Scott's scooter showed up Friday night. Four months ago, he ordered a Vespa VBB from Scootrs and after much nail-biting, garment-renting and gnashing of teeth, it's here! We uncrated it and it's sooooo sweet! He got it gassed and oiled up and we took it for a spin around the block. It feels really solid though I prefer my mine, though...it's bigger!
I got a windscreen for Betty from my buddy Jason and after some difficulty finding some mounting clips, I got it on and took her out for a test drive. I've been on the freeway, and while I can't really tell that it makes much of a difference, damn, it sure looks cool. I also purchased a thermal rain suit and a new pair of gloves which set me back $150...I was prepared to pay more but why look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?
Frito and his buddy Jake got together to make a Turducken. A reporter from The Stranger is supposed to write about it, so look for a story in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, I had a good weekend. Maria took me out for Dim Sum, Oani came up from Puyallup to visit and she and I went to the last Bonafide! I generally took it easy.
I'm about to hit the hay, I've got practice at 4PM. The band is coming along well and there may be some surprises in store!

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