Sometimes you find something amazing right under yr friggin' nose...and don't know it. Scott brought home a disc from this German band Missouri earlier this year. With a title like "To The Darkened Corners Here We Go", I think I was expecting something crushingly heavy and was disappointed when I gave it a quick listen back during the summer. Scott told me that he didn't like it either, I think we were both annoyed by the drum machine.
Well, somehow this disc wound up in a stack of CD's that I brought to work tonight and I listened to it again...and I'm fucking floored!
Imagine Kraftwerk, American Music Club and Tuxedomoon mixed together with David Baerwald at his most subdued and melencholy and you might get close. The songs are sort of depressing (they sing in english) but it sounds like nothing I've ever heard..."Song of Violence" will make my next mix disc for sure.
I'm going to see if I can get their earlier album too...

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