Saturday afternoon I decided to take a nap. I haven't been getting all the sleep I've been wanting to and I was feeling a bit run down and tired. So I set my alarm for 7PM and hit the hay. I woke at 1AM! Scott came in from hanging out with his friends and went to bed. I laid there, trying to go back to sleep but once my mind got going it was impossible. So I came downstairs, played a Half-Life Mod called Todesangst and surfed the net, then went back to bed around 7...which is when my alarm went off. I slept until 11 or so, then read for awhile, showered then rode off to band practice. It was kind of sunny and warm, which made for a pleasant ride along the lake, through Montlake, Northlake and into Wallingford.
So tomorrow, it's back to the grind. Three weeks and already I feel like I'm in a rut...I've decided to keep looking for jobs, devoting an evening or two per week. I can't settle for the first thing that comes along, even if I can get by on what I'm making. Life is too short and if anything, I've realized that being loyal to a company is worthless. You should put in a good days work, but only be loyal to yourself. I've put so many things on hold while I was unemployed that I need to start planning what to do next.

ANYWAY, Matt and I were talking about the situation in the Middle East. I'm trying hard to remain neutral and keep and open mind, but this whole thing is really pissing me off. If were in charge...well, I have a couple of solutions.

1. Since all these folks can't play nice together I say we give everyone 72 hours to leave and then nuke the place. "Right of Return? How about Right to a Glass Parking Lot?"
2. Fox hosts the Special of Specials as Sharon and Arafat duke it out mano a mano at the Superdome. Two men enter, one man leaves.

Of course I'm kidding...of course...
Global Warming from INSIDE the earth? I hadn't heard of or even considered this before.


Typical Conversations With The Roommate go something like this:

Frito: Hey-you know what I really like?
Me: Besides getting it up the ass from prison guards?

Frito: I don't know, I still think she's French. No one else could say "Ooh, la la" like that.
Me: What if she's just messin' around, you know-like my Scottish accent?
Frito: (Walking up the stairs) NAH, hers sounds real.
Me: (Yelling after him) Ach! Fook yeh!! Ye Cunt!!

Still Later:
Me: Dood, where did you go just now?
Frito: Oh, I was up he street. Our neighbor John is giving me some (fire)wood.
Me: Hmm...I suppose you've been getting the wood from John for awhile now, huh?

I just wanted to say that Clem Snide ROCKED last night!! They said their cellist was home with his new baby, so they turned up the amps and let their punk influences shine through. Eef Barzelay was in fine form. Someone in the crowd yelled that they wanted to hear "Some songs for the bitter people."
Barzelay responded, "Oh, I've got a lot of those, we'd be here all night. Actually, I've transcended the bitterness. Now I'm just sour."
They didn't play 'The Dairy Queen", but "Moment In the Sun", "Messiah Complex Blues" and "Loneliness Finds Her Own Way" were all standouts for me. They even worked in some of 'War Pigs". Frito got the whole thing on minidisk. We were properly liquored up for the gig, thanks to some friends I ran into while waiting for the show to start. Afterwards the South Genesse Scooter Club rolled to a 'Hired and Fired" theme party. I was feeling social and talked to quite a few people when I wasn't taking pictures. I think we got home (after a brief stop at Safeway) around 4AM. I went to bed at 6.
I was supposed to attend my Big Sister Amy's baby shower today, but I thought it would held in the early evening. I didn't get up until shortly before the thing started...at ONE. Amy, I'm so sorry...I'll catch up with you soon. I promise.
We got a plumber coming over today 'cause Frito was starting to wonder why our water bills were so high. Turned out that there was a leak in a pipe somewhere under the house. Going back over his water usage bills, we found we were paying 3 times as much as the average for a family of four! And that had gone up as the leak got worse.
Well, now we know at least...
Not sure what I'm going to do tonight. Mark Rae of Rae & Christian is spinning at The Baltic Room and Miguel 'Migs' and Lisa Shaw are playing around somewhere too.

Right now, I need more sleep!


I am sitting here in my boxer shorts as I write this. (Thought you'd like to know.) Smackdown is on and I feel like havin' a beer. Must be something in the air. (whoa...no, that's just me!)
I love people's reaction when I tell them I watch wrasslin'. Even Frito made fun of me-at first. Actually, I enjoy it for several reasons.
I've always watched wrestling. I used to watch Big Time Wrestling way back in the day. Later on, when I lived in Georgia, my step-grandfather used to come over almost every Saturday with several six packs of soda, a bagful of Little Debbie's snack cakes and $5 for me, my step-sister and little brother. We'd watch the NWA which featured (at the time) Rick Flair (who I've actually stood next to the Atlanta airport-heard to believe he's 53 now), Hacksaw Butch Reid, Buzz Sawyer, Ted DiBiase and Tommy Rich, all announced by the late, great Gordon Solie. I think we knew it was fake, but it was exciting all the same. My folks wouldn't let me have comic books but they'd let me watch beefy guys in tights beating the hell out of each other...go figure. I even started watching Mid-South Wrestling (home to Stagger Lee & Jerry "The King" Lawler) on Saturday mornings.
I never discussed my wrestling obsession with anyone, although I knew there were some kids at my school who were into it. Like most Leos, I'm fascinated with power and these guys were larger than life.
After I moved back to Seattle, right before my senior year of High School I stopped watching. I missed most the rise of the WWF and the rise and fall of the WCW. I thought I'd outgrown wrasslin' (though I think I was 29 when I finally stopped buying comic books). But when Smackdown came to regular TV a few years ago, I started watching again, at first to mock it...but then I got hooked. Mind you, I know it's fake-The WWF doesn't deny it!
I've always enjoyed mixure of the highbrow and the lowbrow. I like to follow Thelonious Monk and Bach with Booty Jams...prime rib with peanut butter and jelly (or something like that.) Anyway, it's fun-I like it...so there!


I am tired...but in a pretty good mood. Today is Oani's 29th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OANI!! I meant to post something up about it earlier but I feel weird about doing that kinda stuff at work. I'm still learning how things work around there and once I'm on top of my game and cranking it out, I'll be better positioned to goof occasionally.
The weekend was a hoot, the gang celebrated The Professor's B-day on Friday. We started drinkin' at the Baltic and then went down to I-Spy to catch the Sex on Screen Cabaret with DJs K.O., Suspence, Michiko and the Gun St. Girls.
Mark Finley, who (I think) writes for The Stranger was MC'ing in full-on drag, I gotta say (s)he had pretty nice legs. But even better was the belly dancer...grrr!
On Saturday, Oani came up from Puyallup (the y is silent-FYI) and we hopped into Frito's car and met some friends for Thai food. Then we had some drinks at Barca and went to a birthday party where AC Lewis and J-Justice were spinning. I think we got home around 4AM. Frito wanted an excuse to get some Burger King, so I told him I needed a lift to a nearby Lowe's. I went to band practice afterwards, then to Aaron and Tess', for their Oscar Party. I could think of better things to do with that four hours, but then Alias wasn't on and I was with my pals...so I won't complain. As it was I enjoyed a yummy spread and the affections of Tess' dog Bella.
Things to look forward to is My Big Sister Amy's baby shower on Saturday (Migs and Lisa Shaw are playing that night) and Clem Snide on Friday. I'll be throwing my panties onstage when they do "The Dairy Queen" and "Loneliness Finds Her Own Way!" Oh yeah! My first paycheck too!


I haven't updated in awhile...not much to say. My routine has pretty much revolved around getting up and going to work and back. I've been listening to Scott Walker almost nonstop...the man is a gahd!
Last night, Tabitha invited Frito, Ashley and I over for fondue, a fine way to pass the High Holy Day in the Statanic Calendar. Tabitha showed us her pictures from her whirlwind tour of Eygpt, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. Really nice shots and it sounded like she had a great time. One day, I shall visit the Great Pyramid at Giza...
It snowed yesterday...giving me a great reason to escape the office and go home early but today was almost balmy. The sun even came out a couple of times! I think spring has...sprung. I look forward to the day (really soon, like) I will get up to a bright sun, hop on my scoot and enjoy a nice long ride...


It was snowing on Saturday when I got up. Frito told me that a coworker was having a garage sale and asked me if I wanted to go. I thought it would be fun. Laurie B. wanted to meet up and shop for eyeglass frames so we picked her up along the way. At the garage sale I got a cool little lantern, a crystal ice bucket and a drink shaker.
Frito picked up an ice cream maker...all for under ten bucks! We went to Eyes on Fremont and checked out lots of frames. Laurie got down to two styles, but didn't want to commit, so we left and went up to Broadway. Frito and Laurie went into the two stores there, while I went to Cellophane Square to look for some CD's. I bought Jhelisa's "Galactica Rush", Karp's "Action Chemistry", The Start's "Shakedown" (I like their updated new wave style), ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead's "Relative Ways/Homage" EP and the brilliant and singular 1991 release from Son Of Bazerk!
After dropping Laurie off, Frito and I stopped by his friend Mary's place for a quick visit then came home. It was snowing again but none of it stuck. By the time we got to Genesee, the snow had turned to rain.
We goofed off all afternoon, then went to a party at a house in the neighborhood. Everyone was really cool. Frito is running in a 5K race tomorrow. I'll be cheering him on from the warm center of my bed when the race starts at 8AM. I have band practice at 2.


Gold's Gym Bumps Broadway Market Cinemas via The Stranger. I'm sad to see the Broadway Market Cinema go. Back in the day, it was the only theater in town to play Spike Lee flicks and other daring films. Sadly, Broadway and "the Ave" (as University Way is called) are both going throught some tough economic times and aren't as vibrant and bustling as they were in the eighties. I can only imagine what the scene will be like at Gold's Gym...hopefully something will come along to replace the Market Cinema's loss.

There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings. -Nietzsche
China accuses United States of human rights offenses...via


I'm up way too late after talking on the phone with a friend and playing the Tribes 2 Shifter Mod. I actually bother to RTFM for it today and my playing improved greatly. There were weapon options I knew existed but didn't know how to access and now that I do, I got to deal out about the same amount of punishment as I took.
In one game I decided to play engineer. This is a role that most of the young hotshots won't play-very little glory. It's mostly setting up defenses and traps for enemy base invaders. But tonight there were a couple of us, running around placing turrets, putting up force fields and flares. The map we were on was huge, easily taking several minutes to cross, so after 3 flag caps, we repelled a couple of concentrated attacks and sat back waited for the time to run out. I got to practice my sniping skills after re-learning how to zoom in on targets. Late in the game, an enemy managed to get past our defenses and grab our flag but he ran out of energy and had to go to ground while his jet-pack recharged. As he was running up the hill, with a teammate in hot pursuit, I picked him off with my rail gun! Sweet!
I love talking about video games when Stu is around-he doesn't play 'em, so he can't understand what I'm talking about...so he pretends I'm just being surrealist.
Wow, it's Friday already. My first week back at work is almost over. I skipped my gig at Barca tonight, I think I'm going to call it quits for now. It was fun, but I'm ready to do something different with my time, which is more important to me, now that I'm back on a schedule.
This has been the most âûng week! I hope the weekend has some mischief is store!


Thanks to all those who wrote to congratulate me on my return to the working world! I must say, that I really enjoyed the time off. I got to see what life without a schedule is like, it gave me some time to think and to work on some personal stuff that I always wanted to. I got to exist outside what "normal" people do for awhile.
I think I have a better idea about what I'd like to do with the rest of my life and that feels really good.
As for the new job-everyone is really nice. I get to listen to music while I'm working and there are a couple of people I'd like to get to know. I gotta get some more "business casual" clothes, that's for sure.
Aside from that, there's not much to report. Frito got Linux installed on the Musicserver...we'll try to get it back up in a day or two.


My bandmate Seth sent me a review of his show from January and a review of his solo disc Scar Stories. This is good stuff people. Even if I didn't play with Seth, I'd pick this up.


Last night's Dumb Type closing party went off without a hitch (Here's a review of the show). J-Justice and A.C. Lewis tagged teamed on the decks and quite a few people stayed to drink and shake their groove thangs! Even some of the members of Dumb Type came out and cut a rug with us!
I think everyone was quite pleased. Frito, Laurie and I went to another party downtown (oops! I mean "The West Edge" (rolls eyes)), but didn't stay long. We got home around 2:30AM.
I went back to On The Boards around noon to help clean up. Then stopped by Tower Records to buys some jazz for my Friday night sets at Barca. Then I came home and did some laundry & washed my car. Also, bought a Holga today. I'm gonna get a Lomo next.
Tabitha emailed to tell us that she gets home today. As I write this she should be in town. Sounds like she had a good time abroad and I wanna hear all her stories. Hopefully, I'll hear from her soon.


I'm sure you've read about this by now, that daft woman in Texas who hit a homeless man with her car?
For some reason, I cannot shake the outrage I feel over this incident. It's just so senseless and stupid. You can file this one in your "Good Thing Stacey's Not In Charge File" 'cause if I was, I'd have this woman hog-tied and kicked to death.

On a nicer note, the Project Object show was awesome. I only recognized 3 of the tunes they played, but the musicianship was stellar. It was a pretty full house and even more amazing, there were quite a few women there!


They say that a man who makes declarative statments runs a good chance of getting egg all over his face. The storm hit Seattle sometime after 7PM last night. I went up to Barca for my dub set only to find out that the owners had changed the DJ set-up. One of the bartenders called them, but couldn't get hold of anyone. I'd noticed that it had started snowing but I didn't think it would stick. Around eight o'clock, I decided that I should head home. I didn't want to get stuck on Capitol Hill. Everything was fine until I got to the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rainier Avenue. The snow was falling pretty heavily and the ground was pretty slushy. Even though I proceeded slowly, I almost wiped out a couple of times!
After I got home, Frito and I watched Smackdown and ER then went out a played in the snow with Suzanne, one of the kids from next door. I can recall it snowing in March before, but not quite so heavily-we got about 3 inches. It'll probably all be gone by tomorrow.
Tonight, after my set at Barca, I will be going to The Rainbow to see Project Object, featuring Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock performing the music of Frank Zappa. Should be fun.


Well. The much-hyped storm we were supposed to get today didn't happen, although it was pretty damn cold out. It snowed for about 15 minutes...tiny, tiny flakes you could barely see. The ground didn't even get wet.
I got the job I interviewed for today. I start on Monday. I'm a temp, but it may turn into something permanent later. I'll be working for an insurance company, doing some clerical work and helping the company transition from issuing their policies manually to moving to an automated system. My new boss, Pat seems like a good person to work for. She says she likes to find good people and get out of their way. The atmosphere in the office is laid back and relaxed and Pat tells me they have a lot of work to get done. I'm looking forward to it!
Frito has been teasing me about getting up early, but I had to be at work at 6 A.M. at my old job and I've worked 8 to 5 for close to half my life anyway. I want to go back to school, so hopefully this will all work out. I think I'm supposed to get a choice of shifts and if that's the case, I'm going for earlier. I hate riding my scooter in heavy traffic, the stop/start drives me crazy! I imagine leaving as the sun is coming up and getting off early enough to enjoy the spring and summer.
I'm finally out of limbo!

Much thanks to Linda and Neil for their recommdations and to Sensi Pete for telling me about the position in the first place!

Statanic Action! has been down the last few days due to a problem with Blogger. Phil Ringnalda, who runs the Blogger Unofficial FAQ gave me a hand and it seems to be fixed now. Thanks Phil!
We're also sporting a new look, thanks to BlogSkins.com. I like this scheme and I think I'll keep it for awhile. The slideshow may return at some point, but I think it will be easier to just link to galleries once I get them up. I bought and installed a new motherboard for an Athlon 850mhz machine we had lying around. Hopfully it will go into service as our new music and image server. Frito is trying to install Linux on it, so no telling when it will be online.
I have an interview today, but I'm wondering how that will go if we get hit by all the bad weather that's supposed to be on the way. It's been dang cold out these last few days, even though the cherry and apple trees are starting to blossom.
I was hoping to make it to a scooter rally that starts on Friday. Also, the NSC will be putting on the After Party for Dumbtype so this weekend will be a busy one! I'll be helping with the set-up and take-down.


I'm listening to the Band Of Susans. Man, these guys were cool, I don't understand why they weren't huge. Layers of guitar noise, solid songs...ah, well.
Not much going on here. Just surfing and looking for some cool images for my postcard project.
Mercedes came over to work on her resume and brought me a bottle of Rohto Zi 0, eye drops that burn like heck, but certainly wake you up if you need it!
Frito returned Sunday evening. He brought me some chocolate from Sprungli (gone now, unfortunately) and showed me all the pictures from his trip. He's sick and suffering from jet lag, so he's been pretty much sleeping since. Mercy came over to use my computer to work on her resume. She pointed out that I'd listed her twice on my Valentine's Day post....uh, thanks.
My buddy Jay called me and we went to Fremont for some Thai food. Later on, we stopped by his sister's job to say hello and I saw Paul Y., a guy I haven't laid eyes on since high school.
For some reason, I keep getting a weird error message when I try to post to Blogger...hopefully I can get to the bottom of this mystery soon.
So Thursday night after finishing my dub set at Barca, I hopped on my mighty scooter only to find the tire is starting to go flat. Luckily, I had a spare inner tube in the glove box. So I pulled into the Texaco station on Broadway and got to fixin'. The night was clear and very cold and I really just wanted to get home and get warm. All was going well and I was almost done when I realized that I'd put the rims together wrong. So I had to deflate the tire, take the rims apart and put them back on. As I was tightening a nut with my ratchet, my hand slipped and I took a nice chunk out of one of my knuckles. It hurt like hell, but even worse was that I had Madonna's version of "Santa Baby" stuck in my head the whole time! I mean, WTF?!
I finally got home around midnight, then (like an idiot) stayed up all night reading. I got four hours of sleep and went to visit my mother. Came back here and did some cleaning in anticipation of Scott Bwoy's return and then left for Barca for my Friday night set.

Saturday was the Goddess Tess' birthday. We met almost six years ago when my old band The Visitors, played a gig at the Wedgewood Ale House is north Seattle. Stu thought Tess' roommate was cute and went over to chat her up after the set. Turned out Mindy had a serious boyfriend who was in Africa with the Peace Corps, but Tess and Mindy wound up hanging out with us anyway. They were fresh out of college and had moved to Seattle from New Jersey just a couple of weeks before. They didn't know anyone, so they got adopted my our merry little band. Mindy eventually went her own way, but Tess stuck with us (no mean feat, considering most of us are dedicated Stuists and she was often the only female). A couple of months later, through the introduction of Stu's ex-significant other (to her ex-significant other), Tess met the talented, gregarious and handsome Aaron Lewis (AKA Punks). They've been together ever since. As a matter of fact, they're tying the knot on July 20!
Tess is kind of woman I hope my daughter (should I ever get any) turns out to be. Smart (street and book), funny, passionate, independent, opinionated (Oy!) beautiful, curious, loving and fierce! Often, when I'm feeling down and thinking: "Damn, nobody loves me", I can quickly pull myself out of a tailspin by reminding myself that Tess loves me! More than anyone (besides Stu), she has the ability to draw me out of my shell. And honey, if I never told you this before, I'm telling you now-I love you for that!
So on Friday, we had a few drinks in her honor. We talked about how quickly time passes and how we've all grown together. I got lots of hugs.

These are the ties that bind.

Happy Birthday Tess!
I've been watching MVHeaven again, getting my K-pop fix. Park Ji Yoon...*sigh*