Today is Maria's 25th Birthday. I've known her for over half a decade now and she never ceases to amaze me. I don't know anyone else as talented, sexy and fashionable as she is. She blows my doors off regularly and although I don't have a chance in hell (I'm more like a brother...sigh), I'm pleased to be in her thrall.
I imagine the rest of her life will go something like this:

2004-Maria makes her debut in the New York arts scene.
2006-Get a major commission from the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco. Meets and marries the son of a wealthy manufacturing family...Fiat?
2007-First child, a girl ("Ugh! That was gross, never again!")
2009-First husband dies in a sailing accident.
2010-Maria and child move to Rome, she decides to get into acting
2011-Her first movie, a remake of "Roma, città aperta" is a smash. Stars in a successful string of romantic comedies (Frito sees all of them). Shiraz becomes all the rage.
2012-Moves to London, but finds the city "depressing." Decides to split her time between Hollywood, NYC and Beziers in southern France.
December 23, 2012-Nibiru (AKA Planet X) returns, Maria is chosen to be Earth's ambassador to the Anunnaki. ("Y'know, I've spent a little time with our new overlords-They're not bad guys!")

Happy Birthday Maria!!

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