Tomorrow is Orphanz Thanksgiving, a tradition started by Matt that seems to grow a bit every year. If you're lucky like I am, you have great friends-the family you get to choose.
It's looking like a packed house, something like 24 of us, but it's all good! Oani is coming up from Puyallup, she wants to use the kitchen here to make pie...
What am I thankful for? Good health (or a reasonable facsimile), my aforementioned friends, the future, a job, pr0n, books, music, being raised in a place that never ceases to astound me, all the girls I've loved before, whatever useful knowledge I've gained, my kickass band, Pho Bac, Thai food and you, dear reader...



The Stranger article featuring my lovely roommate Scott (AKA Frito), Jacob London and their Turducken has appeared!


Someone recently asked me if I was going to buy the new Nirvana compilation..."Nah", I replied. I didn't wanna sound like the "Old Dude Who Saw The Stones In '69 and Can't Understand Why Rock Music is So Vapid Today", so I left it at that. This article, over at the excellent Pop Matters site, does say what I could've and maybe should've said then.
I've been wondering about this lately. With all the crap going on, why was it easier to find a 21 year old song (see the 11/24 post) that addresses current events better than something comtemporary? Or maybe I'm not paying close enough attention?!
When I bother to watch MTV2 (you know, the one that actually plays videos) all I see is bling-bling and sexgirl-of-the-moment type stuff. I know there's good music out there, I buy CD's all the time! But none of it is overtly political. Even U2 is all wussed out. Man, I wish the fuckin' Goats would re-form! Waitasecond...!


Laura and I went to the International District for lunch. We both have curried tonkatsu at the Fort George Restaurant.
It's a beautiful day, sunny, clear and a little cold. Laura tells me about her trip to Seahawks Stadium to see her first football game since college. We stop in a Otaku model store. I drool over all the Star Blazers models. I pay $10 for a box of super-sized Pocky, then wander through the bookstore at Uwajimaya. From there, we go to Broadway to look around and see what we could see. We talk to Sabrina, the cute, cute, cute counter girl at the Varja Incense store. Laura runs next door to use the john and Sabrina tells me about all the Tarot cards, incense and essential oils for sale. She dips a toothpick into her favorite and mixture for cucumber and lime...which is actually very pleasant. Distracted by Sabrina, I wordlessly hand the toothpick to Laura as she comes in and she sticks the thing in her mouth! There is much much laughter.
We hang out a bit, then zip into Payless Shoes and try on some. I see a pair I like, but decide to wait 'cause I need some new boots, too. So we cross the street into the Broadway market and into Urban Outfitters...just looking. From there, we hit a couple of other stores but I tell Laura we should check out Paula's place, Dumb Clothing on Pine St....so after another quick stop at Varja, where Laura buys some Shea butter lotion, the cucumber-lime oil and a wind chime. We chat with the Tarot card reader who suggests a book to Laura. We hop into her car and drive down, but Dumb Clothing is closed.
So, it's back to my place...I bid Laura a good day and head to my computer. Next? Email, blog update, The Golden Compass, Sleep and Work.


The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Fun Boy Three)

i see a clinic full of cynics
who want to twist the peoples' wrist
they're watching every move we make
we're all included on the list

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

go nuclear the cowboy told us
and who am i to disagree
'cos when the madman flips the switch
the nuclear will go for me

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

i've seen the faces of starvation
but i just can not see the points
'cos there's so much food here today
that no one wants to take away

the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum

the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my right to choose
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my point of view
the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my dignity, take these things away from me
the lunatics have taken over the asylum
the lunatics have taken over the asylum - take away my family, take away the right to speak
the lunatics have taken over the asylum take away my point of view, take away my right to choose

(guess who's been imaging pictures of dead Iraquis from the Gulf War all night?)


Tonight promises to be a another whirlwind of activity, as those intrepid men-about-town, El Stu and He Who Is Sometimes Known As The Stacius make their plans. They will be joined by Maid Miriam (grrr) and Neil Tha Viking, Ji-Huyn, Louisey, Gopi and A-da-mu (AKA Adumb) at various points during the evening. First, we hit a photography exhibit, next a stop at OtB, followed by some dancing to the sounds of the Asian Massive...Ach! I canna wait, ken?!


I had a pretty good night. Even though it's windy and raining a bit-it's really warm out, it's supposed to reach 60 tomorrow!
I called Laura and she came out to pick me up. We went downtown to the Pacific Place mall and did a little shopping. I bought the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" (I gave up on the libertarian sci-fi novel...I got sick of being preached at and just think, if everyone could just do whatever the hell they wanted, carry weapons at will and not pay any taxes-would that really lead to uptopia?! Hah.) and red fleece cap at Old Navy. Laura got a sweater and a fleece pullover.
It felt good to be out today! Already, crews are out getting things ready for the Holiday Season and while I could care less about X-mas, I do like all the lights, noise and activity.
I heard that a couple of people in my department are leaving...I'm hoping that and the move will lead to schedule changes that will get me some better days off. I don't mind working nights so much, but I do mind my weekend being over as everyone else's is starting. I'll keep plugging away and keep my fingers crossed.
Otherwise, there is nothing new to report, really. Just waiting to see what new changes life has to offer and hoping that I'll have the courage, smarts and flexibility to deal.



Scott's scooter showed up Friday night. Four months ago, he ordered a Vespa VBB from Scootrs and after much nail-biting, garment-renting and gnashing of teeth, it's here! We uncrated it and it's sooooo sweet! He got it gassed and oiled up and we took it for a spin around the block. It feels really solid though I prefer my mine, though...it's bigger!
I got a windscreen for Betty from my buddy Jason and after some difficulty finding some mounting clips, I got it on and took her out for a test drive. I've been on the freeway, and while I can't really tell that it makes much of a difference, damn, it sure looks cool. I also purchased a thermal rain suit and a new pair of gloves which set me back $150...I was prepared to pay more but why look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?
Frito and his buddy Jake got together to make a Turducken. A reporter from The Stranger is supposed to write about it, so look for a story in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, I had a good weekend. Maria took me out for Dim Sum, Oani came up from Puyallup to visit and she and I went to the last Bonafide! I generally took it easy.
I'm about to hit the hay, I've got practice at 4PM. The band is coming along well and there may be some surprises in store!


I felt really good riding my bike home from work this morning. The pavement was dry traffic was decent and even though it was very windy, I grinned all the way home at around 60 mph. I'm 8 miles away from finishing the initial break in period, an oil change and throttle check are due along with my first payment!
Heidi, Jason, Laura, Chad, Patty, Scott, Tess...everyone has given me the "be careful" speech. I appreciate your concern...really! But even when it's crappy nothing compares to riding...
In a way, I'm glad I'm just now discovering it. I think I know myself better than I would've ten years ago. Even though I'd really get off on owning a crotch rocket, I know that buying a cruiser was a much wiser decision. I was on the scooter yesterday and I was struck by how tiny and flimsy it was compared to my 500+ pound bike. Betty is so solid, comfortable and powerful. One day I'll move up to a big Beemer touring bike, but I'm just really starting to enjoy this one!



From The Nation: Regime Change Now...For the Democrats.
From X-tina-modified of course:


1. It is important to find a (wo)man who works around the house
occasionally cooks and cleans and who has a job.

2. It is important to find a (wo)man who makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a (wo)man who is dependable and doesn't lie.

4. It is important to find a (wo)man who's good in bed and
who loves to have sex with you.

5. It is important that these four (wo)men never meet.


Sometimes you find something amazing right under yr friggin' nose...and don't know it. Scott brought home a disc from this German band Missouri earlier this year. With a title like "To The Darkened Corners Here We Go", I think I was expecting something crushingly heavy and was disappointed when I gave it a quick listen back during the summer. Scott told me that he didn't like it either, I think we were both annoyed by the drum machine.
Well, somehow this disc wound up in a stack of CD's that I brought to work tonight and I listened to it again...and I'm fucking floored!
Imagine Kraftwerk, American Music Club and Tuxedomoon mixed together with David Baerwald at his most subdued and melencholy and you might get close. The songs are sort of depressing (they sing in english) but it sounds like nothing I've ever heard..."Song of Violence" will make my next mix disc for sure.
I'm going to see if I can get their earlier album too...
Frito just emailed me asking me to post his latest interview with none other than El Stu...enjoy!


Wow. What a good night! Queen B and I had Pho then hopped on my scooter (I brought an extra helmet) and rode down to the Meridian 16 to see the new Adam Sandler flick. It was a rather excruciating experience in my opinion. All of the humor came from Barry's (Sandler's) awkwardness and suppressed rage. I was cringing so hard it hurt!
I felt the movie was more of a tradgedy about to happen than a love story. I could imagine Barry snapping and killing poor Lana someday.
Another thing-it is implied in the movie that Barry can be quite charming and easygoing (his relationship with his employees, some scenes with Lana) but I never understood why Lana was attracted to him. Perhaps we're supposed to believe that she sees his inherent "goodness", but I don't think there's a woman on earth who wouldn't run like hell from a man so deeply repressed and with so much emotional baggage.

But then, the last girl I dated read nothing but New Age Self-Help books, expected me to take her seriously when she talked about having "entities removed from her aura" and got pissed when I told her cat to get off of me (it was standing on my groin at the time). So what do I know?

Anyway, if you thought "Muriel's Wedding" was a laff-riot, then you'll probably dig Punch Drunk Love.

After the movie it was raining pretty hard, so Brianna and I caught a ride with Frito up to the Baltic for "Spodie". We were on the guest list (thanks, guys!) and we crammed into a booth with Tess, Ryan, Holly, Paul, Jason, Mike, Laurie B., Matt and Leslie. Knightrider and Mr. Mic where spinning all yr fav hio-hop and new wave cuts from the 80's. We did some smokin', dancin' and drinkin'...all good!

Later Frito dropped Brianna and I back at the scooter. It had stopped raining. We scootered back to her place (hee-she has to work today!) and headed back to SOUL HEAVEN...


Arianna Huffington breaks down Tuesday for ya. And I found this article perfectly articulated something I've felt since Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, thereby proving (to me, anyway) whose side he was really on.

To all those on the left and thier progressive allies: WAKE UP!!


I got some good news from Matt! KEXP DJ John Richards emailed him, said he liked Fey Rey's "Nixon in China e.p.", gave it a good review and will start playing it in regular rotation tomorrow afternoon! WhooHoo!! So if you hear one of our tunes, wouldja do me a solid and shoot me an email?! Thanks...
I'm off to meet Brianna for some Pho Bac and then we're meeting "the gang" to see "Punch Drunk Love", then we're going to "Spodie", Knightrider's (AKA DJ Aaron) new night at The Baltic Room!


Troll A Go Go pictures are here.
Ugh. I passed on the Day of the Dead ride. I am so lame. See, my bed was so warm and soft, I didn't wanna get out of it. I had band practice too. I got home Saturday, thinking I'd get a couple of hours of sleep, when Scott and the girls came home and made so much friggin' noise, sleep was impossible anyway. I made it through the shift and came home. I couldn't get much sleep on Sunday either. But Ali came to visit and I took her to the Columbia City Ale House for dinner. She got a new job and we had to celebrate-plus it was her first trip to SOUL HEAVEN. I tried sleeping when I got home, but again, too much going on...so I racked out for 9 hours on Monday!

I was at http://www.negroplease.com/, and although the aformentioned death of Jam Master Jay is sad-this comment made me laugh:

"Yesterday I paid tribute by answering the phone "Who's house?" and if they didn't respond "Run's house!" they got hung up on. It took some of them 4 or 5 tries to get it right. Some even tried to talk me out of hanging up on them but the way I see it, if you don't know the proper reply to such an easy question you weren't worth my time anyhow."

Today, I got home goofed off for awhile and then voted. Then I took Betty out for a long ride. We went along Lake Washington all the way to Lake City, then over to Greenwood Avenue, then down Holman Road/15th to Interbay then into Magnolia. I ran out of gas about two blocks from the village. I was surprised to find it take $7 to fill my tank and not $3 like I'd previously thought. I then went downtown to Elliott Bay Books and got my copy of David L. Hough's "Proficient Motorcycling" and then headed up Jackson Street to the Pho Bac Restaurant, where I had the most awesome Pho yet. I swear I needed a cig after I was done!
Then I rode home and slept.
I've been trying to avoid the media today, but alas, one of the guys here had NPR on when I came in. Now I have this song stuck in my head:

BREAKDOWN (Agent Orange)
Lyrics: Mike Palm/Steve Soto
they want us to tell them what to burn into the groove we're just gonna sit and let them make the first move the radio obsession doesn't mean a thing to me i don't like first impressions and i don't watch much tv i don't want to think about it who, what, when, or where i don't want to think about it i don't really care i don't want to think about creating something new i don't want to think about it because i've got much better things to do i don't want to think about it i don't want to see i don't want to know the kind of fool they'll make of me the public gets what they deserve not what they demand unless we all decide to be a business, not a band i don't want to think about it who, what, when, or where i don't want to think about it i don't really care i don't want to think about creating something new i don't want to think about it because i've got much better things to do - just like you it's just an awful nightmare and i get these awful headaches and i can't get any sleep at night i don't know what to do i don't know where to turn or what to think i haven't got a clue i don't know what's come over me i'm getting dizzy please will someone make it stop (repeat 2nd verse) (repeat chorus)

Yeah, I know it's actually about the music business, but the line "the public gets what they deserve not what they demand" is what is resonating with me now. Anyone wanna take bets on the day the shooting starts?


It's Sarah Cracknell sort of day out. Sunny and inviting...at least that's how it looks from in here. I feel like I should be in a Jaguar covertable, flying along a country road, listening to St. Entienne (natch), wearing my finest tweed sport jacket and maybe smoking a pipe full of Cavendish. I could get armored up and go for a nice long bike ride.
But I'm going to do that for a few hours tomorrow, anyway.
My goodness-I'm beat. Troll A Go Go, from all early indicators was a success! We were close to a sellout before the doors even opened. Thanks to all the volunteers, bands, partygoers and of course, the NSC for making it a blast! Best part of the evening? Dancing with the dangerously cute Brianna and spanking Erin's red vinyl hot pants-clad ass!

(Halloween's on Friday next year...)

Pictures when I get some!