I had a pretty good night. Even though it's windy and raining a bit-it's really warm out, it's supposed to reach 60 tomorrow!
I called Laura and she came out to pick me up. We went downtown to the Pacific Place mall and did a little shopping. I bought the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" (I gave up on the libertarian sci-fi novel...I got sick of being preached at and just think, if everyone could just do whatever the hell they wanted, carry weapons at will and not pay any taxes-would that really lead to uptopia?! Hah.) and red fleece cap at Old Navy. Laura got a sweater and a fleece pullover.
It felt good to be out today! Already, crews are out getting things ready for the Holiday Season and while I could care less about X-mas, I do like all the lights, noise and activity.
I heard that a couple of people in my department are leaving...I'm hoping that and the move will lead to schedule changes that will get me some better days off. I don't mind working nights so much, but I do mind my weekend being over as everyone else's is starting. I'll keep plugging away and keep my fingers crossed.
Otherwise, there is nothing new to report, really. Just waiting to see what new changes life has to offer and hoping that I'll have the courage, smarts and flexibility to deal.


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