Sixty Second Interval
Scott is watching "Atomic Cafe" (horrifying and amusing...makes me wonder what they'll think of us and the "current situation" in a couple of generations), Seafair Organizers are taking over the neighborhood for the big hydroplane races this weekend. We just got home from playing pool with Ede (Scott's ex) at the Canterbury.
Today marks the one year anniversary of my layoff at Getty. I'm still here, happy, healthy and plugging away. I ain't mad about nothin', following my dharma and working on my Wu-Wei mind. It's hard to believe that we're sliding into the weekend. and it's gonna be fun!
Here's the scoop:

It's a massive three-pronged party attack taking place this SATURDAY on Capitol Hill.. The Space Virgins are landing, so prepare to move your booty!
THREE SPACES! All within ONE BLOCK..start anywhere, end up at Groovetech dancing until 4 a.m.

GROOVETECH (1417 10th avenue) will be transformed into an underwater world with DJs spinning prog/funky/tribal house and breaks from 9:30-4am including SKY,Mark Lacas,Ki, and AC Lewis + J Justice (Bonafide!, Baltic Room). 18+ permitted! Out of this world visuals by FUNKY PHOTONS (www.funkyphotons.com)

It all kicks off early (7pm) with a gallery opening (FREE) at the corner of Pike and 11th. Cassandria Blackmore's glass mosaics, Maggie Soladay's photography (she's selling prints cheap!), and Buddhaful Designs fashion. At 10 pm DJ's take over, including a set of turntablism by MR. Piccolo (BARCA Thursday Sessions). Drinks available, bring your I.D.

SPACE VIRGIN LOUNGE (1100 E Union, enter off 11th). Look for the DOME guarded by SPACE DEMONS that will lead you into the mothership. Starting out DJ FLOORMATT (Bonafide) will lay down some funky breaks and house to put you in orbit. Then it's STIMULUS performing live house + breaks. AT 1am the debut performance of Capitol Hill's newest indie pop band the GUEST STARS!!
Rumor has it there will be ALIEN ABDUCTION and EXPERIMENTATION taking place upstairs. 21 and up, bring your I.D. kids. Visuals by Anna Banana of the PRETTY PARLOR.
The lounge is right next door to CoCA's new space, come early for their inaugrual group show BLURRED opening (free)at 6pm:

$10 gets you into all THREE locations, the holy Trinity of cosmic partydom. Pay only $5 if you are dressed for SPACE TRAVEL. Look for the glowing lights at the doors, and prepare to be RE-virginated! Brought to you by the SPACE VIRGIN LIGHT CONTINUUM, spreading enlightenment and re-virginizing earthlings for over 8 years on the Playa:

Oop! Time for bed!!


The news came in today! Corbis will be moving downtown to the Dexter Horton building in December!! Whoo Hoo! I only have to commute to the Eastside for four months.
I'm so psyched!


It's going on 4AM when I started writing this-which is the best time to listen to
The American Music Club
or Low, but I'm not in that kind of mood right now! We got a break in the weather for which I'm very grateful. I hate feeling sticky and damp and trying to get comfortable at night was a real pain.
Right now I'm chewing some UFO brand ramen that I got from Maruta, my favorite Japanese market. (It's in Georgetown, like a lot of good things) I have a window open and the moon is in the south. Cold and beautiful. Diana, Artemis, Bast, Astarte...

On Friday night, I got home from work and pondered my options. I was tired, but felt I could rally and be social. So I put some gas and oil in Pearl and we made our way to Aaron's last happy hour at the Baltic Room. Then Laurie and I decided we should go to a benefit party at Bhuddaful Studios, eat and then hit the Ursula 1000 show at Nation.
It was much too early at Bhuddaful. The benefit for a couple of Maggie's friends who were trying to raise money so that they could go on tour with their play. Hardly anyone was there and although we paid to get in we didn't stay long. We stopped in at Dick's and got some cheeseburghy (as Heidi would say) and went downtown to Nation/I-Spy.
I thought Aaron and Jason put on a good latin/progressive house set, but the thing I've noticed is that the bartenders at Nation are way too slow and there aren't enough of them. There's a lot of people who dance unless they're half-crocked, especially to music they don't know. So a lot of folks were busy trying to get their drink on. Thunderball came on next and he was pretty groovy and the dance floor started to fill up. Then around Ursula 1000 showed up...and sucked. I own at least half the stuff he played-and I'm not a superstar DJ. I'm pretty sure the guy was phoning it in.

On Saturday, I rolled out of the rack and dropped by Big People Scooters to purchase a new oil plug for Pearl. She was leaking and I was paranoid about her seizing up on or something. Victor, suggested that I use some silicone-based caulking material to seal her up. So I stopped by the hardware before coming home.
I changed the oil, installed the new plug and rode downtown to catch the Torchlight Parade at Matt and Jennifer W's "living room" on Fourth Avenue. I went to high school with Matt and Jennifer, although I didn't meet them until later, when I joined Mr. Pope (a local pop band). Every year Matt goes to Deseret Industries and buys a bunch of couches and chairs, end tables, lamps and some carpet and sets up a living rooms somewhere on the parade route. It's gotten more elaborate over the years, now he brings down a small gas grill for burgers and hot dogs and full-size refrigerator to store our pop and stuff in. I usually make a full day of it. It's fun to sit on the street and read or play backgammon or cards while waiting for the parade to start. My new friend, Alison and her mother Gretchen joined us this year (Ali's husband doesn't like crowds) and it seems like they had a good time. The Torchlight is one of the Seattle traditions I remember growing up and I'll continue to go, despite its cheesiness.


The Seattle Times: Sports: Anglers fill Lake Washington for three-day sockeye season. I wondered why there were all those boats on Lake Washington this morning...


I was checking out the Stranger Live Music listings and saw Crocodile Cafe is having a Wham! Cover night!! I am sooo there!


I went over to Adumb's house for an NSC meeting. It was productive, we have been asked by the Fremont Arts Council to throw the Troll A Go Go party again this year, so there will be a lot of work to do in the upcoming months.
Afterwards, Tim, Matt, Aaron, Tess and I were trying to decide where to eat, when it was suggested that we go to Tess and Aaron's and fire up their gas grill. Matt and I did some grocery shopping and brought back steak, chicken and apple sausages, bratwurst, chips and potato salad. Aaron whipped up a pitcher of Mojeto's and we sat in the backyard and chilled under a cloudless evening sky, catching up on the post-wedding gossip.
Later-Pearl and I chased the fat, yellow moon home as it loomed over the horizon in the southeast. The wind flowing over me felt wonderful and I was full and content.
A lovely evening...
More wedding pics!


Eyman announces transportation plan. Will somebody take this fool? Please??
After disgracing himself by finally admitting that he used campaign money for his own personal use, Washington's Initiative King is back at it again. The funny thing is that he'll probably get the signatures he needs, probably from the more conservative and rural parts of the state. The parts that don't want to, or can't admit that it's Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett that provide the bulk of tax revenues for the entire state! Now, some fuckhead in Omak who's been told he's being taxed too much is going to screw up things for the rest of us...
If Eyman is so concerned about the way government is run, why doesn't he take the bull by the horns and run for govenor?

J-Justice (DJ of Steel) sent an email about Electricbaby : Soundway, an installation at the Bellevue Art Museum that features an interview with him (and many others). Since I now commute to the eastside to work, I may just have to check this out!


Started my job in Client Services at Corbis today. The commute was a breeze, I didn't even have to get up early or go downtown! Other than that, there's not a whole lot to tell. I think I'm really gonna like it there. Everyone I met today is really cool (but it's not quite the same vibe as the old Production crew). I'll be training for about a month then I'll be switching to (heh) graveyard. I'll be working by myself at times, so I have to learn how to do everything...I'm so psyched! I hear that the company (I haven't gotten around to thinking of it as "we" yet) might be moving from Eastgate...possibly downtown, which would be really nice. Trying to get to eastside on the bus gets a lot harder after rush hour.
Boy, I'm pooped. It's too hot to sleep though! I guess I'll just read until I pass out...


Got back from Orcas Island yesterday. Pictures from the wedding are here.
Frito picked me up from Grange at 12 and we hit the freeway to Anacortes. As we drove through the ticketing booth, three lanes converged into one. I was trying to get Scott to be more aggressive as we were merging but he decided to be "nice" and let a car though, opening the way from this woman in a Volvo to squeeze through. Guess who was the last car on the boat? Grrrr.
So we had to wait 3 hours for the next one. Fortunately, we ran into Sean and Trish (and Trish's brother's air-conditioned VW Eurovan) and so we spent the time playing Scrabble and listening to The Lilys.
The ride up was beautiful as always. I have to have a corndog when I'm on a ferry, so we basically ate, goofed off & took pictures until we landed at Orcas Island. Maria, who'd walked onto the ferry at Anacortes, joined me and Scott in the car. We stopped at our rented cabin across the street from the Deer Harbor Inn in Westsound, before driving to the dinner at the Orcas Inn in Eastsound. Dinner turned out to be a Luau-themed affair. We had BBQ pork ribs, macadamia encrusted fish and salad and Mai Tais. Tess presented Aaron with a cake in the shape of a Technics 1200 turntable...it was really sweet!
I met most of Tess' folks and Aaron' mother. Everyone was really nice...but I think the pressure to "behave" started to get to us after awhile, so we quickly retreated back to the cabin-where we continued to party and carry on until the wee hours of the morning.
I got up around 9AM, then after a run to the store, Matt made breakfast for everyone. We spent a good chunk of the day reading and listening to music or playing croquet and Risk! or laying out the sun or chillin' in the hot tub. I popped in on Aaron a couple of times and brought him some Swisher Sweets. Around 4PM or so, we started getting ready and sticking close to whatever shade we could find, made our way across the street to the seats.
The wedding was mercifully short (it was friggin' hot out!) but as The Rev. Tim put it, we had gathered that day to celebrate something we already knew. Tess and Aaron's love for one another. There were a few sniffles as they exchanged their vows...Aaron even got a choked up (just as I predicted!).
After dinner, Mickey and Christo hit the decks and everyone started dancing. Tess' mother kept pulling me out on the dance floor even though I really just wanted to sit back and enjoy the cool of the evening. At 11, we retired to the cabin (with an insane amount of booze) and continued pissing off the neighbors until 3AM or so.
The next morning we knew we'd be facing at 3 hour wait at the ferry so we left around 1 to catch the 4:20 boat back to Anacortes. We sat in the grass overlooking the ferry terminal and enjoyed the shade, eating ice cream and burgers and in Frito's case, nursing a hangover.
The ride back was uneventful, It was good to return to that wide, sunny street known was Genesee before returning to the working world. I hope we get a another magical event in before the summer is over...my birthday, maybe?


randomage...(angsty, chocolate-covered pretzels of thought. Man.)

You know how little things get stuck in your head? Snatches of lyrics, movie quotes, etc. I've started writing them down and leaving them places. I figure that my subconscience is trying to tell either me or the world something important. Or not. (prolly not). But it is amusing.
Tomorrow is my last day at Grange Insurance, I'm really happy to be leaving, but not because of the people I worked with. Nonetheless, I'm leaving some things behind for my uh, successor to comtemplate...such as:

The lyrics to Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" (yes, it's still on my mind)
Sticky notes that say, "I am King of the Divan", "The Worse Crime I Ever Did Was Play Some Rock & Roll", "Cap'n Leisure Was Here", "If I'm Weird, then you're Gilly" (Tim is the only person who understood that one) and my slightly scratched copy of "Wishville" (I've purchased a new one.) I wonder what his/her reaction will be?

I have in past, convinced myself that my impact on other people was minimal. That I am a 6 foot 2, black, 290 pound, black, dreadlocked ghost, who floats through the world (ha! Now THERE'S an image) without leaving any influence or impression. I'm not sure if that my introverted side or some other forces desperately trying to keep the Leonic parts of my nature in check, or something else I hadn't comtemplated.
Avoiding responsibility, perhaps? Now, thorough these actions, I'm wondering if I want to have an impact...

Oh, fuck this. I'm going to bed!

(stomps upstairs, singing, "I don't want to know me better")


I just got back from the International Bloggers Meet thingy. Howcum the smartest, cutest, most vibrant woman in the room is always MARRIED?!
I gotta run over to Dan's, more later...


The new Flaming Lips album came out, my band played a confident, rockin' set at the Re-bar and I got a new job! All on the same day. Now I'm only 37 or so hours away from putting my temp days behind me. I was so happy yesterday I thought I'd float off into space! Now I'm earthbound but still grinning...There's still the matter of Tess and Aaron's wedding this weekend. If you've been reading Tess' blog (Gal Lewis), you know that this weekend has been pretty much dominating her every waking thought for months now. Personally, I can't wait to get up to Orcas and do some relaxin'.

Things are beginning and ending all over the place!


OK, kids! I just got some great news! I just got a new job!!! One with benefits!
Meet my new employer!

Mad props to Matt F. you said you'd take care of your boys and you kept your word!


Tried Vanilla Coke for the first time yesterday...Not bad...
Blogchalking (In case you showed up late):
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Now back to your reg-u-lar-ly scheduled program...
Holy Shit! Ben Stein (of all people) breaks it down on MIB II.


A Seattle Lexicon: Lingo from the Far Corner. I think all you kids who don't come from around here (and those of you that did and slept through your WA state history classes) should check this out.
I like to find out how things came to be, their history and the effect that has on both the present and future.
Seattle (or anywhere else, for that matter) didn't get to be what it is all on its own. What the city is today and will be in the future, is a reflection of the hopes, dreams and ambitions of several generations of its inhabitants...
It's early Sunday morning. I just got in from hanging out with Stu and Trip. Earlier in the day, I went downtown to see if I could hook up with the Seattle Bloggers for the (Son O') Wumpus Hunt. A sort of scavenger hunt through the city. They were supposed to meet at the bus station in the International District (AKA Chinatown) at noon. I guess I missed them. I hung out for awhile, looking for faces I might recognize but didn't see any. Then I noticed there was a block party up the street. So I went to check it out. There were the usual booths, selling stuff like Tibetan wool jackets and caps, jewelry, knives, religion...and insurance. There were a lot of food booths too, but I decided I want sit down awhile and read the Weekly. So I found a little joint a couple of blocks from the main action and feasted on BBQ pork over rice, hum bow and tea.
It was warm but hazy and having slept badly the night before, I was feeling kinda ginchy, but I wanted to get some new reading material so I walked into Elliot Bay Book Store and there on a table of new fiction, was the latest from China Mieville. I'm a couple of chapters away from finishing "Perdido Street Station" and figured the strong impulse to buy a book today was one of those serendipitous events that come from obeying your "inner voice." (Now, If I could just win the Lotto...)
I took a nap, then Stu called and told me he wanted to come out and get me. We picked up Trip and had dinner at the Blue Star near Green Lake. Then the three of us went to catch my friend Carla's wonderfully amateurish band, Million Dollar Kitten at the Blue Moon Tavern in the U-District. Carla sang lead, Patience on backing vox and tambourine, Stephanie on drums (and bass), Diane on guitar (and drums) and ?? on bass (and guitar). They did several covers, "Femme Fatale", "He's A Whore", "Gigantic". All in all, not that bad for a group a ladies who (having no previous musical experience whatsoever) started a band a year ago.
Stu, Trip and I left the Blue Moon and went to Barca for a drink. The Capitol Hill Block Party had ended just a little while ago and all the bars on 11th (The Bad JuJu Lounge, The Vogue and Barca) were packed! We didn't stay long, though we ran into some people we knew.
Trip was hungry, so we stopped at Dick's, then they dropped me off here...woof.


Swingin' Party
-P. Westerburg

Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there's a party
Here it's never endin', can't remember when it started
Pass around the lampshade, there'll be plenty enough room in jail

If bein' wrong's a crime, I'm serving forever
If bein' strong's your kind, then I need help here with this feather
If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side
At the swingin' party down the line
At the swingin' party down the line

Pound the prairie pavement, losin' proposition
Quittin' school and goin' to work and never goin' fishin'
Water all around, never learned how to swim now

If bein' wrong's a crime, I'm serving forever
If bein' strong's your kind, then I need help here with this feather
If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side
At the swingin' party down the line
At the swingin' party down the line

Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there's a party
Here it's never endin', can't remember when it started
Pass around the lampshade, there'll be plenty enough room in jail

If bein' wrong's a crime, I'm serving forever
If bein' strong is what you want, then I need help here with this feather
If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side
At the swingin' party down the line
[mumble] at the swingin' party down the line
Catch you down at the swingin' party down the line


I had a minor triumph today! My clutch cable snapped as I was meeting Laura for dinner last night and I was bummed 'cause I didn't want to a) go through the hassle of leaving Pearl at the repair shop and b) pay for said repairs. So I decided to fix her myself. I'd purchased a maintainence manual about a month ago and dang if it wasn't easy! I went for a ride after I got everything back together! Like butta! So now I can change the oil, change a flat, change my cables and spark plugs...cleaning the carborator is next...WhooHoo!


The World Adult Kickball Association! This is what I need. Anybody wanna start a team?
Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Michael Jackson accuses recording industry of cheating. Aw, Jeez. Michael-Didja ever stop to think that the record buying public might get tired of your freaky ass? You do all of POC who suffer real injustice a disservice with this crap...Sod Off!
Today isGeorge's 31st birthday! Happy Birthday Brah!
I remember 31...*sigh*
It's a little after 4AM as I write this. It's been a long day. Heck, it was a long week. But things are starting to settle out and my outlook is brightening, much like the sky to the east. I went to my first scooter rally today. Scooter Insanity 15! Hosted by The Vespa Club of Seattle. I registered on Friday, although I didn't attend that night's events.
I rolled out of bed this morning at 9:00 to make it downtown to Trattoria Michelli's for breakfast. I was one of the first to show up. After a tiny run-in with a meter man about parking, scoots and their riders started showing up. I met Miss Annie, one of the main event organizers. For breakfast, we had eggs, bacon, waffles, oatmeal, potatoes and coffee.
Most of the makes were present, Italjet, Aprilla, Lambretta, Vespa (old and new), even a Cushman! After eating, I went out into the street and wandered around looking at all the bikes. I was amazed at the variety of colors and stickers and modifications. I introduced myself to some people. There were a lot of riders up from Portland and as far away as San Francisco. I was somewhat unsure about what kind of attitudes I would encounter, but everyone was super nice. I met Jennifer, Rich, Mitch, John and Felix (who I'd been seeing around downtown for years-he's The World's Coolest Mailman).
Around noon, we got our gear on and the Flying Monkeys SC led us on 31 mile ride around the city. We left downtown headed east on Yesler, though the Central Area down to Lake Washington, south along the lake to Seward Park, thru the park, then north though Mt. Baker, Leschi & Madrona to Denny-Blaine. Then through the Arboretum, up 24th to the U-District and then NE towards Sand Point. We stopped at a gas station for beverages and fuel, then rode west through Wedgewood, into Roosevelt, then to Greenlake. Then we turned south again through Wallingford, west through Fremont and up to Queen Anne Hill. We stopped at Carey Park for awhile, then rode down Queen Anne Avenue to Mercer and ended at the EMP.
I can't explain how much fun that was. I mean, riding me scooter is a joy anyway, but traveling in a pack of 40+ scooters was a friggin' hoot! It was warm and clear out, I was grinning the whole way!
I ran into Dante and Chris (I bought Pearl from Dante who bought her from Chris) on the ride. I bought raffle tickets and VCOS patch and hung out for awhile. Then Chris, Dante, Felix and I walked over to Zak's on 5th avenue for a beer. We ran into Stu and joined us.
Stu told me that Adam was trying to arrange a last-minute bachelor party for Aaron that evening. Since none of us could afford to fly to LA for a weekend of debauchery (it's where his best man lives). So I decided to skip the evening's events. I did stick around for the raffle drawing-but didn't win anything (pout).
I rode home and caught up with Frito. We decided meet the fellas (Ryan, Matt, Stuart The Baltic Room. Aaron said he didn't want any strippers and since Stu and I consider gambling a rather boring pastime, we decided to play pool at The Garage. James joined us later on. Several pitcher of Hefeweizen (and a kamikaze) later, we trooped back to Adam's place to play poker.
I only retained the vaguest notions of how to play and we changed the rules with every game, but I managed to come out $3 ahead of where I started.

Whew...I'm tired.


Thoughts Persistantly Bouncing Around My Pea Brain These Days (in no particular order):

"Survival and living/Are concepts you can't equate"
-Bad Religion "Quality or Quantity"

Is it better to be Fair or Honest? (even if you might be wrong?)

Women often have conversations that have no male equivelent.

How does one walk the fine line between paranoia and prudence?

Is It Getting Heavy?

I'm getting really sick of Standing At The Verge Of Getting It On and not...will I know when I'm Getting It On? Have I Gotten It On in the past and didn't appreciate it?

I used to be confident that I'd be sorted out by now...that seems to have evaporated. Yet, I'm free and dangerous 'cause I have nothing to lose. How can I channel this constructively? Or do the least amount of harm?

Your comments are welcome...


Man, what a weekend! Frito and Jake had their annual Birthday BBQ blowout. It was nicely attended and the food was excellent. Frito and Jake BBQ'd all day Saturday and part of Sunday just to get it all ready. We had a turkey breast, a mess of pull-pork and a huge, yummy brisket. Jake also made fresh cole slaw, we had Frito's latest beer and salads and deserts made by guests. Later on, we fired up the hot tub. I took it pretty easy, having spent the whole morning fighting off the Ughs! from Mercedes party (those chocolate martini's were killer!) and thus managed to roll into work this morning feeling pretty good...or normal, as the case may be.
Frito got some nice booty, and I think (once he fully recovers) he's pretty pleased with the whole thing.
There are a lot birthday's right around this time...so I'll just a big shout out to all of you: Jen, Tabitha, Heidi, Merks, Sean, Holly, Jake, Frito and Patty...