Wow. What a good night! Queen B and I had Pho then hopped on my scooter (I brought an extra helmet) and rode down to the Meridian 16 to see the new Adam Sandler flick. It was a rather excruciating experience in my opinion. All of the humor came from Barry's (Sandler's) awkwardness and suppressed rage. I was cringing so hard it hurt!
I felt the movie was more of a tradgedy about to happen than a love story. I could imagine Barry snapping and killing poor Lana someday.
Another thing-it is implied in the movie that Barry can be quite charming and easygoing (his relationship with his employees, some scenes with Lana) but I never understood why Lana was attracted to him. Perhaps we're supposed to believe that she sees his inherent "goodness", but I don't think there's a woman on earth who wouldn't run like hell from a man so deeply repressed and with so much emotional baggage.

But then, the last girl I dated read nothing but New Age Self-Help books, expected me to take her seriously when she talked about having "entities removed from her aura" and got pissed when I told her cat to get off of me (it was standing on my groin at the time). So what do I know?

Anyway, if you thought "Muriel's Wedding" was a laff-riot, then you'll probably dig Punch Drunk Love.

After the movie it was raining pretty hard, so Brianna and I caught a ride with Frito up to the Baltic for "Spodie". We were on the guest list (thanks, guys!) and we crammed into a booth with Tess, Ryan, Holly, Paul, Jason, Mike, Laurie B., Matt and Leslie. Knightrider and Mr. Mic where spinning all yr fav hio-hop and new wave cuts from the 80's. We did some smokin', dancin' and drinkin'...all good!

Later Frito dropped Brianna and I back at the scooter. It had stopped raining. We scootered back to her place (hee-she has to work today!) and headed back to SOUL HEAVEN...

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