I'm back from the Sunset Tavern gig. I think we played well, but we were very businesslike and serious onstage. Seth was fighting a headache and I think the energy from one of us effects the others...overall, I'm pleased with the performance. I think our confidence is growing and we're going to kick some ass on the 16th, when we're back at full strength.
I heard that I-Spy closed...I'm not really surprised. It was a really weird place...never seemed to have that much going for it and I can honestly say it was my least favorite place to see a show. It looks like The Crocodile Cafe and the Showbox will rule all the downtown action for the foreseeable future. I bring this up because the gig at Chop Suey had to moved from Jan. 29th to Feb 5th to accomodate some of the gigs that were booked at I-Spy. The good news is that now, we have a show to plug on Audioasis!

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