I'm lounging around in my PJ's and listening to the smooth and groovy sounds of Dubtribe Sound System.
Came across this article (via Metafilter) on ecstasy...no, not the drug. It's about those all-to-fleeting moments in our lives when we reach another state:

Leaving out orgasm, which is too brief anyway and oddly devoid of memorable content, my own experience in this regard is nowhere near as extensive as I would like. There are, or have been, those miraculous, unsought moments when the entire glory of the world announces itself through some humble object or sound, and it seems as though God, or whatever It is, has reached out for a touch. Everyone has these moments, I suppose, and shelves them away, somewhat shamefacedly, under the smarmy category of "the spiritual." More common, in my case, is the revelatory rush that can come after weeks or months of puzzling over a problem, when suddenly the hidden pattern falls into place. Even when happiness eludes me, the lure of the next revelation is usually enough to keep me going--the search for one more vast, triumphant aha!

But why are these moments so scattered and rare? We are accustomed to modulating our moods with coffee or cabernet, augmenting our memory with silicon-based circuitry, and transporting ourselves into fictional worlds made up of recorded sounds and images. So why haven't we found a reliable, nontoxic technology for inducing the experience of ecstasy?

My own feeling about the matter is that ecstasy, a moment of transdesence is what most humans used to strive for and should-be it through religion, sex, exercise, body alteration, drugs or music. Within reason, of course. Remember that movie Altered States?
Of course, the backlash against this occured when authority figures decided that people are generally either too stupid to find their bliss or sought to control it. This nation has twisted the notion of personal freedom and responsibility to the point that your average citizen expects to leave his house and go out into the world with the concrete expectation that he or she will be will return unchanged. And without a sense of personal responsibility, more harm than good can come from this search.
Look at the explosion in the use of Prozac. I'm not knocking people who have legitimate mental and emotional problems, but I know people who pop the stuff because they're bummed about not having more...stuff.
I for one, don't want my moods "smoothed out!" I enjoy a good funk just as much as the days when I'm ten feet tall & bulletproof.
Anyway, if you feel like it, lemme know what you think...you know where to find me.

It' going to be a full night...I'm attending a going-away party for my former manager, Matt F. in Fremont. Then I'm heading back to Capitol Hill for my DJ set at Barca (it's baaack!), then down to The Baltic Room to catch DJ J-Justice and the mighty sub_sonic lay down $240 of chocolate aural puddin'!
Hope to see you there!


I fell in love again today.

No, its not somebody new. We've been together awhile but had some difficulties that started about a week and a half ago. Things just stopped working. We decided that it was best for her to leave for awhile and I spent several anxious days waiting for a call. I admit felt betrayed but understood that my inattention was partly to blame.
Well, that and a dirty carburator...

My beloved scoot is out of the shop! Cost me a little over a hundred bucks for the repair and a new battery! She even sounds different! More powerful! I giggled like a madman all the way home, wanted to go for a longer spin but it was just too cold out.

Tabitha IM'd me today and asked me if what I was doing. I had no plans (natch), so she came over and we went out for pizza at Stella's in Georgetown. As we came down west side of Beacon Hill, I exclaimed "Gahddamn, I love Georgetown!" Tabby readily agreed. We had some pear cider and pizza and talked about ghosts and deja vu. We decided to see a bit more of the neighborhood after. Georgetown (for those of your that don't know) is a largely ignored neighborhood south of the Industrial Area and is one of the last bastions of unyuppified, laid-back hipness in town. Tab and I drove around, looking at the houses and wondering what it would be like to live there. We got coffee at the All City Coffeehouse (where Tab got checked out by all the guys!) and got a tour of the custom chopper shop next door. Then we went over to Big People Scooters to pick up my baby. The fellas there were really nice, they installed my battery and told me what else would need to be fixed. Tab and I also wandered around in the Rainier Cold Storage building, hoping to find some artists in, but were unsuccessful. So I walked her back to her car and rode home.

It was a good day...


Well, I didn't get out of band practice, although it took almost two hours to get there. The bus that runs in front of our house only goes halfway to downtown on Sunday afternoons. So I walked down to Rainier and caught the 7, only to miss the 26 downtown (I was carrying my amp and couldn't run fast enough). So I had to wait a half hour for the next one. That said, practice went well. We polished a couple of new songs and Seth played me a bit of his ambient dub project. Brilliant stuff!
Afterwards, Matt gave me a lift home.
So I got my pot of tea and watched Rose Red on TV. Mostly because its the first time I can remember seeing a televison show set in Seattle actually use Seattle locations. I think its funny that they set the haunted mansion up on First Hill. In the show it's just a stone's throw from the King County Jail...Denny Blaine or Ravenna would've been a much creepier setting, if you ask me.
As it was, the plot is totally hackneyed (an oil baron? In Seattle?? WTF??!) and about as scary as Mickey Mouse. Why does Stephen King keep writing for TV and movies when he obviously sucks so bad at it? Now, if someone wanted to drop some serious cash and make a movie of his Dark Tower series, that would rock! 'Cause that is his best work, IMHO.

Anyway, I leave you with a question: Does anyone else wanna slap that "Vanessa" chick from the Orbit Gum Commercials silly? Oh-lookit all the hands!


I got in from the Baltic Room a couple of hours ago. The streets are solid sheets of ice right now, as I learned the hard way. Thinking my cab driver was some sort of wussy for not charging up the street (especially ironic after warning several friends to be careful when driving home tonight), I threw some money at him (well, not literally) and stepped confidently out of the cab, only to bite it as soon as I tried to cross to my house. As I straggled to my feet, the driver called out (quite seriously), "Be careful!"
Thanks, buddy...
Frito was out riding his scooter around and told me he did a little slippin' & slidin' hisself...but we'd agreed he was nuts for riding when we parted ways this evening. I'm glad he made it home in one piece. (Even though he said Marney and I could split his CD collection if he died!)
Tomorrow is to be even colder! I have go all the way across town to practice in an unheated room at 1PM...I wonder if I can talk Matt out of it? I think I would have a much better time here at home on the futon, wrapped in a blanket, trying to finish Legend of the Dragoon and a big pot of Tazo tea!


Man, it is tupping cold out! I'm usually pretty comfy here in the downstairs bunker (AKA "Geek Central") but I might hafta put on a jacket! It even snowed!
Mercy came over, she wanted to have breakfast and hang out for awhile. I asked her if she'd ever thought about weblogging and it turned out that she was just about to ask me about it! We came back here, took a few headshots with my digital camera and I hooked her up with Blogger...I can't wait to see what she writes!


Frito's got the crew that he was working with over in Germany here for a little get-together. I'm hiding out in the basement. Even though I've met a few of them, I generally can't relate to any of his co-workers. Unlike the Microsofties, where there are a lot of Indians and other "people of color", Amazonians seem to be overwhemingly white, upper middle class types. And they usually talk about things Amazonian. I don't have anything against 'em and I can deal one on one. Otherwise, we don't have anything in common really. Maybe its me, but when I'm introduced to these people, I get the feeling like I'm being sized up. Like they're not sure that I'm smart enough to engage at anything other than the most superficial level. I don't feel I need to go out of my way to ingratiate myself. I'm not about to bring up my reading list, over-articulate my english or use $.50 words to make anyone feel comfortable.

If you think I'm hatin', I ain't...really!


I just discovered the online comic Cat and Girl. While I usually avoid using the word "delightful" (for fear of getting my black ass kicked), I can't come up with a better adjective to descibe it. I imagine that this is what the kids in Belle and Sebastian would come up with if they did funnies...and were American.
Having been guilty of several of these habits in the past, I offer my male readers some information which could deter these behaviors and may assist them in their quest to get "Loved-Up". Fellas, remember that secretly, they expect us to ass out!(Within reason, of course!) And the ones who can handle that prob'ly aren't any fun anyways. (And to those ladies who took offense to what I just said-you prove my point!)
It's Different For Girls

Joe Jackson

What the hell is wrong with you tonight?
I can't seem to say or do the right thing
Wanted to be sure you're feeling right
Wanted to be sure we want the same thing

She said - I can't believe it
You can't - possibly mean it
Don't we - all want the same thing
Don't we
Well who said anything about love
No not love she said
Don't you know that it's different for girls
Don't give me love
No not love she said
Don't you know that it's different for girls
You're all the same

Mama always told me, save yourself
Take a little time and find the right girl
Then again don't end up on the shelf
Logical advice gets you in a whirl

I know - a lot of things that
You don't - you wanna hear some
She said - just give me something
Well give me all you got but not love
No not love she said
Don't you know that it's different for girls
You're all the same

I so badly wanna cover this song...it totally fits where I'm at right now.

BTW-My band picked a name! We are:

We Bona Fide! We bad!!



I haven't updated in close to week due to a problem with our cable connection. Our TV reception was screwy too, but after I made a very terse call to AT&T Broadband, guess what? It cleared up! I'd been letting Frito deal with it but he was approaching it as a purely technical matter. My tack was that of an unsophisticated and pissed customer. I don't know if either approach had any real bearing on the subject-but dammit, the cable works now! It's all GOOD!

I went to get my hair twisted last week. Since I spend so much time at home or with my friends, I'd forgotten what a hoot it is to be in a roomful of black women! It took close to 3 hours to get my hairdo ("You got some long hair, brother", I was told) so I got an earful of gossip, philosophy and a sermon (they listened to church services on tape) and learned more about the neighborhood. I deliberately said as little as possible and tipped well-I wanted to be mysterious-HA!. I may become a regular...lotta cute sistas came in!
On Saturday, I went to see the band Idaho at Graceland. My bandmate Seth Howard opened, as did local band Actual Tigers. Seth's stuff was amazing (check out "Par Avion" if you don't believe me)...but Matt, Frito and I bailed during AT's set, which Matt described as "So in-offensive that it was actually offensive!" We went up to the Baltic Room to check out the House DJ there and have a quick drink, making it back to Graceland in time for Idaho's set. It was the first time I'd ever seen the band. They frequently get mentioned along with Low, Mark Eitzel, The Red House Painters and Lambchop so I figured they had to be good. I wasn't disappointed either. Despite their "slo-core" and "gloomy" reputation, Jeff Martin & Co. seemed to be having a good time. I think they were surprised by the turn-out, as they played to a packed house. I was impressed...It was like "being strapped to a tornado of pain", if I may quote Drinky Crow.

It looks as though my gig at Barca may be on hold. Dan has been trying in touch with the owners about the subject of getting us paid, but there's been no response. So he took his gear home. I'm not that busted up about it...it's fun and all but I'd really like a gig where I could play anything I wanted. I'd love to come in and play jump blues or 80's pop. But that would probably go over like a fart in church...ah, well.

I went on a couple of dates over the weekend too, but I'm not sure what I want. There are times when suddenly, my heart is open. On those days, I'm surprised to find my internal sun is shining and the world is full of possibilities and potential. Then, I think that I might make a suitable partner for some lucky female. But just as suddenly, the door closes, the clouds sweep in and I become full of doubt and uncertainty. I dunno what's supposed to happen next. I feel awkward and stupid, chiding myself for being such an optimistic sucker AND a selling-myself-short pessimist...and to think, I consider myself a monist!

Anyway, Tabitha is coming to visit tomorrow. I'm making dinner and we're going to watch TV...and maybe get caught up!


Oooh. Those hot links burned all the way through. If I ever wanted to know the exact position of my ascending colon, I know it now.
But I ain't complainin'! I ate more yesterday than I have in ages! I met Monique downtown for some Thai food and then we wandered around Elliott Bay Book Co., where I picked up two novels by Salman Rushdie. I enjoyed "The Satanic Verses" when I read it about three years ago and I stand in awe of the man's talent. I've been looking for some reading material that I could lose myself in and I'm hoping "The Moor's Last Sigh" and "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" will do it for me.
Afterwards, we had coffee at Zeitgeist Kaffee.
Yesterday was James' 29th birthday and we celebrated by going to a four-course meal at The Melting Pot. It was a bit on the spendy side but worth it.
I mean like, hey...fondue!


Monkeyshines and merriment abound! Last night was Maggie S.'s birthday and she had a party down at I-Spy. Floormatt and Laurie B. (AKA Laurie The Hard Way) spun records and local punkbilly act Shinola treated us to a blistering set. Later, Maggie's husband Antonio jumped out of a cake, clad only in glitter and a speedo! Ah, now that's love...
Today, I hooked up with my buddy and former co-worker Jay for a photography lesson. Jay is a heck of a great teacher, and he's been really generous with his time and materials. Since he's been laid off, he's been wondering what to do with himself. I suggested we get out and make some art! So we went up the road a bit to the Leschi neighborhood to do a little photgraphy. I was hoping to get a picture of Mt. Rainier in all its glory and maybe a shot of the Cascades and Bellevue, but atmospheric conditions weren't right. So we took some shots of the curving roads and moss-covered bridges on the hill above the Lake and the Leschi Marina. Afterwards, we went to Columbia City to the butcher shop and bought some MEAT! (the word MEAT! must be shouted, y'know) Texas-style hot links for dinner tonight-Yee Haw!!

BTW-Frito posted the pictures from Friday's EMP show here.


This Friday evening at the EMP Skychurch. We start right when doors open at 7:00.
EMP Sky Church
Friday, January 11, 2002
7:00 - 11:00 PM
Spaceboat.TV @ EMP presents an integrated art, technology, and performance spectacle informed by the interactive possibilities of digital media. Spaceboat.TV showcases the best new work arising from MEETSPACE, a Tuesday-night digital jam session, including an original score by Ultracolonialismus (featuring members of Maktub and Zony Mash), new media by Spinwire, and performances by One World Theater.

Ticket Info: $10.00 for members, $12.00 for the public. 21 and over. On sale 11/30 for members, 12/3 for the public. Advance tickets are available at EMP, by calling 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN, or by fax at 206.770.2742.

featuring music by:
Eyvind Kang, Tucker Martine (Mount Analog), Reggie Watts (Maktub), Skerik (Critter's Buggin), Andy Sells (FCS North), Paul Moore (Polymorphic), Timothy Young (Zony Mash), Tonya Lockyer (VIA), Robert Henson (SIL2K), Stuart McLeod (SIL2K), James Drage (SIL2K), Carl Farrow (inBOIL), Kevin Goldsmith (Intonarumori)

Performances by:
P.A.N., Yva Las Vegas, One World Theatre
New Media by:
Spinwire, O Serial Cypher, Iole Alessandrini, Wavicle, i/o, Franklin Joyce, Tanya Hughes, Strange Mind, Mad Daddy, Independent Exposure, Mobile Projection, Experiments


On Friday, El Stu and a merry band of like-minded musicians and video artsist and dancers played the EMP. It was damn cool and I wish I could come up with a description that would do the event justice, but perhaps those kooky wizards at spaceboat.tv will rebroadcast the show. You shoulda been there, for reals....

Last night, Sean and A-da-mu threw one heck of a party. My (still-unnamed!) band played two short sets in Sean's basement studio and received a positive reception. Upstairs DJ's Aaron, Floormatt, K.O. and J-Justice threw down the funky grooves. Frito contributed two kegs of his homebrew (a porter and a pilsner) which proved to be quite tasty (I should know-I'm an official taster-*hic*). I got glitter blown all over me by this hippie chick, ate some Hostess Ho-Ho's and Godiva chocolate and had about a dozen short, very weird conversations with people I'd just met.

Paul: Dood! Who lives here?! This shit is crazy!
Me: Oh, this is Sean and Adam's place. Sean owns the house and Adam rents from him.
Paul: I wanted to find out who lives here so I could thank 'em. I don't know anybody here, some friends told me about it so me and another buddy showed up and the fuckers ain't even here. Man, I been drinkin' and partyin' for the last three days! I'm fuckin' crazy!
Me: I see, on a mission?
Paul: It ain't even about a mission anymore! I can handle it though, I'm young! Here, try some of this! (holds up a cup filled with a frothy, white liquid)
Me: Uh, what is it?
Paul: Poor Man's Suicide! I've been pouring in other peoples' leftovers!


The party broke up around 4AM, so I packed up my gear and walked the block or so over to Tess, Ryan and Aaron's house to chill and wait until 6AM to watch the Southhampton v. Manchester United match on cable. Ryan is a keen fitba fan and invited me over. We were hoping for an upset but despite strong play in the first half by the Saints, they failed to take advantage of several scoring opportunites and wound up losing to Man U., 3-1. Next week, West Ham United takes on Aston Villa. Hopefully, I'll find a way to watch it!
I took a taxi home and crashed around 10AM...


I washed my scooter today...and she rewarded me by starting on the first kick!
I went to Barca and played my weekly dub set. It went pretty well, considering that I didn't have anyting resembling a plan. But then, maybe that's the reason. Anyway, Matt, Leslie, Maggie, Antonio, Stu and Miriam were all there. I'd burned a disc of tunes by Low for Matt. I'm awaiting his review!
Dan The Man showed up. He had all this stuff from the last Burning Man and was trying to convince us all to go this year.
Phhbt. Like I can think that far ahead!
Anyway, I played Killing Joke's "Turn to Red" and Pole's "Hafen" for their dubby feel, although I got a strange look from a cute young woman during the Pole cut. Guess that masses aren't ready for "glitch" yet. I also dropped 3 cuts from Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, including the track that I take my DJ name from: The Binshaker Dub.
I finished up around 9:30 and Mr. Piccolo took over. I had a cider with Stu, Matt and Leslie before Miriam showed up (she thought I was spinning at The Baltic Room).
We left about 10:45, on the way home I felt like singing: "Number With Wings" by that 80's band The Bongos. Good thing there wasn't that much traffic...


I'm watching MTV's "Jackass", wondering who's dumber: Me, for watching-or the guys on the show. But wait-they have jobs and are getting paid.

I guess that answers that question!

Israeli Legislator Uses Ethnic Slur Against U.S. Ambassador - An Israeli calling an Orthodox Jew a "Jewboy!?" WTF!?
This world gets nutter by the minute...I can't fuggin' wait until the singularity...
Well, well...look at this!
(Refer to my earlier conspiracy theory for background.)


I saw Amelie today. The last in my circle of friends to do so, I think. Usually, I run away from things that are universally praised. I mean, where's the fun if everybody likes it? I had read some criticism of the movie on Metafilter but it just seemed silly. Somehow, I managed to cast any preconceptions aside and man, I loved that movie!! It was the weirdest thing. I hate feeling manipulated at the movies (And yes, I know that's what is all aboutreally!) but somehow, my defenses were down. After the movie I wandered Broadway, trying to shake the feeling. It was like an e-hangover, y'know-the warm fuzzies. I wanted somthing magical to happen, to fall in love with a complete stranger...Gawd, I'm such a sap! I sang "Now My Heart is Full" all the way home tonight.

As I type this, the band Static-X is on MTV2 doing "Black & White." How. The. Fuck. Did these guys get a record deal?! To hear band leader Wayne Static name-drop the mighty Prong as an influence only insults Prong. Prong are gods. I hope Tommy Victor meets Static in a dark alley and serves him up an Ol' School beatdown....and I though I was getting more tolerant in my old age. (After all-Alien Ant Farm doesn't bug me that much.)

Speaking of music, I've completed what I think is my finest mix CD yet. Wanna copy? Its on two discs and I'm willing to do a swap. Send me a email if you're interested.

Today was pretty uneventful. It rained, which it has been doing for the last several days and it would almost be depressing but (and I guess it just proves that I'm a true Northwesterner) as I left the house today to run some errands and visit with my mother, I found I really enjoyed the wind and rain on face and the view along Seward Park Blvd. as I sped towards Skyway (which is as far south as you can get in Seattle without crossing into Renton). There was a nasty headwind on the way there. The roar of the oncoming wind drowning out my scooter's engine! I wished I'd brought my camera but I was kind of in a hurry. (Nedoshia is just fine by the way.) Maybe I'll take it with me tomorrow when I meet my friend Monique for coffee and a matinee.
I see the new iMac is out. I'm pretty impressed but its strange thinking back to a time when such things seemed really important to me. During those heady days of the mid-to-late nineties (read that with sarcasm), I spent many hours reading about and discussing the latest advances in computers and their implications for the future. Now that the bubble has burst, I don't spend quite so much time at CNET, Ars Technica, Slashdot, etc. Don't get me wrong, I still love technology, but by now its quite obvious that those paradigm shifts didn't live up to expectations.
It's kinda sad. I'd love to see Apple gain market share, stake out some new territory and gain customers. And if I wasn't a gamer and broke, I certainly would've ponied up the cash for a nice G4 box...but I'm here using Windows and tolerating it. Damn, that iMac is cool, though!


Guess what? We didn't get into the Elvis Invitational! It was SOLD OUT! They wouldn't even let Dan in and he was wearing his sleek new PVC Hellvis jumpsuit! We wound up getting a couple of pitchers at the Lava Lounge and going home. Damn!
Saturday practice made for a long day. Since we're playing our debut gig at Sean K.'s this weekend, Matt really wanted us to tighten up our set. So we decided to start practice an hour early in order to spend a little extra time working our vocals, arrangements, etc.
I left the house at 12:30, just before it started raining. I was treated to a view of the Cascades as I rode along Lake Washington Blvd. I got to practice on time, only to find Seth and Matt standing outside Troy's place, looking pissed. Apparently, Troy had forgot to leave us a key and was at work over on the Eastside. After making a bunch of phone calls, to Matt's wife, Seth's girlfriend, Adam and Sean (trying to find an alternative place to practice) we got hold of Troy, who told us that he could open the place for us at 5PM. So, Matt, Seth and I went to get some lunch at the Elysian Brewery and then went to Matt's place to work on some harmonies and trying to pick out a band name.
We got back to Troy's at 5 and jammed. I love my new DI box (it gave me a nice, phat tone with my distortion pedal) and we got things sounding pretty tight. We played until 7PM. Then it was a long, wet ride home.
Scott and Ede were here, they'd scored some Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the secret baking facility here in the Valley (the only store is in Issaquah) and had started painting the living room. I decided that I didn't feel like going out, so I had some homemade udon, some doughnuts and watched High Fidelity with Scott and Ede.
On Sunday, the New Style Collective decided to have a wrap-up meeting from the Heaven and Hell Ball at Matt and Leslie's place. Matt made three kinds of quiche, mimosa's and cherry juice, bagels and cream cheese and fried potatoes. We discussed the things that were right and wrong about the last party we threw and everyone made suggestions about how things could improve. I left the meeting feeling really good. Our little collective is growing up and it's not driving everyone apart!
When I got home Ji-Huyn and Laurie were over eating dinner with Scott. I didn't really socialize, I'd accidently spilled some coffee on my keyboard the day before and was eager to install the replacement and the new optical mouse I'd just gotten. I Instant Messaged with some friends and watched "Alias".


Its late afternoon and I ventured to meet my friend Laura for lunch at Chinook's at Fisheman's Terminal.
On my way there, I stopped in at Zorbrist Music to pick up a SansAmp DI box for my bass. Chad suggested I try one out and I'm really pleased with it. We'll see how it performs at practice tomorrow!
Anyway, Laura showed up a few minutes after I did. I haven't seen her in almost a month so we got caught up and lunched on raw oysters & manila clams. I had a salad too. I wasn't really hungry at lunch, but I'm starving now! Sheesh.
I took some pictures of Fisherman's Terminal after Laura and I parted. I'll put them up soon.
I did my Thursday night DJ set at Barca last night. It was cut a little short as Dan didn't show up with the dual CD player until 20 to nine. None of the owners have been there these last couple of weeks. Dan set this whole thing up, but I imagine I'm going to get bored playing dub week after week. I'm going to propose a
rotating schedule. Dub, trip-hop, acid jazz, soul, reggae...I want to know what I can get away with!
BTW-tonight is the annual Elvis Invitationals (AKA The Night of the Living Elvis) at the Crocodile Cafe. Hopefully, our own Hellvis will make an appearance. Be there or be square!


Well, the clean up is finally over and it looks like the NSC did better than initially expected! For various reasons (like the somewhat underhanded dealings of a certain person who shall go unnamed), this party was a little harder than the last two. But now that there are no projects in the immediate future, we'll have some time to compare notes, write some proceedures and get our house in order.
Its partly cloudy today, but when the sun breaks through, it brilliant. Depspite all the wack shit going on in the world, I feel hopeful. Maybe that's just American Ignorance masquerading as Optimism but right now, I'll take it!

I got this note from James:

Here's a quick note to wish you all the best for this coming year!
As always we're looking to expand our horizons and push the limits
of experimental and improvised music and performance. We've got
some great events in store for you, here's a quick run-down.

Thursday January 3rd, 2002

SIL2K and the NW Film Forum present:
Cinema Remix: The Future
The Little Theatre
610 19th Ave E
8pm (doors 7:30)

This show will consist of simultaneous presentation of 12 future-
themed sci-fi films, with a live soundtrack by Sientific American,
and SIL2K sound artists dj jjustice and James Drage. Last year we
did a similar show at Sit 'N' Spin and it was very cool! Don't miss
it! (The Little Theatre is really little so get there early for a
good seat!)

Tuesday January 8th, 2002

Consolidated Works
500 Boren Ave

This Tuesday series features multimedia uberculturalists
spaceboat.tv with live visuals and music by different collaborative
groups each week. This will be the last Meetspace before the big
event at EMP (see below). Also broadcast on the web at

Friday January 11th, 2002

Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection
EMP SkyChurch

A gigantic event which brings together spaceboat.tv, members of the
SIL2K ensemble and TransAtlantic IceFloe, Eyvind Kang, Tucker
Martine, to name a few. It's a massive aural and visual triptych,
and should be a show to remember. More details on this as they are
available, stay tuned!

Saturday February 9th, 2002

SIL2K Ensemble
EMP DemoLab

The SIL2K returns to the Demo Lab with new game pieces! We've been
working on some new pieces with audience participation and
multidisciplinary elements! Come check it out!

Thanks and Happy New Year!
James and the SIL2K crew.

Get out there and support these guys!


Now that the bright lights of the Holiday Season have faded, we are now entering into my least favorite time of the year. Its back to the grind-aw serious-like n shit! This is when I find Seattle at its most cold and gray and I end up wishing I could sleep on to My Personal Holy Day, the Vernal Equinox (That's the first day of Spring, y'all). Or maybe I just need to go someplace warm...HA!
I spent a few hours today down at ConWorks, helping clean up after last night's party. We got quite a bit done. It looks like we're close to breaking even on this one, but it'll be awhile before the final numbers are in. I had a good time last night, though (as usual) the stress and work putting the thing on didn't put me in much of a mood to mingle. I was just happy in the arms of Venus De Milo and mostly hung out in the green room, talking to the volunteers and venturing out from time to time to see what was going on.
Of course, Tim was about 20 times more stressed than me! I think he may have gotten only 3-4 hours sleep all week!
We had around 600 people and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I noticed that several of the "make-out" places we'd set up were being put to good use! Some of the pictures are up and I have a few more to add later. I think Frito will post some of his page as well.
I didn't dress up for the Ball this time. I was talking to my ex-girlfriend the on Sunday and she asked me if I was going to.
Mercy: "You should go as an angel this time."
Me: "Uh, why is that?"
Mercy (starting to giggle): "'Cause then it would be an actual costume!"
I called her today to see how her night went and see how she's dealing with being newly unemployed. I'm amazed that we get on so well in this context. I guess this is how it should be. She asked if I had any resolutions and I said no - but that I plan to work on learning to be more serene and gentle. A sort of peace that comes from kindness and wisdom, not from apathy or indifference...so I guess I'll be learning to keep my mouth shut, really.
More importantly, I gotta find work! I need the stimualtion and the cash! There are things I want!! Places to go! People to meet!
I don't think I'm gonna chronicle my job search here. It would make for some boring reading, IMO. But believe me, when I get a job there will be much rejoicing!! Wish me luck!
Well, so much for the first day of the new year. I'm going back to ConWorks this morning to help finish up.