I don't know what went wrong but Blogger choked on one of my posts and I had to tinker before some of the newer ones started showing up.

Quick recap. Last weekend: Solstice came, went. I visited my friends in Bremerton. Developed a fascination with Yo La Tengo, The Faint, Flying Saucer Attack, Interpol, The Liars and Solomon Burke. Talked about motorcycles with Chad. J.R. and wife stopped by. Watched Silent Running, Eight Legged Freaks and expanded version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Loved and was loved on by Heidi (I think I'm wearing her down, a couple more years and I propose!). Sent home with a huge tin of Christmas cookies and mondo bar of dark chocolate.

Work was busy but uneventful. Tomorrow, I start my last week in Eastgate!

Xmas is over! The tribe is gathering at the Baltic Room for drinks and L-O-V-E...come on down to Happy Hour (6-9) if ya want in.

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