My plan or world domination proceed apace!! IOW, I got my learner's permit. I'm going to try and take the test during the first week of December, so I'll be riding everyday for an hour or two until then. I was amazed that I was able to get in and out the the DOL on about an hour. They were actually pretty nice to me...it was early, tho'.
I bought a full-face helmet, I couldn't afford the Symax (later!) so I picked up a lower-rung helmet for around $150. I also added some black reflective tape to it. It's Snell and DOT approved, so don't worry about me cracking my head open-just yet (I've got nothing to lose anyway!)
It's on, my niggaz...
I got an 80% on the test, I blame it on two days in a row with less than 3 hours sleep. I accidentally pushed a couple of wrong buttons. I'm sorta delirious now, but at least I can crash happy.
I bid thee, goodnight!

PS-Went to Elliott Bay bookstore and got "Porno" in hardback. Was distracted by another book "The American Zone", a Liberitarian science-fiction novel. Heh, isn't putting the words "Libertarian" and "Science-Fiction" together sorta redundant?! It reads like a more strident and idealistic Heinlein, without a snap-crackle plot, but I'm amused enough to keep going. Maybe I'll knock off Hunter S. Thompson's "The Rum Diaries" (soon to be a movie!) next before moving on to Mr. Welsh.

I canna wait, y'ken?!

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