get away from the routine, but now I embrace it's sameness. It's safe...and until I'm ready to fling myself into space, to have faith and pursue unknown ends, to stick the landing with my eyes closed-This is what I need.
Though is grows colder outside, it is truly the love of my friends that keeps me warm. I shall embrace you all in the coming weeks.
Strength will return, as will the courage to love freely.
Thank you all.


So...I brought my new girl home today...or rather Jason R. did.
She's chillin' in the back yard, just as pretty as a picture. I am thrilled (and little frightened)!!

Pictures to follow!
Announcing the 2002 Troll A Go-Go!!
I had to dig through the old, dusty tape collection for this one.

a little murder (savage, thompson, alba) 3:55

a thousand black bats are
screaming in my ears for blue eyes
this hatred of mine is
a new kind of motivation
you want me in the dark forever

circumstances, and your intentions
make me choke on my own suspicions
circumstances, and your intentions
make me choke on my own suspicions
now it's gonna stay dark forever

too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile

there's a difference in being alone
and being lonely
right now, i don't wanna be
by myself
i want to have you over and over

as the radio winds its stare
into a different direction
i'm sorry things and yours
couldn't be a way
i want to have you over and over

too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile . . .
too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile
too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile
too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile
too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile
too little passion in your style,
a little murder in your smile.


Matt D. (who's page you should visit regular-like) breaks down GWB's speech:

On September the 11th, 2001, America felt its vulnerability even to threats that gather on the other side of the Earth. We resolved then, and we are resolved today, to confront every threat from any source that could bring sudden terror and suffering to America.

That's a pretty cheap, if predictable, ploy to associate Iraq with September 11. One might reasonably expect Bush then to provide evidence that Hussein was involved in plotting or carrying out the 9/11 attacks. One would be disappointed.

We agree that the Iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and atomic weapons.

Great non-sequitir. We also agree that the homeless should not be poked with pointed sticks, and that children should not be fed Ecstacy, and that migraine headaches hurt.

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction are controlled by a murderous tyrant who has already used chemical weapons to kill thousands of people.

Which he did 13 years ago, with U.S. complicity.

This same tyrant has tried to dominate the Middle East,

with U.S. help.

has invaded and brutally occupied a small neighbor,

After getting the green light from the U.S. to occupy its small neighbor's oil fields.

has struck other nations without warning

Which other nations has Hussein struck without warning? Okay, he fired some SCUDS at Israel during the Gulf War, but we knew he was going to do that, so it wasn't exactly without warning. Also, those things travel about as fast as a kid on a bike.

and holds an unrelenting hostility toward the United States.

No arguing that.

We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas. Saddam Hussein also has experience in using chemical weapons. He's ordered chemical attacks on Iran and on more than 40 villages in his own country. These actions killed or injured at least 20,000 people: more than six times the number of people who died in the attacks of September the 11th.

Wow, that's so disingenuous it's stunning. Not only is Bush again using actions by Hussein in which the U.S. was complicit as justification for an invasion, he's trying to tie those actions in which the U.S. was complicit to the horror of Sept. 11.

We've also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical and biological weapons across broad areas. We're concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs for missions targeting the United States.

That's so absurd it almost doesn't deserve a response. We're to believe that Saddam would launch a UAV, fly it across the Atlantic Ocean (controlled by Saddam using an Atari-style joystick from a barcalounger in his living room, probably), and crop dust our cities? Without being shot down? Without us knowing the minute the damn thing lifts off?

Here's a gem:
This nation, in world war and in cold war, has never permitted the brutal and lawless to set history's course.

NO? Brutal: check. Lawless: check.

On Saddam Hussein's orders, opponents had been decapitated, wives and mothers of political opponents had been systematically raped as a method of intimidation, and political prisoners had been forced to watch their own children being tortured.

Okay, that's messed up.

America believes that all people are entitled to hope and human rights, to the nonnegotiable demands of human dignity.

So when will we be invading Burma? Or China?

People everywhere prefer freedom to slavery, prosperity to squalor, self-government to the rule of terror and torture.

No shit? They also prefer a lollipop to a poke in the eye, a Maserati to a Schwinn with a flat tire, a steamy hot apple pie to half a bag of Cheetos, richness to poorness, and safeness to dangerosity.

Iraq is a land rich in culture and resources and talent. Freed from the weight of oppression, Iraq's people will be able to share in the progress and prosperity of our time.

Translation: Once we bomb the fuck out of their country, they'll be able to start making shirts for Old Navy. That is, if they agree to give the World Bank and International Monetary Fund sufficient control over their economy.

I don't think Bush made the case for invasion, but I do think it's obvious that Bush's militarist posturing has done a lot to intimidate Hussein into allowing inspectors back into Iraq. The U.S. and U.N. should continue to press for full access, everywhere, even Hussein's sock drawer and medicine cabinet. The Iraqi people do suffer terribly, and the fact of U.S. responsibility for empowering Hussein is about the best reason that I know of for the U.S. taking the lead in deposing him. in other words, I think we should take every step possible to remove Saddam Hussein short of a military invasion.

BRAVO! We here at Statanic Action! wholeheartedly agree...


Comments are up!! So feel free to holla back, younguns! (Be civil, or I'll delete your ass!)
So I was doing some surfing. I was looking into the history, life and times of General John "Blackjack" Pershing. From there, I came across a history of one of his early commands, the 9th Cavalry who Bob Marley immortalized in his song "Buffalo Soldier". From there I landed at an examination of the first of America's "splendid little wars", The Spanish-American War (who says history doesn't repeat?).
I lost respect for Teddy Roosevelt after reading that yin, lemmetellya. I am very proud of those men in the 9th and 10th who served this country so valiantly, even though they got no props. And I find it's interesting that General Pershing, probably THE quintessential American soldier got his nickname for commanding (and standing up for) black troops...The mentality is mindboggling.

Anyway, I got this in an email from Leslie (it's all realated, you see):

Hi - I'm taking the time to do some urgent peace activism this week. I'm sure it's not news to you that we are on the very brink of war. George W. Bush is planning to attack Iraq soon. The house is expected to vote on Thursday on his Resolution to use force -Congress is debating the resolution now. Calling is an effective tool.
If you haven't already, PLEASE CALL SENATORS CANTWELL AND MURRAY first thing tomorrow morning - I called yesterday and it took a matter of minutes. All I said was, "I'm from Seattle and I'd like for Senator so-and-so to VOTE NO on the Bush resolution for the use of force against Iraq."
Here are their numbers:
Murray - 553-5545 (local); 202-224-2621 (DC)
Cantwell - 220-6400 (local); 202-224-3441 (DC)
Jim McDermott is vocally against the resolution, so is Jay Inslee. To find out who your rep is if you're not in Seattle, go to www.house.gov
Let's take it to the streets! There were 7,000 in Saturday's march, one of 2 dozen protests across the country. And there is a candlelight vigil tomorrow starting at United Methodist Church on 5th and Marion at 7:30.
The whole world is watching.
Thank you all so much. Pass this on!

I'm not vigil kinda guy, but I do plan to call. Despite a sense of entitlement in the Bush administration, I for one do not think the United States needs an empire. Especially when the fallout (perhaps literal!) happens, it won't be the those rich, high-fivin' white guys in Washington catching hell. It will be average citizens like me. It's obvious from the way things are going in Afghanistan one year later, that the US will only create a situation which will lead to an unending commitment in the Middle East-or worse...probably worse.


It was a disaster. Perhaps there was just too much pent up emotion. I was frustrated, which along with sad, has been my general state these last couple of weeks. There were missteps and misunderstandings and attempts to clear those up just tore the scabs off the wounds. I know my actions started it all, but I only claim half the blame. I tried to hang in there, but it became apparent that we'd spent the whole evening talking in circles and that there was no good will, no fond memories left that could help absorb the blows. She wanted to be the victim and vent. But I've been apologizing for days. And frankly, I'm tired of feeling like shit.
It's really strange to be so fond of someone who doesn't understand you...and vice versa. There was a moment of satori right before we parted ways that seemed to hit us both at the same time-sometimes good intentions don't mean jack shit.
I could console myself pondering the "meaning" of it all, but I'm not wired that way. Some people just don't get along. I've been very successful with surrounding myself with good folks. I wish I knew why this went so wrong.
In the end, friendship was offered. But that depended on us maintaining a comfortable distance from one another. I think this is the first relationship in which I spent half of it backing away from the other person. It's not how I do things! It doesn't make sense. And friendship? Why work so hard to create something that simply isn't there? It it had existed in the first place, it would be easy to return to. But I won't accept this false construction.
I rejected the offer.
If time and circumstance and desire is there later on, I'd be open to a new dialog...but this one is played.
Still, I walk away from this with my head held high.
I...no, we-gave it our best shot.




there is no use in trying to explain
is it your fault she made those cuts again
to let out blood she thought it made her bad
or maybe just to cut you out instead
keep your head...

wounds you hide
burn them clean
show no way inside

the sound is down, now
you should hear yourself
shouting from the bottom of a well
attempts repeated infinitely clear
useless now

wounds you hide
burn them clean
show no way inside

reel on a repeating loop
reel on a repeating loop, yeah


wounds you hide
burn them clean
show no way inside


I Apologize
(Husker Du)

All these crazy mixed up lies
Floating all around
Making these assumptions brings me down
And you get tight-lipped, how do I know what you think?

Is it something I said when I lost my mind?
Temper too quick, makes me blind

I apologize...
Said I'm sorry, now it's your turn,
Can you look me in the eyes and apologize?

So now sit around staring at the walls
We don't do anything at all
Take out the garbage, maybe, but the dishes don't get done

Frito, Stu, Matt, Leslie, Miriam and I went to see Lawrence of Arabia at the Cinarama and we were all struck by the homoerotic undercurrent in that movie. I thought I was imagining things but no.... My mother, who has a "thing" for British Gentlemen in film (O'Toole, Chamerlain, Niven) was shocked by this when I told her about it. She owns the movie and never picked up on it! I love pointing out to her that not all is as it seems!!
Other than that, I've been in a bit of a fog. The breakup last week still stains my psyche. Disappointment and feeling of failure cling to me, worsened by (yet another misunderstading) between us. I decided I was going to get plastered when I went to a party with Frito tonight. Oddly enough, my plan worked! I was sort of antisocial. I found a spot near the stereo and hung out. Mary had a copy of Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I always wanted to read the novella. The movie hints at darker things below its breezy surfaces and I was curious to see if I was right. I only got to introduction of José da Silva Pereira before I had to stop. I was drinking Frito's homebrew (made with hops grown in the front yard!) and finally got a buzz on. There was a period I felt really weird, dizzy and sick and I felt a wave of release pass from from my insides out to my skin. I thought I was going to faint for a second. I sat on the couch and zoned out for awhile until Frito tried to get me to talk about my love of Scott Walker's music with a buddy from work. Suddenly I was stone cold sober and felt much better!

I hope this lasts, I don't do depressed well.

In other news, I bought a motorcycle today. Despite all the economic indicators saying things are going into the toilet, I committed to something I've wanted a long time. A black 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Drifter!
The bike is not in my possession yet, the place I bought it from didn't have any in stock, but they expect delivery by next week. The joy of making the purchase was blunted by the knowledge of all the work that's going to go into getting all the endorsements, insurance, gear, etc. but all of that will fade into the background once I finally get out on the road.
I haven't gotten rid of Pearl yet...I think the car will be the next thing to go, I may try to hang on to scooter if it's workable. Since I won't have to depend on it for my sole transportation, I'll get a chance to work on it a little. Maybe I can paint it!


Last night (I couldn't get to sleep at all, no...noooo!), I went to the Baltic room to meet The Man Hisself, Mr. George Kelly. AKA St. George of the Oakland Lights, who is in town with his wife on vacation. They were going up to Vancouver, but he didn't get his passport in time.
It was really strange...the net is bringing people together who probably wouldn't have ever met under any circumstances. I've been reading George's blog, exchanging emails and instant messages for over two years now. We "met" via the old Firefly mailing list and I ran into him on the web at Metafilter. Plus he used to work for Salon! And we met for the first time tonight! As it was, he hung out with me, Mike G., Paul and Ryan. We talked about the scene and listened to T. Bone and Willie's excellent DJ set.
I wish I didn't have to run off to work, it would've been nice to have a Guiness and talk some more.
I must visit Oakland!
This came in from Tim:

Fools, cacophonists, guerrillas, thespians, heed the call:

We need you to help STOP THE PEACE!

How much longer must we wait for economic recovery? How much lower can my
Northrop Grumman stock go? Where is the *justice* for those Kurdish
warlords to whom the CIA months ago promised loot and land?

Tomorrow, TUESDAY OCTOBER 1, we're gathering together to speak our
collective voice and let the world know that PEACE IS NOT OKAY! The bombing
must begin YESTERDAY!

Dress up as your favorite tycoon-who-stands-to-benefit-from-bombing, ink up
a couple of "NO PEACE" ("YES WAR?") placards, and come on down to Victor
Steinbrueck park (at the north end of the Market) at 11:00 a.m. We'll march
from there around 11:30, taking our message to the streets.

Bring American flags. Bring plastic AK-47s. Bring John Ashcroft's mother.

"George WWWIII Bush Rocks!"
"You're with us or you're gonna be SADDAMIZED too!"

Billionaires for BU$H. Out of work hostages. SUV salespeople. Or anything
else you can come up with.

11:00 a.m.
Tuesday October 1
Meet at Steinbrueck Park at the north end of the Pike Place Market

Questions? nic@oz.net or spike@nwlink.com

Let's roll,

PS Feel free to spread this announcement far and wide...


Dunno about you, but I think I call BULLSHIT on this war. The "evidence" does not warrant the deaths of thousands. The Bush admistration has painted itself in a corner and looks more corrupt and foolish by the day. I hope America will find its conscience and do the right thing.


More changes on the Western Front. After five weeks, Julia and I are calling it quits. She came over for dinner tonight and the vibes (which have been off for awhile) were not right. I called her after she got home and although we both still care very much about one another, we both had to admit that it wasn't working. I can credit Julia with making me feel desirable, sexy and wanted. She said I was the first guy she's ever been this excited about...ah, well. I remember how thrilled I was during those first weeks. She asked me if it was possible to be friends because she still wants me in her life. I thought about it and think it's do-able.
I really enjoy her company and still will, though in a different context.
I'm not sad or bummed out. It's more a feeling of relief, now that we're not trying so hard to make all the pieces fit anymore. There are still some things I need to do and when everything is right, I'll meet that special person. Until then...


It's time to move up friends...

For Sale:

1980 Piaggio P200e Vespa scooter. Cream color with green undercoat. 14K.
Could use a paint job, a few dings on the cowls. Neutral light doesn't work.
Engine rebuilt August 2001. New Bitubo Shocks & springs put on in May. New wheels, mirrors. Oil changed every other month. Solid ride. VERY reliable!

$2,200. OBO...serious inquires only.


From the "OK, You Asked For It Department:"

Julia: Aren't ya gonna blog about our slow dance and how I was jones'n for your spike to stand up?

Me: Uh....

So my buddy Jason (Heidi's younger brother) married his long-time (and long-suffering) girlfriend Jenny this Sunday. I hadn't seen him or Heidi or their parents in quite some time and I was psyched for Julia to meet everyone. Jennifer and the twins were in the house and Robert, Patty & Chad were there. It was a pretty romantic setting-a city-owner manor house in Issaquah. Chad and I pitied the wedding DJ, until he proudly announced that it was his 1,400th wedding. I guess musical masochism is valid...
My lady friend was turning heads in a lovely scoop-necked, green brocade dress. She was in high spirits, as was I (aided by spirits! heh) and it was nice getting gently mauled on the dance floor. (Yah, TMI-but she started it!)

Otherwise, not much to report. I'm off 'image probation' at work (my term for it) which makes me feel good, my boss thinks I'm pretty talented! I'm making dinner for J., then going to work. Hopefully, the weekend will offer some fun. I believe Bugz In The Attic are going to be at Nation on Friday...but I think I'm stayin' in! We'll see.


Nothing like riding home on a clear night with La Lune shining bright and full in the sky. I noticed how cold it is lately with the approach of the autumnal equinox and I think of all the groovy times that lay ahead as we pass into the "dark" part of the year. I've hear several people say, "Y'know, we've had a good summer (it was a little late getting started) but I'm really looking forward to fall and winter."
Heh. Only in Seattle!
Me, I loved the ride tonight. I had the streets to myself (I'd gone to BONAFIDE! to do a little dancin' & drinkin') and I loved the wind on my face and the smell of sugar in the air as I passed the Dunkin' Donuts secret baking facility on Rainier Avenue.
My weekend ends in about 15 hours. Until then, I will play Morrowind, sleep, make dinner for and watch a movie with a friend and then head into wharf.

Things continue. They change and intrigue...


One day, while sailing the Seven Seas, Captain Bravo's lookout spotted a pirate ship. The crew became frantic! Captain Bravo bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!" The first mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, and while wearing the brightly colored frock, the Captain led his crew into battle and defeated the pirates. That evening, all the men sat around on the deck recounting the day's triumph. One of them asked the captain, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before battle?" The captain replied, "If I had been wounded in the attack, the shirt would not have shown my blood. Thus, you men would continue to fight, unafraid." All of the men sat and marveled at both the courage and intelligence of such a manly man's man. As dawn came the next morning, the lookout spotted not one, not two, but TEN pirate ships approaching! The crew stared in worshipful silence at the captain and waited for his usual brilliant orders. Captain Bravo gazed with steely eyes upon the vast armada arrayed against his ship, and
without fear, turned and shouted, "Get me my brown pants!"

This caused me to giggle for at least five minutes...thanks Jay.



The last week has been like the weather on the plains in summer. Sun breaks, wild and violent storms, blistering heat, numbing cold. I think I lost my mind a couple of times but I managed to maintain a positive attitude. Things are better now, my relationship is getting sorted out and I've settled on a sleeping schedule that should get me some rest and restore my sanity.
Tonight is my Friday and I look forward to the "weekend". Right now, my mind is consumed with thoughts of Taco Bell. Frito is back from his trip to Detroit and Houston.
Heidi's brother Jason is getting married on Sunday, Julia will get to meet yet another branch of my extended family!
Did I tell ya I went to Evergreen Speedway to watch some NASCAR racing last week!?

More later (after I wake up).


I finally got some sleep last night! I'd been mostly awake (I nodded off a couple of times) since Wednesday evening. I felt OK after awhile, but it was a real emotional ride.
Insomnia? Nah. More like a stubborn and inquisitive mind refusing to do what was best for it...anyway, I'm better now.
Last night, Stu, Neil, Maria, Trip, Julia and I watched "Three Kings" again. Anyone all gung-ho on what we're considering to do in Iraq may want to consider this movie as a jumping off point for further comtemplation. I'm happy to see the slow building of opposition to the aims of the 'hawks' in the administration, but I truly believe that the average citizen didn't really think Mr. Bush would send troops into battle without some sort of approval. I've been hoping that the mid-term elections would shed further light on the true mood of the country...we'll see.
Anyway, It's a bright, cloudless day out. J. is going to a Sound Therapy class with her friend Mary tonight, so I'm going to attend the re-opening of Consolidated Works with Stu, Trip and Neil tonight. In the meantime, I'm going play Morrowind and do some stuff around the house...yeah...


I just got into work after catching Wire at the Showbox. Jeezuz those guys rule! I hope I can find the courage and desire to make such a gahdawful racket when I'm in my late 40's/early 50's! I dragged poor Julia along, she didn't know what to expect and truth be told, neither did I. But I found that exciting! I'd read a lot of good things about the new E.P. "Read and Burn 01"-that it was both an evolution and a return to form, but that doesn't really help when trying to explain to your beloved why you dig this band so much.
Before the show, J. and I met Tabitha, Maria and Ashleigh at the Noodle Ranch for dinner and to visit. Life has us all a little scattered these days and the ladies decided we needed to see each other. It was good thing too, I love my girls!

Anyway, I've had very few disappointments with Wire (OK-"Manscape" sucked) and was ready to scarf whatever they were gonna dish up. J. was already tired after dinner and sitting through the two opening bands, so she scampered off to the Green Room after three tunes!
OTOH, I dug it! There was something dark and nasty about the new material. It was LOUD, all hard edges and abrasive, yet minimally and elegently constructed, like a shark with diamond teeth. I was surprised at the ferocity of the playing too. Colin Newman bounced, bobbed and weaved, crouched over his guitar and screamed like a man possessed.
After the set, which was entirely new material, the fellas came back to burn through "Advantage In Height" and "Lowdown". They did a second encore, but I was too busy saying hello/goodbye to some friends in the audience and looking for Julia to notice. She caught up to me just as the band was building to a crescendo and smiled sweetly when I covered her ears.
On the way to work I asked her what she was thinking about.

"It's nice to have some quiet." She said.


I was reading the Seattle Weekly and came across this article which is a seemingly good response to my last post!

This bit reminded me of why I HATE salsa and swing dancing:

"That's perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the encroaching fire trend: Fire shows increasingly happen at events that used to be participatory. Dance floors are cleared so that we can stand around and watch fire spinners--stony faced and oh-so-serious--twist around and flutter flames across their skin."

It's the Same Thing: "Ooh! Look at my sexy moves that I learned at Beso Del Sol! Check out my vintage swing gear!" Urgh!! I'm all about gettin' yr freak on, but These Fuckers will take. over. your. party...I seent it with my own eyes!

(shakes self) Whoo! I guess that was some random, free-floating hate now, wahnint?


Tim sent this to me...sounds like a good time. Too bad I'll be at work!

Set in a world that is a fusion of spaghetti western, post apocalyptic survival, and futuristic anime, "El Fuego", could be story about good versus evil and the unfortunate consequences of this endless struggle. "El Fuego" could also be a tale of a simple man caught up in a whirlwind of greed and violence that is both imposed upon him and beyond his abilities.

You decide. Either way, the ghost riders will thunder across the sky this night!

When a powerful crime lord dispatches his group of thugs to pull off a bank job on a distant backwater planet, all hell breaks loose as good and evil clash in traditional spaghetti western style. Despite having the local deputy in his pocket, the bandit leader soon finds that not all of the locals are willing to just turn tail and run, and he soon finds himself in a struggle against two ranch hands that turn out to be a bit more than they seem.

As the desert spirits start their fiery dance, the question is... "is anything more or less than it appears?"

"An unforgettable night of fire performance. Forget what you've seen, forget what you've heard - and prepare to immerse yourself into a world of drama, where aliens, robots, and fire play out in the throes of a futuristic western civilization."
El Fuego will feature dj's, installation art, a full bar, and more fun then you can shake a flaming cattle prod at!


This article at Salon pretty much sums up why I will be away from the television for the next two weeks...
In a few hours my weekend will be officially over. I plan on getting a couple of hours of sleep after I write this. Then it's back to work. I'm alone on Saturday nights, I pray that I won't have an interesting shift!
Laurie B.'s birthday was Thursday, so after dinner, J. and I went out to her mother's place for a little party. We had cake and drinks and got to meet Laurie's mother Jackie, who moved out here from New York to be near her daughter. I brought flowers and a card.
I came home after J. went to work on Friday-enjoying the snap in the air-fall is on the way! I told her I'd make dinner, so I bought a couple of flank steaks, potatoes (for au gratin) and salad fixin's. I marinated the steaks in spices, Maker's Mark (really, the only thing that stuff is good for!) and honey. Frito picked up a bottle of Merlot and one of Shiraz. I managed to get everything prepared just in time for Frito and Julia's arrival, and they seemed quite pleased with the results.
We decided to stay in and watch Suddenly, Last Summer which J. had borrowed from one of the fellas at work. I couldn't tell if this movie was regarded as a "gay classic" because of it's themes or having Mongomery Clift in the lead role or Katherine Hepburn's chewing up the scenery in the not-quite-evil-way-too-devoted-mother-role. It could've been all those things-but man, I want that 114 minutes of my life back! The only reason I'm not really pissed about it was (the young) Liz Taylor's performance. No wonder she and Brando (we watched 'On the Waterfront a few weeks ago) are screen legends...both of them were absolutlely beautiful back then.
Anyway, I think we were in bed by 12:30. This morning, Frito made us pancakes (AFTER I went to the store and bought coffee, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, strudel, Oatmeal, milk and English muffins...grr!) and we sat around until J. had to leave to meet up with a friend for lunch.
I miss her already...
Julia...Innit She Lovely?!


Yesterday was my girlfriend's 28th birthday. She wanted me to come along to her parents house for dinner, which was actually breakfast. I'd met just about everyone with the exception of her maternal grandfather, but this would be the first time on "non-neutral" territory (i.e. her parent's house). I tried to beg off at first, imagining some weird sort of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"-type scenario but Julia, (in her fierce and gentle way) made it known that she was going to be offended if I didn't make it. So...I went...
I answered the door when J.'s grandfather showed up. He was a little startled, but was a good sport about my little joke. We held hands during the prayer. We had waffles, mixed fruit, pancakes (with freezer jam!) and this awesome egg-cassarole-type thingy.
I didn't get interrogated 'cause Julia pretty much had told them everything they wanted to know! So I was able to relax and have a good time. I think I scored some points by bringing in some music (Baker, Mancini & Waller, 'natch!).
After dinner we watched Julia open her presents and then she whisked me off to work.

BTW-I wanna give a big shoutout to my cousin David-He hooked me and most of my crew up with free admission to Bumbershoot on Monday! We're talking $20 a head! I hadn't seen David in a while and wish we could hang out more. I'll be in touch, brah!
We caught El Vez and tried to get into Richard Thompson, then caught Maceo Parker's set...I wanted to see Marc Ribot, but I was goingon an hour's sleep and didn't have the juice...next time.


My weekend has come and gone. I'm here at work, blasting assorted MP3's and basking in the afterglow of a day spent with my girlfriend.
My band, Fey Ray played it's biggest show yet at I-Spy on Thursday. We had a little bit of pre-show stress 'cause Seth hurt his back and wasn't sure if he could play. But he sucked it up and rocked anyway. I think our playing was about 7 out of 10, but judging from the reaction of our friends, we did good. Having Julia in the audience shouting encouragement sure helped!
Sean and Trish's band, The Guest Stars made their club debut after us and they kicked ass! I think they are gonna make huge splash with their poppy, new-wavish sound. Troy's punk band Horrible was on next and kicked my ass. Their guitarist was in The Droo Church and had already impressed the hell out of me last year on Stu's birthday when he played in Yes cover band.
Friday, I came in to work for a going away party for one of my coworkers who going off to college in a couple of weeks. Later that evening, J. and I went to Bonafide! at Nation to support the men of sub_sonic and see our friends. With Bumbershoot going on, there wasn't much of a turnout, but the fellas played like the room was packed anyway.
Saturday, after a sit in the hot tub, Julia and I went to breakfast at the Silver Fork 'cause we both wanted pancakes (although she had a waffle instead) then we went downtown to Old Navy, where I purchased a black messanger bag and a shocking orange hooded anorak. J. got some cool pinstriped pants.
Then we stopped by Borders and bought discs by U-Roy and Culture 'cause we'd both been trying to "toast" all weekend and decided we needed to learn how to do it right. Since J.'s birthday is Tuesday and we're both sick of her crappy stock car radio, we went over to Bellevue and got a new receiver/CD player installed. I met J's younger brother (he got us a deal) and she and I went and had beers and a pizza while we waited.
I asked J. if she noticed the strange looks that we get on the street. HAHA! That's right, fuckers! She's with me!!
Julia says she feels like she's a "bubble of love" when we're together...sigh...that's so sweet!
The sun was shining and it was quiet and peaceful in downtown Bellevue. I'm going to remember this time for the rest of my life, 'cause I don't think I've ever been this happy before!

I'm supposed to hook up with my friend Karen and see Mark Ribot and maybe Richard Thompson at Bumbershoot on Monday. I haven't seen Karen in awhile, she's been traveling and getting her ya-ya's out before returning to her hectic schedule of work and school. Then J. and I are going to visit my mother. I think she's more excited about that than I am, heh..!