So the Fourth Annual Wig N Skirt party was Saturday night. I'm still in recovery! Frito and I arrived with his kegs of homebrew. It was early and so we helped Dan finish up the party preparations. I was blowing up balloons and inflable furniture in the balloon tent in the back yard when the first guests started to arrive. DJ Floorm@ started kickin' the tribal house grooves in the basement, I had a few rum and cokes and the party was on!
There was karaoke in the living room, DJ's in the basement, belly dancers in the chillout room and beautiful women everywhere! I wandered around all night, to the Mullet Shrine, out to the kegs, out on the dance floor...it was all a blur of color and motion...
I do remember walking up to Tab while she was charming some poor fella and putting out some not-so-subtle signals that I was her boyfriend. The guy took off and we cracked up...she says we should tag-team sometime. I was amazed that I was able to stay in character without laughing!
Frito and I headed home as the sun was coming up.
Although Dan is moving into a loft with his girlfriend next month, he says this one isn't the last.

Whigs and Skirtz, together again...


It's Saturday afternoon, Barry White is on the newly restored Musicserver and I'm counting the minutes until I leave for a rescheduled band practice. I kicked it with my friend Amber last night and went to the Silver Fork with Scott and Mary this morning. Something inside told me I needed pancakes and it just so happened that Frito was listening to the same voice. Monique E. just called to tell me that she was at electronics sale and picked me up a minidisc recorder for $20!! WhooHoo!!
I've been surfing various newsites and posts and it occurred to me that while I'm sitting here, (somewhat) gainfully employed, with a computer and other toys, a car, a huge collection of CD's etc., there is a lot of fucked-up things going on in the world right now. Fucked up things in my own city. Heck, prolly even on my block! Yet, I manage to stay unaffected by all this. Have I become detached? Or is there only so much bad news one can absorb before an internal switch trips and one becomes largely apathetic?
I'm not gonna wax philosophical over that question here, I'd feel like such a wanker.

'Sides, "Love's Theme" is on...


Monique A. and I were "discussing" the wedding porn TV show The Bachelor today. Tonight is the finale. Salon has an article on it, in which some po-mo egghead bleeds all the fun out of everything! Anyway, I'm going over to her house to play Scrabble, eat some chili and show off my best victory dance when my horse, er-contestant Amanda, takes it all!


I just got back from basking in the blazing, feral, literate, profane, romantic, demonic and reverent music of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It was simply awesome. "Love Letter" was so beautiful I coulda cried. The crowd was into it, sitting only for the first three tunes before rushing to the stage. Pretty much everyone was on thier feet. Two encores...awesome.

In other news, nothing happened. Oh, wait. Seth called to tell me that our band Fey Ray was picked to play a slot during the annual University Street Fair. I'm frightened and psyched at the same time. Yea, verily. I, Stacius. Third from the sun, shall rock...

The 4th Annual Wig N Skirt Party is on Saturday. I suggest if you're reading this, you live in Seattle and are not afraid to wear a wig or a skirt-or both-then drop me a line and I'll hook you up! Last year's party was legendary! In addition to wigs & skirts, we had lots of booze, ICQ was in the house, DJ's, the shrine, hot babes, paramedics and karaoke. Here's the site: http://www.studiodec.com/wigz.html


An extremely lazy Saturday. I left the house only to get food. Slept through the afternoon and watched "Dark City" with Scott. Friday night was the usual gathering of the tribe at The Baltic Room. Then I went down to catch Maktub at their sold-out CD release party at The Showbox. The Helios Sequence and Orbiter (featuring the beautiful and very talented Stephanie Wicker on guitar, keys and backing vocals-they did a kickass groovy cover of The Jam's 'Precious') I wound up right in front. Maktub put on a solid show, we danced, we sang...it was all good.

I suppose y'all have heard about the death of Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley. We're the same age...something that gives you pause no matter the circumstances. The guy was pretty talented, cranking out a lot of work in relatively short period. I remember the First Girl I Loved and I playing the hell out of 'Facelift' back in '92. Third Girl I Loved and I dug that first Mad Season when it came out in '94. We used to sing "Wake Up" to each other while bombing around Seattle, getting bombed. I lost interest once their sound got co-opted by lesser bands (something that is still going on-Puddle of Crap, anyone?), but I always heard the stories about Staley's impending death and hoped that somehow he'd shake that monkey off his back and kick some ass. It's strange how people you've never met have an influence on you (I'd probably kiss David Bowie full on the mouth if we ever met.) and Alice In Chains defined a chapter of my life.
R.I.P. Layne.


I had gone to Jason's for an NSC meeting and then Tabitha and Maria asked me if I wanted to hang out and get some food. I hadn't talked to either of them in awhile, so I agreed. We tried to get into the Costal Kitchen, but there was a line so we wound up at Thai food joint a couple of doors down. It was great hanging out with the girls. You never really get to know the people in your life until you can get away from the parties and bars and functions and sit down and just...talk.
Later, as I rode home, I thought about starting another blog...but one of short stories. These pieces would be more composed and thought out than the "memory dump" here.
Maybe I'll learn something from it.


Frito is watching "The Warrior and The Princess" as I write this. I dunno about you, but there is something disquieting about hearing Germans in the background. Laurie came over and we watched "Being John Malkovich" last night. I hadn't seen it before...*GASP!* I know. I know. Anyway, I found it very entertaining, especially Cathleen Keener's performance, she's like a shark with boobs-literally! You see those teefs? Reminds me of a certain woman I useta know-back in the day.
Anyway, my baby is back! We had to be apart a few days while she was getting her speedometer, rear tailight, brakes and kickstand fixed. She was happy to see me too-I know 'cause she started on the first kick! We took the long way home...
My roommate suggested that Pearl and I spend a little time apart every month. He says I'm happier over my scooter than any woman...of course! This is Troo Luv!
Frito and I skipped the Church show, we decided that $20 was too much. Yet I'm about to drop $30-something on Nick Cave when he plays the Paramount. Tess emailed me today and asked me if I'd like to see Elvis Costello next month with her-for free! WhooHoo! I can't wait. Tess, you rule!
Everything seems to be humming along, yet...nothing is happening. I wish the weather would get better. It might inspire me to do something out of the ordinary. But instead I'm sticking to the routine: Work, home. Work, home. I'm avoiding the news. The Anger Followed By Mild Dispair isn't helping either. I'm staying away from all my sad, thoughtful CD's, preferring loud guitars and stupid dance beats. This Isn't a Funk But It Could Be, if I'm not careful.


Frito got his Technics turntable today. He already got a mixer and now I have to get a turntable too. Then we start buying records! *sigh* Another expensive hobby. I should really pick one and go whole hog.
Anna L. called on Sunday-I missed her so bad it hurt! I swear we talked for over an hour! I hope to have her over sometime this week...so Anna, if you're reading this, COME VISIT!!



It's Wednesday. Dawson's Creek is on (Enterprise is a rerun tonight and even though there's a documentary on the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but frankly, I'm rather sick of the quarreling Children of Abraham right now). I'm tired. I'm broke. The Church is playing in town tomorrow (Yay!). Antonio is going to Italy for awhile-sniff-and I bloddied my pinkie (brownie?) toe two days ago on the old music server case lying on our floor. Poo.

I met a really cool girl tho...


I hate daylight savings time. Who are we saving it for? Why put ourselves through the twice yearly mindfuck of switching back and forth an hour? Who does it serve? Why, dammit, why? It's not there aren't already enough hours in the day for what I want to do, gahdammit!
I'm still recovering from the weekend. I hooked up with The Family on Friday and went to a party at Scott's friend Mary's apartment building. We got home around 4AM. On Saturday afternoon, I went to meet a friend for pizza in Georgetown, then (much later) went to see sub_sonic at I-spy with a brief stop at the Lava Lounge in Belltown. Sunday, after band practice Matt and I went to the Metafilter Seattle gathering at the De-Luxe Bar & Grill on Broadway. I met Jessamyn, Mars Saxman, littlenemo (what a cutie!), Gutenburg (who used to date my old roommate Dan), Vito90 (who knows my Big Sister Amy), argybargy, Jerry Kindall and a few others who's names escape me. It was nice putting same names with some faces and I can say I've finally met Jessamyn, who I had been missing at various gatherings and whose site I've been reading for quite some time now. She's a little firecracker, that's for sure! Oddly, she recognized me from my picture on the Seattle Webloggers site...we hung out for awhile and drank a couple of beers and yakked a bit. Matt and I didn't stay long. My scoot was parked at his house on the other end of Capitol Hill and I was beat from caning it.
Tonight, I went to Monique A.'s for Scrabble and a hot pasta (as in chillis) dish. While we were playing, we watched The Bachelor on ABC and talked trash. I got my arse kicked in Scrabble, I kept drawing vowels. 'Nique's got this really cool Blue Healer named Zamora. She didn't like me at first, but after she got a good whiff of me, we were cool. I tried to convince Monique to let me take Zamora home with me, but she wasn't havin' it. Next time, my pretty...


Some friends have a music site-check out The Twins of Evil!


So I came home from work yesterday burnt and edged from a hard days toil. All I wanted to do was eat some leftover teriyaki and follow my intellectual pursuits (i.e. sit on the futon in front of the TV, while downloading pr0n), but then the phone rang. It was my "swim buddy" Jay. He was in the 'hood and he wanted to visit. After he arrived, he suggested we go for a walk and enjoy the nice weather, so I yanked my food out of the nuke and took it with me. We walked through Genesee Park to Lake Washington then down to the docks. The were a lot of cars and people down there. A few sun-starved individuals were launching motorboats. Mt. Baker (the actual mountain-not the neighborhood as visible) Jay and I went out on a pier and discussed our jobs (or lack thereof), Star Trek, women, photography, women...then we looped back to the house. It was good to see him. We parted ways and I come into the house where Frito tells me he's got an extra ticket to the grand opening of Chop Suey in the space the Breakroom occupied on Capitol Hill. Against my better judgment, I decided to go. We hop on our scooters and make our way to The Elysian Brewery, where we meet Mary, Laurie and Ede for some food and drinks. I had 3-4 ginger beers in an attempt to lift my flagging energy. We made it into the club (nice job on the red, black and gold faux Chinese decor, but was the "Dogs and Chinese Keep Out" sign some sort of attempt at ironic humor? 'Cause that was fucked up, IMO.) and it quickly got filled up with the regular Seattle hipsters. Princess Nasir was pumping the Latin house grooves. It took about 15 minutes to get to the bar and Frito was buying...so I was drinkin'!
A lot of "the heads" were there, The Prof, Aaron, Plastiq Phantom, Nantini, Mike G., Marjan, Annie, Shelly, Dan, FloorM@, Mara, James and Carmel. Fila Brazillia hit the stage around 11 or so. It wasn't what I was expecting...they had a drummer and Dave and Steve played guitars and keyboards over sequenced beats and loops. I was too tired to dance but I was enjoying the show until around the 4th song when they introduced some whack MC they'd brought with them. I didn't catch his name, but he trotted out every tired method of moving the crowd: "Throw ya hands in the air!" Aggh...
The show ended around midnight, but then Steve came out and spun some classic soul/disco/r&b for the punters. I'd have enough so I got my hugs and ogles in (there were some fine women in the set!) Hopped on my scooter and headed home.
OF course, but the time I get back here, I'm fully awake. So I puttered around until Scott got home and we wind up yakkin' until close to 3AM. Despite my best efforts, I still made it to work on time and put in a decent days work.
Mary and her friend Kristi are coming over to make dinner and hang out. Scott made some Nutella ice cream for the occasion and chicks or not, I'm going try and catch Smackdown...
I go to bed early tonight.


I usually don't remember my dreams, but I did last night and it was an odd one. I was at a Mariners game (that in itself is weird, I would never go to SAFECO Field-for political reasons) and instead of sitting in the stands I was behind a fence at field level, somewhere behind 1st base. For some reason, the start of the game was delayed several times and me and the other fans standing around me were getting irate. Lou Pinella was on the field nearby and we started giving him hell, me especially. Finally, he has enough verbal abuse and sends for an official. This guy, who looks exactly like Ron Glass, the brother on Barney Miller, comes up and starts giving us bureaucratic-sounding excuses as to why the game hasn't started.
In response, I lose it completely! I get right in the guys face-and with the force of a jet engine at maximum thrust, start telling him off-going off on a rant of epic proportions about how much I dislike bureaucrats. I even grab the guy by the lapels, yank him over the fence and continue yelling, holding his face about two inches from mine. He does nothing to resist.
I woke up thinking: "Where the heck did that come from?"