I was all psyched to take the written test for my motorcycle learner's permit, only to discover that the office is closed on Mondays! I swear those guys are so slack! I need a State job, fa'reals! When I went to get my driver's license renewed, I stood in line, paid the $25 for my new license and was told to wait. So I sit for 40 minutes, meanwhile, people who came in AFTER me are getting called to get their picture taken! WTF?!
I sat, fuming as the workers there chatted casually about lunch and their kids. One lady went to ask another a question. She got an answer, then spent 10 minutes looking at some book (probably not related to the task at hand) before getting back to the customer! A friend of mine who has a government job tells me her coworkers get weird if it seems she's been putting in an extra effort!
Anyway, I have to admit the the WA DOL's website is pretty slick, you can download manuals, take sample written exams, and even renew yr tabs online!

I went to Sonic Boom Records yesterday, picked up the new Low CD, "Trust", two Delgados discs (the song in the previous post came from "The Great Eastern") and Arling and Cameron's "We Are A & C". I've listened to all of them and I am quite pleased. Low is one of my favorite bands (duh! if you read this blog on a reggular basis) and they've really expanded their sonic pallette on this new one. I don't think it's quite as good as "Things We Lost in the Fire"-fewer "hits", but they still give me goosebumps. I wonder what it's like to be able to create moments of stunning beauty like that, seemingly at will! I think they're on tour already, so I hope to catch them live again soon. (Mimi Parker is such a hottie! Mormon girls-grr!)
Someone described The Delgados as "Belle and Sebastian on steroids", I thought that was pretty accurate, there are some similarities (aside from being Scottish), B&S tend to get on my nerves after awhile...too...twee and precious. The Delagados are If you can find a mp3 of "American Trilogy" or "Make Your Move", you can see they're a lot more straightforward.
We've been digging the Reindeer Section's latest around here too...Oh and before I forget! Salon made an excellent suggestion in the Baltimore band Love Life...download the mp3 and I'll race you to the store to get a copy of the disc! "Joy" is bad-ass in a Lee-Van-Cleef sorta way!
Two more things...the new Irvine Welsh novel "Porno" is out and T-Bone and Willie will be mixin' it up at the Baltic Room tonight, from 6 to 9PM. Come have a drink and listen to some tunes chilled, poured over ice. aaahhhyeeeaaah....

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