Everytime I think I've seen it all...well, you just gotta laugh. I'm enjoying the weekend. I've been watching Trading Spaces and playing Morrowind...Gahd, I love Genevieve.
Another thing I love is Charles Webster's "Born on the 24th of July", it's a really deep, sexy, downtempo album, if you can't get behind the song "Ready", then there is something wrong wit'cha! Info here...


Its after midnight. Frito is on the futon exploring the special features on the Cecil B. Demented DVD, having finished watching the movie a few minutes ago. I should be headed for bed, but I just got out of the hot tub and I feel, relaxed and...awake. It was really nice outside. LaLune! The Moon...was bright in the clear skies overhead. I felt more peaceful and content than I have in a long time. Tomorrow after work is the weekly gathering of the tribe and look forward to it. Love and a little booze go well together.
This has been Gadget Week here at SOUL HEAVEN, Frito got me a CD player that plays mp3s burned to disk while he was shopping at the Amazon company store. He got a fancy expresso maker for his friend Ede and a toy guitar for his nephews. For himself, he bought a mixer and a pruner.
I got a pair of these at thinkgeek.com, I hope they live up their promise. I'd love to design some glass speakers for my bedroom so I could listen to tunes as I fell asleep. Headphones are so bulky.
In other news, my Big Sister Amy had her first child in the wee hours of the 21st. I haven't met young Justelle yet, but I have seen pictures (thanks, Heidi!!) She looks just like her mother...though smaller and more wrinkles. Congrats to Amy and Ty!!

BTW, did anyone catch The Git In Chief on the news tonight? He was trying to drum up support for a wider war during his visit to Germany. Like we need any more trouble!
What struck me is that Dubya can't seem to offer a better arguement than "This guy (Saddam) is really, really bad." He looked older than his father on that podium, like a crochety old man talking about the neighborhood hooligan. I don't doubt, that given the opportunity -Hussein wouldn't hesitate to start some shit, but how long will it be before Americans wake up and realize the President may be writing checks that his ass can't cash? Act unilaterally, then ask NATO for support?! WTF?!
Jeezus, it's gonna be a another two long years...

On that happy note, I'm off to bed. Hopefully, India and Pakistan don't nuke each other! ; )


Tess took me to see Elvis Costello and The Impostors last night. After my band played it's set during a rain shower at the University Street Fair, I rode to the Baltic Room and after a couple of attitude adjusters (double vodka Collins-Thanks Aaron!) we walked down to the Paramount. The show started fairly promptly, American Hi-Fi was the opener. All I can say about them is that I never considered that anyone would ever purposely seek to blend the musical stylings of Night Ranger and Bryan Adams, but what do I know? Maybe it was just an accident.
Regardless, the crowd was really pumped. Between sets, Tess and I discovered that we were sitting in the wrong seats (which were pretty good) and found that our real seats were even better! Elvis got a standing ovation before he even played a note! He and the band returned the love, however, ripping through a set that blended material off his latest album ('Tart" kicked my ass-btw) with the more rockin' stuff from the back catalog (What's So Funny (About Peace, Love and Understanding?(with Peter Buck!)), Watching the Detectives, I Hope You're Happy Now, All The Rage, Man Out Of Time, Clowntime Is Over and a smokin', passionate, super-creepy version of I Want You). With the lone exception of When I Was Cruel (being tied to the drum machine sapped some of the momentum) just about everything played was energetic, loud and powerful. Steve Nieve was like a kitten hopped up on crank as he attacked his keyboards, Pete Thomas sang along and powered the whole thing with his powerful drumming and the New Guy (taking the place of My Hero, Bruce Thomas did a pretty good job with the aforementioned's basslines). It was my first Elvis Costello concert, having missed him twice over the last few years. Thank you, Tess! I had a wonderful time!
Elvis treated us to three encores and we were good and worn out by the time it was over. I walked Tess back up to the Baltic, we hung out with Aaron, Maria and Laurie for a bit and then I headed home...it was a great end to a very busy weekend!

Here's a better review.


OK...I'm in the home stretch. It's (almost) Friday. Dinner went well and I was glad to spend some quality time with Tess. It was her first visit to SOUL HEAVEN and I hope she comes back again soon.
Last night, we finished the basic tracks for the E.P. sometime next week, we'll be doing the lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars and hopefully, keyboards and vibraphone from James and Stu.


Arrgh! Didja ever have one of those weeks where you overbooked yourself and you find you're busy every night? I did that this week and I'm trying to stay (somewhat) sane and get enough sleep while I try to cover all the stuff I planned. Tonight, Fey Ray went back into KellyLu Studios, to cut some new tracks for our upcoming E.P. I just got home about a half hour ago. We did the basic tracks for 2 songs and attempted a third, but it didn't gel. We go back tomorrow. Plus we've got a gig coming up. We're playing the University Street Fair on Sunday. I don't know whether to be happy or terrified, but we're going for it! Tess is coming over for dinner on Thursday and I got an email from my long-lost friend Myshel, who's been down in CA for the last 10 months. She says she's coming back, hopefully by summer. But she's in town right now and I can't wait to give her a big, warm hug...I really missed her!
Anyway, I'm off to bed...


I've just returned from a party at Karen's house in Blue Ridge. I considered the ride to/from more fun than the actual party and I was right. There was no moon tonight and even though it was cool out, I felt exhilerated as head home, south through Ballard on 24th, then through Fremont via Leary Way, around Lake Union, through the Arboretum, then along the lake to Mt. Baker.
It was beautiful out today. Warm and cloudless...After washing both me and Frito's scooters, I rode to Broadway in search of a tam. Instead, I picked up some new shoes and had some Pho. Broadway was packed with people and cars...everyone seemed happy that spring had finally arrived-the energy on the street was amazing. Mount Rainier, the Cascades and the Olympic Mountain ranges were in all their majestic glory, reminding me once again why I love this place so much.


Let's Explode

Love is only for the lovely
And such a glamorous thing to waste
Wait, I have to fix my makeup, wait
Cause no one likes to see a pretty
Face, all sad and twisted up
Cause the beautiful were never meant to suffer
And I'm so beautiful
A peacock died to color my lips
So I died my hair in all their sweat
But now I'm haunted by these visions of me
I don't wanna live forever
When the sky is full of little holes
Exploding as they take my picture
Let's explode

I don't wanna know me better

-Eef Barzelay


Tabitha and Maria came over for dinner last night. I whipped up some vittles: pork chops (soaked in brine with an apple sauce) , garlic mashed potatoes (with feta!) and a ceasar salad. Frito made strawberry ice cream and we had wine and got into the tequila and coconut rum. Later on, Frito and I played some records on the decks and some of the projects we've been working on. It was a fun evening.
So then I get to work and hear that a friend has suffered a sudden and devistating loss. I spent have the day trying not to let that fuck my head up, but it was hard. I get through most of my hard times by concentrating on the light at the end of the tunnel, by saying to myself, 'one day I'll look back on this and laugh'. But I also know that sometimes that light see,s so far off and faint that it might not seem like it's worth the effort. I wish I knew the right things to say, but this one of the those times that words fail utterly. Tim and I are going to try and make it over to visit him on Thursday. Maybe I won't need to say anything...


I went to a Photodisc reunion on Friday night at Tia Lou's, the site of many company meetings (pre-Getty) back in the heady days of the internet boom. Not only did I see lots of people that I used to work with, but I also got to hang out with most of the guys from my tribe, the old Production group. We drank Magaritas and caught up on what everyone was doing. I didn't get home until close to midnight and the reunion started at 5PM!
I miss that job. I loved the satisfaction that came from making pretty, useful things. I will be doing it again, you can bet!
Saturday night, I kicked it with someone I truly love-my friend Laura. We went to dinner and up to Barca for drinks. We hadn't seen each other since January and it was good to hang out with her. Sunday was band practice and a short visit to The Garage with Frito for dinner.

The gas stove is here and gets hooked up today. I'm really excited. I'm gonna get some groceries and make pork chops with apples!


Randomage-The Gathering.

One of the rilly kewl things about being unemployed was having time to think. Time to reflect about the how and why of what you were doing (or not doing). There was time to do dishes. To read the paper from front to back. Time to do laundry. To clean the bathroom.
Now that I'm back on a routine, it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. I have to stubbornly cut back on things I really want to do. I need to figure out how to earn more and work less...any suggestions? No Adam, pimping your Mom is not an option...

I went to Art Walk with The Prof tonight. I haven't indulged my 'arty' side in some time. What really makes the Art Walk a kick ('sides all the cute girls and free beer) is listening to all the pretentious types chatting up the artists:
PT: Well, when I was working for the blahblah gallery in DC, we did this...
A: Oh really? What are you doing now?
PT: Weeelll, I've sort of fallen on hard times...I'm a freelance editor...
I saw some nice stuff but the best scene was in the 619 building. 5-6 floors of cool art and the crowd seemed pretty decent. I think the best art makes me ask, "Wow...what was he thinking?" as opposed to, "Whoa!! What was he thinking?!" but that's just me, one a them Fil-us-steens...
Personally, I want cheap art. Under $200? I'll eat Top Ramen for a week if I like your stuff, ya know? $5,000 for something I think I could do? Forget it. We saw a Chihuly painting listed at $20,000! As if!! I picked up a cute little painting a glass and metal case for $5! It's gonna look so cool on my wall...

As Tim and I parted ways and I was headed back to Pearl, I saw a band was playing at Zeitgeist Kaffe. I think they were called The Spoils. They reminded me of those mod 60's R & B bands like early Who, Moody Blues or the Kinks. The guitarist was an fun to watch and the small crowd was really into 'em. I stayed for 5 tunes before heading home.
Anna L.'s friend Kory (sp?) was there. I think (besides Tess) she's my biggest fan. I adore her, too. She's a heck of a painter and an all-around sweetheart!

So there.


I am often fascinated by the subtleties of social interaction. More often than not, I hate making small talk with people I don't know. Especially in the sober, cold, greenish florescent lights of the office.
Me being the weird guy I am, I get amused when I find myself chatting with someone about the weather, their cats, their neighbors, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a cold fish, it's just...funny.
For example, a couple of weeks ago I was walking by the area Sensi Pete and this guy Mike work. I was on my way to the copier, fully absorbed with retrieving my endorsement and the next item I had to do. Although I didn't see it, Mike turned to say something to me and hit his hand.
"Ow!", he said.
"What happened?"
"I turned to say something to you and hit my hand."
Not knowing what to say, I offer, "Well, gee. I-I'm sorry to hear that." and start giggling at my own insincerity.
"Shee! I'm glad to see you're so concerned." says Mike.
"Yeah, that really sucks", I reply.