The gig last night was ultramega o.k. I don't think any of us were really into it and playing at 6:30 for 10-15 in a pretty bare room with no smoke or booze did not make for a rock & roll atmosphere, IMHO. All three of us screwed up and various times but we managed to play it off. We stayed for Ms. Led and SushiRobo's sets, 'cause Paul (Sushi's bass player) needed to borrow my cabinet. I was gonna try and make it down to Tacoma for Chad's birthday celebration, but something told me not to risk it. Tacoma is a little far to be riding at night just yet.
So instead, I came home and around 11, Frito and I went down to Nation for BONA FIDE! Maggie and Antonio were having a Bon Voyage party. She's moving to New York and he's going to Miami. EVERYBODY was in the house, with the exception of Stu and Miriam. I thought I saw James' car, but wouldn't be surprised if he was downstairs at Amon Tobin's set at I-Spy. Aaron was pretty hyped, he debuted his remix of MJ's 'Smooth Criminal', the bar and the dance floor were packed and their guest DJ (Dr. J?) had it goin' on, with broken, jazzy and latin-styled beats.
I went to bed around 3AM and got up at 10-slightly hungover, with the intent of going to get my license plate and tabs from the motorcycle dealership then maybe going for a ride and then getting some more sleep in, when I get a cryptic phone call.A male voice said, "Stacey, come to the door!"
I went the back door to discover my mother and my dad's older brother, Uncle Sonny on my back porch. "Yaaah!" I shouted. Mostly from surprise-but also 'cause I realized my plans for the day were shot.
My Uncle Sonny is really cool. He and his wife, Aunt Mary were always really good to me and my sister on our visits to Atlanta-taking us out, having us over for dinner, etc. They'd come to visit fairly often or on the occasional layover in Seattle, we'd go out to the airport and visit. I sent Scott up to introduce himself while I got dressed (he's never met any of my folks) and then my Mom, Uncle Sonny and I went went down to Renton to get some Chinese food and catch up. I was really feeling out of it, due to stubborness and poor planning on my part, I went several days with little sleep and I was feeling it today. After eating, I wanted nothing more than to get my plate and go home. Uncle Sonny checked out some bikes while I was doing the paperwork and flirting with the cute receptionist. I tried to head home (Mom insists I drive whenever we go out), but they wanted to go to my sister Heidi's place in Kent.
"We won't stay long!" They insisted.
Heidi lost a ton of weight over the last year, I was really impressed! I haven't seen her in awhile. It turned out that today is my nephew Jamal's 8th birthday, so the house was full of kids and parents. Deep in the throes of a food coma, I watched The Matrix on TV and tried not to fall asleep. I got home sometime after 5 and by the time I got into bed, guess what? Fully awake.
So now I'm here by myself at work. All my friends are at Shelly's big Halloween party and I'm beat. I'm hoping the night won't hold any nasty surprises!
Wish me luck.

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