I was really saddened to see the news about Joe Strummer today.
If Mick Jones was the bands heart, then Joe was the brains.
Despite my reputation as a 'music snob', I didn't really understand punk rock until well into my senior year in high school. I remember my reaction the first time my friend Thomas played the Sex Pistols for me. (Something like: Dude! That's HORRIBLE! They can't even play their instruments. Put on some AC/DC!)
I'd heard various Clash tunes on the radio (Rock the Casbah, Train In Vain, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, This Is Radio Clash) and I think I even had "Combat Rock" on cassette but it wasn't until I picked up the first album a couple of years later that I really became a fan. I was really diappointed when they broke up and have hoped for years they'd get back together and tour one more time so's I could see them. I was pretty excited to hear they were being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year, 'cause maybe they'd get together and play one show. But I guess that dream died along with Joe.
Damn, there aren't many in this generation comin' up that walked the walk and talked the talk like he did. One of punk's elder statesmen and a truly classy guy has died.

Guess what I'll be crankin' at work tonight?

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