I went on a date the other night. Yeah, no shit.
She's tall, cute, articulate and likes to shop. She has beautiful hands.
I felt confident going in. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Eye contact took awhile but after our time together, I thought she was pretty cool. We got plans for tonight and tomorrow!
And no, before you ask, I haven't gone off the deep end. It just feels good to have planted a seed in a garden that has lain neglected and fallow these last few months.
I don't know what will happen.

But that is the point, innit?

Tomorrow marks the halfway point in The Doldrums. I imagine that life will slowly accelerate back to it's normal pace after light and heat return. There is already much to look forward to. Even though I in a space where I can't decide if I want to sleep for a week, or get on my motorcycle and ride until my money runs out. But that pretty much sums up The Doldrums, doesn't it?

Laurie B. will be here at SOUL HEAVEN with her crew from school, shooting a student film. I basically have to try and stay out of their way AND somehow get some sleep this weekend!

That is all.

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