I felt really good riding my bike home from work this morning. The pavement was dry traffic was decent and even though it was very windy, I grinned all the way home at around 60 mph. I'm 8 miles away from finishing the initial break in period, an oil change and throttle check are due along with my first payment!
Heidi, Jason, Laura, Chad, Patty, Scott, Tess...everyone has given me the "be careful" speech. I appreciate your concern...really! But even when it's crappy nothing compares to riding...
In a way, I'm glad I'm just now discovering it. I think I know myself better than I would've ten years ago. Even though I'd really get off on owning a crotch rocket, I know that buying a cruiser was a much wiser decision. I was on the scooter yesterday and I was struck by how tiny and flimsy it was compared to my 500+ pound bike. Betty is so solid, comfortable and powerful. One day I'll move up to a big Beemer touring bike, but I'm just really starting to enjoy this one!


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