Ugh. I haven't updated in awhile due to being sick. I think the flu was trying to get it's nasty hands onto me, but I fought off going all the way. I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life! I must've needed it, because I feel mostly human again...of course now, I'm stir crazy.

My roommate Frito, sent me an email yesterday telling me that he'd been in touch with John Richards from KEXP and that we might be able to get a date on their all-local show Audio Oasis in Feburary! Whoo hoo! Something to look forward in the Doldrums...
If you live in Seattle and wanna catch a great show, come down to see us perform at the Green Room next Wednesday, 12/11. I don't know who else is on the bill but it will be the debut of our newest member, Sean Kelly!

Oh yeah! Also check out Adumb's band, Nervewheel and El Stu's band transAtlantic iceFloe:

Tuesday January 14 9:00 pm
@ Crocodile Cafe $6
220 2nd Ave
Rollerball (Portland)
transAtlantic iceFloe

Rollerball are friends of Dan The Man's and are really nice guys to boot! Shoud be a great show!

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