I think I'm in love. Of course, it's the temporary, totally superficial kind, which in a way-is something I can put stock in. 'Cause the life-changin', lesson-learnin', sick-of-food, make-a-fool-outta-ya kind of love feels like masochistic Marine boot-camp training for the World Championship of Sanskit poetry writing. (If that doesn't make sense-it's OK)
I used to say that I liked to maintain 20 or so free-floating crushes at a time, so that if one or two fell off, or the relationship became more clearly defined in a manner not to my liking (Yes...you really are in the "friend zone!"), then I could maintain my happy deluded state without much pain.
Brittney is cute, smart, amusing, interesting and she likes to take pictures. That's all I know about her.

That's all I need to know.

Funny, huh?

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