Laura and I went to the International District for lunch. We both have curried tonkatsu at the Fort George Restaurant.
It's a beautiful day, sunny, clear and a little cold. Laura tells me about her trip to Seahawks Stadium to see her first football game since college. We stop in a Otaku model store. I drool over all the Star Blazers models. I pay $10 for a box of super-sized Pocky, then wander through the bookstore at Uwajimaya. From there, we go to Broadway to look around and see what we could see. We talk to Sabrina, the cute, cute, cute counter girl at the Varja Incense store. Laura runs next door to use the john and Sabrina tells me about all the Tarot cards, incense and essential oils for sale. She dips a toothpick into her favorite and mixture for cucumber and lime...which is actually very pleasant. Distracted by Sabrina, I wordlessly hand the toothpick to Laura as she comes in and she sticks the thing in her mouth! There is much much laughter.
We hang out a bit, then zip into Payless Shoes and try on some. I see a pair I like, but decide to wait 'cause I need some new boots, too. So we cross the street into the Broadway market and into Urban Outfitters...just looking. From there, we hit a couple of other stores but I tell Laura we should check out Paula's place, Dumb Clothing on Pine St....so after another quick stop at Varja, where Laura buys some Shea butter lotion, the cucumber-lime oil and a wind chime. We chat with the Tarot card reader who suggests a book to Laura. We hop into her car and drive down, but Dumb Clothing is closed.
So, it's back to my place...I bid Laura a good day and head to my computer. Next? Email, blog update, The Golden Compass, Sleep and Work.

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