Someone recently asked me if I was going to buy the new Nirvana compilation..."Nah", I replied. I didn't wanna sound like the "Old Dude Who Saw The Stones In '69 and Can't Understand Why Rock Music is So Vapid Today", so I left it at that. This article, over at the excellent Pop Matters site, does say what I could've and maybe should've said then.
I've been wondering about this lately. With all the crap going on, why was it easier to find a 21 year old song (see the 11/24 post) that addresses current events better than something comtemporary? Or maybe I'm not paying close enough attention?!
When I bother to watch MTV2 (you know, the one that actually plays videos) all I see is bling-bling and sexgirl-of-the-moment type stuff. I know there's good music out there, I buy CD's all the time! But none of it is overtly political. Even U2 is all wussed out. Man, I wish the fuckin' Goats would re-form! Waitasecond...!

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