I'm happy to report that last nights show at the Green Room went well. I was pleasantly surprised by the openers, Tilted Blue who managed to blend jazz, new wave, soaring harmonies and a little bit of the "jam band" sound. They seemed like nice fellas and I wouldn't mind playing with them again sometime.
The stage at the Green Room is pretty small, the neck of my bass was out in the aisle and I had to keep an eye out to make sure I didn't clobber anyone with it as they passed by on their way to the bathroom. We made a few mistakes, due to fatigue (all of us were running on empty just about) but overall, I felt it was one of our best gigs thus far. I left immediately after the show for work and made it at midnight. I was all hopped up on Coca-Cola...must now go to bed!

THANKS to all who came down and supported us, especially on a Wednesday!!

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