Oy. It's 4PM and I'm wiped. I just got back from helping my ex-girlfriend set up from her 29th birthday party. I was struck by how easy and friendly our relationship has become, how we can talk about who we're dating and who we want to date and still hug and clown around with no weirdness. It's a beautiful thing.


Now this is funny. Terrorists see Seattle as an easy target because of "bad policing?" So the SPD just got called out by the Feds...can't wait to see how this one turns out.
Next we'll have Falwell declaring that we deserve an attack, because of those godless liberals running things around here. Psst- Osma!! Blowing up the EMP would go a long way toward smashing America...


Man, I can't wait for this week to be over. It's hot and stuffy in the house at night, which makes one feel like they are being slowly smothered to death. I've been getting lousy sleep and have been feeling cranky for days. Pls there's a lot of peripheral personal stuff that's been frustrating and disappointing.
Nonetheless, I shall soldier on...


It's been a long weekend. I got up at 4:30AM on Friday to see the USA v. Germany match before heading to work. I was totally fuzzy-headed but got some things done and man, it was hard to resist the beautiful day outside. I feared that if I left to meet up with Matt, Stu and Trish for lunch, there was no way I was coming back to the office!
After work, I met up with the heads at the Baltic Room, where I was greeted with the news of Matt and Leslie's pregnancy. She's due in January! I'm an uncle (again!)
Laura came down to the bar and she, Maria and I decided to go out to Alki Beach to meet Tabitha at bonfire some of her friends were having in honor of the Solstice.
Venus shined brightly in the sky as it finally started getting dark around 10. There were fires up and down the beach and scores of teenagers running around. I hadn't been to Alki (which means "by and by") in awhile and I'd forgotten how spectacular the sunset is from there on summer nights. I remember being 18-19 years old and crusing Alki Drive in by buddy Derek's Delta 88, blasting Van Halen and trying to look cool in mirrored Ray-Ban shades. We found Tabitha group, but by the time we got settled in, the cops showed up and told everyone it was time to go home.
Maria, Laura and I wound up at Duke's where we ordered a ton of food. I'd had too much caffiene and clove cigarettes, so about the time my Dungeness Crab Chowder showed up, I was feeling sick, buzzy and weird. Laura was kind enough to get me back to my beloved Pearl, who had me straight by the time I got home.
Frito and I stayed up and watched the Korea v. Spain game and were quite pleased with the result. If the Red Devils keep up their hard-charging style, they may just win the whole damn thing!
On Saturday, Frito and I rode our scooters to Fremont for the Solstice Parade we walked across the Fremont Bridge in to The Center of The Universe and parked them near Tim's place. Tabitha joined us a little later and the three of us caught the parade. I took lots of pictures we'll put them up soon. Afterwards, we wandered around, checking out all the craft and food booths. We tried to meet up with some of Frito's friends but we kept missing each other! Adam called us from Tim's and ordered us to bring them some Elephant Ears, so we picked them up and headed back to Tim's. We hung out for awhile and then Frito and I headed home to get ready for Tabitha's birthday party. We made a quick stop at the liquor store on the way.
Maria showed up at SOULHEAVEN at 6:30 with three bags of groceries-her plan was to make shishkabob, grilled asparagus and salad. Laura brought Hagen-Daaz gelato and I made a choclate sauce to go with the strawberries Maria brought. Everyone got good and smashed on Stroh rum (160 proof!), Absolut Mandarin, several bottles of wine and beer. Ryan brought in his crate of records and rocked our decks. I think everyone went home around 3 or 4AM. Not bad for a last-minute gathering! I think I finally went to bed around 5AM.
We had our usual band practice on Sunday, then Tracy and I had pizza and watched TV. I went to bed around 11.
I was still wiped out at work today. And the fact that it's really nice out made it even harder to be motivated.
I'm going to bed early tonight so I can watch the Korea v. Germany game and get in and out of work earlier....

The quote of the weekend comes courtesy of Ms. Tabitha The Birthday Girl(we were at the Fair):

Tabitha: Hey fellas! Can I get my face painted?
Me (Looking around): Okaaayy...who wants to take this one?


Christians for Cannabis: Cannabis news and commentary from an alternative christian perspective - Religion Drug Legalization.

I'm speechless....
A message from Gopi (and others):

This Saturday night June 22, 2002

A hot night of global entertainment, fashion, music, performance art and dancing, mixed with the latest in technology and inspired by the fire within.

615 Boren Avenue North Seattle, in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Doors Open at 9pm. Party and dancing until 2am

A benefit party for the Northwest Burn Foundation and their emergency housing program supporting families of burn patients.

Forward this invitation to colleagues and friends.

Please click for details, photos and more...

I don't know if I'll be there, Saturday is the Fremont Solstice Parade-but chu never know!


I heard this from Stu last night and saw this verified here...on Tuesday, September 10, Wire will be returning to The Showbox here in Seattle, WA!
Wow, Wire and a new Flaming Lips record...There's always reasons to live!!


BTW-Tomorrow is Juneteenth, so check out this site, learn a little sumptin' and give thanks. The struggle ain't over, but we've come a long way, baby!
Well, another round of Blogger Insider has come and gone and this time I was paired up with Victoria of
The Muse's Fool and Unfit for Society. As usual, we were supposed to come up with 10-15 questions for each other and post the results on our blogs. So, for your perusal, I present my "interview" with Victoria!

1. You write a lot fanfic about Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, but what about the Superman/Batman dynamic (I'm assuming you've read the Dark Knight series?) Would you write something about that?

Actually, I haven't read the Dark Knight series. I'm a media fan, not a comics fan (trust me, there's a big difference. *g*) and the Clark and Lex I write about are from the WB show "Smallville", not the comics incarnation of Superman.

I have not written about the Superman/Batman dynamic, as Batman (or Bruce Wayne) has not shown up yet on "Smallville", but there are many authors in the fandom who do.

If he shows up on the series, and I'm still interested in the fandom, I might consider writing something.

It is an interesting dynamic - The Ultimate Boy Scout and the Not-Quite-Sane Vigilante.

2. Suppose you have 5 minutes to talk to anyone you want to. Who would
it be? What would you say?

Only one person?


I'd ask him the real deal. Is he really the Son of God? Did he rise from the grave? How come he doesn't smite those who commit atrocities in his name?

Stuff like that.

3. So, how's it going? Are you doing everything you thought you would be when you were in your teens? Is it anything like what you imagined?


It's absolutely nothing like I imagined.

I figured I'd be married with three kids by now, working on a novel.

The novel part, well, I might get to that, but the "married and three
kids" thing is looking less and less likely.

4. Do you remember your dreams? What was the last one like?

I do indeed. I remember 3 or 4 a night sometimes.

Hmm, the last one I remember, I was back at my high school - my sister drove me there - because apparently I had to take some test I'd never
taken. My whole class had to go back, even though we graduated -gah- 14 years ago.

The school was much nicer in my dream - lots of lush green grass and rolling hills, instead of being on the service road of the LIE.

5. Have you ever profited from being bad? (define "bad" however you want) How?

Scoffing a check at a bar - yeah, we profited by not having to pay for the meal or the drinks. Which is stealing. And that's wrong.

6. How did your parents meet?

Uh... I don't rightly know. I know my dad worked as a bartender sometimes at the local Knights of Columbus hall, and my mom was in the Columbiettes (the ancillary women's organization), and she used to go drinking at the KoC. So probably there.

7. What do you think the "end" of all this blogging business will be anyway? Can you see yourself being 70 and looking back over pages andpages of your writing? Do you think you'd be embarrassed? Satisfied?? And do you think bloggers have a right to privacy, even though we hurl loads of (potentially useful) information into the world?

The "end"? For most people, boredom. A pretty new thing will come along.

I kept a handwritten journal for nearly 10 years - from Jan. 1991 until Nov. 1999, and yeah, I look at some of the stuff in there now and am embarrassed [of course, I was younger and much of it was "I like Boy X! Why doesn't he like me? He does like me! Oh, no, he's got a girlfriend!" type stuff.

But it also chronicles my life through the end of college and into the working world, various jobs I've had, births and deaths in the family, some of my more lurid drinking adventures, so I think I'm satisfied. In some ways, I kind of wish I'd kept up with it; it might have given me clues earlier to certain things (which was why I started keeping it in the first place - not to be blindsided by life. Except that's what life does, so it didn't quite work out, you know? *g*) and I might have been able to stop certain things earlier or get a handle on them, anyway.

8. You seem to enjoy a pretty close relationship with your father. How did it get that way? Did you ever have to work at it? What in your
opinion is the best lesson he taught you? (I'm fascinated by father-daughter relationships-dunno why)


It's always been that way. Even when he worked second shifts or overtime, he did stuff with us. There have been times when it's been hard, when I've felt he's taken sides against me or chosen my sister over me, or when I've done things that disappointed him, or just things where we don't share an opinion or something. And the whole driving
thing... ::shudders::

The best lesson he taught me was that a job is not a life. You can have a career, but something is always going to be sacrificed, and you have
to think long and hard about what's most important -- being happy or being in the corner office.

Obviously, I've chosen being happy, or at least attempting to be happy.

9. Have you considered writing a full-on non fanfic novel? Say for November National Novel Writing Month? (It's actually National Novel Writing Month-ed.)

Is November Novel Writing Month? I did not know that. I know April is Poetry Month.

I have considered writing a non-fanfic novel many times. Have a big pirate's trunk half-full of half-written manuscripts for the next "Lord of the Rings" or some other crap. I wanted to write fantasy as a child/teenager, and I loved the world building - the drawing of maps and the creation of language and history, but I never could come up with a
halfway decent plot.

Now, I've got a couple ideas that could be full-fledged novels, and when I finally find characters of my own creation as interesting as I do other people's, I'll write them. I hope.

10. I think violence, when properly applied-is always a valid option. What's is your opinion? Can you give me an example to back it up?

Oh yeah.

There are definitely times when force is an option. I think, even with all the horror stories we hear about cops (and being in NY, the love has been massive for them since 9/11, but come on - we know they're guilty of brutality and excessive force on more than one occasion), I think that stopping the commission of a violent crime requires violence.

I think that there is such a thing as a just war, though I don't think we've had one since WWII. I think assassinating Saddam Hussein is a valid and ethical means of solving at least one problem, and I think the US should never have stopped in the Gulf War, but gone on to Baghdad.

In less serious matters, in sports, I feel in hockey, one must defend one's goalie or teammates, and in baseball, you should retaliate with a little chin music should some punkass thug like Roger Clemens hit your star player.

11. I have this question written on my computer...it's from a Flaming Lips song (quite possibly the Finest Band in America) and it's one I ask myself frequently and on some days I don't really have an answer for it. But I'm curious to see what you think:

Is it getting heavy?

Oops. Yeah, it kinda is.

Sorry. *g*




Gahd, she's seems pretty cool, huh? Anyway, my answers to her questions can be found here.


KJET 1600 - Tomorrow's Hits...Today! This was the station I spent many, many hours in aural ecstacy listening to back in the mid to late 80's. ('84-'88 to be exact). Man, I sound like one of those annoying old geezers who are always going on about "back in the day"-but this is the music that informed my current musical tastes. This was alternative music when it really was the alternative! There's a few playlists, I've been checking them out,getting all misty-eyed...ah, yoof!
I saw one of their old DJ's, Jim Keller at a KNDD-sponsored event. I walked up to him and asked him if he used to be on KJET. He looked at me strangely and said yes. I shook his hand, said "Thank You" and walked away...
OK...I admit it. I was looking for Lipstick Lesbians (though I love all kinds!) and wound up here. The Commerical Closet. Check it out...discuss.

Tuesday, 18 June 2002 at Chop Suey
Loop Loop: Groove Oriented Electronic Jazz

featuring players:
Byron Vannoy, drums
John Silverman, bass
Jay Roulston, trumpet

guest players:
Richard Middleton, keyboards
Beck Henderer, guitar

elecronic musicians:
Brian Pamintuan

and DJs:
Ken Wallace

Captured from the Stranger:
Loop Loop
Starting with Bobby Timmons and Lee Morgan in the '60s, the CTI crowd and the Headhunters in the 1970s, and through the early '80s with Acid Jazzers and US3 in the early '90s, musicians have been funking up jazz for almost five decades. A rotating cast of DJs, straight-ahead players, and exploratory musicians give it another go. Good thing, too. Why should Matthew Shipp and other East Coasters have a monopoly? -- Christopher DeLaurenti

Chop Suey is located at 1325 E. Madison, Capitol Hill, Seattle. 206.324.8000
21+ with ID, 9p – 2a, Full liquor bar, $4 cover

All ABSOLUT drinks are $1 off !

Come early for your free promo CD.

Hope to see everyone there....



Came across Broken Saints today via Metafilter. If you're into Anime, Graphic Novels or just some good ol' storytelling, I advise you to check this out!


I rolled out of bed this morning and rode north to Greenlake, where I met Tabitha for breakfast at the Blue Star Cafe. We chatted...I had the Country Fried Steak and she had the Frittata. It was beautiful out, so we decided to buy some CD's. I got Cousteau, and Julian Cope's first solo album (both Scott Walker's "children") and a copy of Catherine Wheel's "Wishville" (a CRIMINALLY overlooked album from 2000-don't let that cranky-pants review on allmusic.com ruin it for ya), SushiRobo's first full-length, a copy of Lightheavyweight's debut (finally!) and the new Doves album.
If you live in Seattle, you know that the Seattle International Film Festival is going on right now. I usually check out 4-5 movies from this excellent series. But this year I seem to be working on slowly disappearing up my own ass, so it wasn't until Mercedes suggested it, that I caught a flick...The Happiness of the Katakuri. Man, what a great movie! Even more surprising was that Mercedes and I both liked it! At the same time! Together!! I don't think that's ever happened before!


I got my scooter back from Big People's today, she sporting a new pair of Bitubo shocks and the ride is soooo solid-it's amazing. It was good to get out of my element and ride the bus for a week, if only for the change in scenery and a chance to do a little reading and thinking in the morning before arriving at work. Unfortunately, the route that goes past my front door is often adversely affected by traffic, so I never arrived at work at the same time. Which was Good on the days I'm five minutes early, Bad when I was seven minutes late.

Thursday night, Frito and I caught sub_sonic at our usual haunt with the usual heads and the usual good time was had by all! I hadn't seen Stu in awhile, he was in San Diego with his girlfriend, who was running in a marathon down there. And naturally, he told me tales of her blistered feet, and peeling toenails...there are few things I like doing for 5 hours, with running being the least of those things! Still, I'm proud of Miriam...you go, gurl!
Anyway, I didn't have the energy for dancing (I was feeling a little introverted) and I knew I was going to suffer at work the next day (I did) but Frito and I stayed until close.
Then after we got home we chatted until almost 4AM about life, travel, women, etc.

The weather was really wild today, there was a thunderstorm and rain but by the time I left work, it was sunny and clear out. It's supposed to be nice out today. I think I'm going to ride my scoot to Magnolia tomorrow and see what I can see-Maybe I'll take my Holga along and drop in on my friend Juli...



Aural-Fixtations your source for dope beats and cool grooves...


I didn't get to play painball yesterday, I dragged my slightly-hung-over-and-sleep-deprived ass out of bed at 8:30, loaded up all my gear and drove over to Jay's, then Jason R., Kim and Bryan showed up and we hit the road, driving all the way through Tacoma and up to Port Orchard (which took over an hour). We were mere blocks from the field when Jay hopped out of Jason & Kim's car to run back and tell me that Carey, who was out drinking with us the night before was in the hospital with alcohol poisoning..
We stopped at the field to look for people in our party, but didn't see anyone, then drove to Jason W's to see what the deal was. Poor Carey...apparently it wasn't alcohol poisoning, the doctors suspect someone put something in her drink. She's alright though...
Since it was well after noon, we decided to hang out at Jason's, which was the plan after anyway. We sprawled out in the sun, listened to music and Jason and Jason played a few rounds of Magic. I had to leave around 4 to hook up with Tracy. I was bummed that I didn't get to play, the weather was perfect-but the drive back was nice with the windows and sunroof open and Weezer in the disc changer!
After we had dinner, Tracy and I went to see "CQ" last night. I found it stylish, engaging and well executed, though I'm not sure what the point was. But to tell the truth, I didn't mind that at all. Billy Zane was in it, wearing his usual cheesy grin. And the costumes and sets really made me long for a more stylish world, one where even a big git like me would look dashing and handsome in a beret.
After the movie, we stopped by Paula's newly opened Dumb clothing store on Capitol Hill. It was a marvellous evening, it's starting to feel like summer around here!


Tonight was lovely. I got off work, hopped in Dante's Jetta (he loaned it to me so he could take Pearl to a Scooter rally in Portland) cranked up the stereo and drove out to Fremont (The Center Of The Universe). I had some Phad Se Eew and then walked over to The Ballroom, where I met the old Getty Production Crew for Jay's and Jason's birthday. Jason showed up in drag (blue flower print dress) and we all played pool, bought shots for Jay and caught up with each other. I love those guys...
I left around 9 and headed up to Chop Suey to catch "4 and/or 20" which was billed as an evening with DJ's and musicians spinning either 4 records or playing an instrument for 20 minutes. Well, no musicians showed up but we were treated to some really cool sets by some of the best DJ's in town. Everything from Metallica to Marvin Gaye got played. J-Justice, Michiko Swiggs, Brian Weller, DJ El Toro, DJ Sureshot, Michael Antonia and Aaron Lewis all swung for the fences, but Aaron pretty much hit it out of the park when he mixed Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" with "The Cantina Song" from Star Wars! Michael Antonia ran a close second by mixing Kansas' "Dust In the Wind" over a Pharcyde D&B remix. Sick!
Chop Suey was only a quarter full, but we all danced our asses off and had a really good time. I saw the cutest girl EVER there and I wish I was ten years younger and 75 pounds lighter so's I'd have the nerve to talk to her. She kept smiling at me, so she was either aware that I thought she was cute or she thought my flailing about was amusing. Frito says she had wedding ring on, but I ain't hearing that!

I must go to bed. I get up in 5 hours to play paintball over in Port Orchard! I'll be good and surly by the time I hit the field, so look out!