More proof that the Seattle I grew up in is becoming as boring, bland and stupid as anywhere else:


By the time this edition goes to press, Chubby and Tubby might go the way of other Seattle institutions like the Twin Teepees on Aurora and downtown’s the Doghouse. After facing stiff competition from national chains like Wal-Mart, Target and Costco, Chubby and Tubby decided to liquidate its inventory and put its stores on the market. As of this writing there has not been a promising purchaser for the three stores which might mean the end for the fabled general merchandise store. One Wiretapping reader told me that a recent visit to the Chubby and Tubby on Rainier was a solemn affair. “Nearly all the people there had a hangdog look,” he says. “And they still only had tennis shoes in size 15!” By the way, there were two men nicknamed “Chubby” and “Tubby” who owned the stores. Both men have passed on. Wiretapping hopes that this tale illuminates the need for people to support locally-owned, small businesses in the New Year! —Alex Trophy

I fuckin' love Chubby & Tubby. I've been going there for tennis shoes, jacket, drawers, camping gear and other miscellaneous crap for as long as I can remember. I adore the stuffed shelves and lack of pretension. Each trip was like a journey of discovery. I tend to stay out of large department stores. I can remember the last time I bought anything at Nordstrom or The Bon Marche...sigh. I hope they'll find a local buyer, I would really hate to see C & T go.

In other news. The new corporate headquarters for Corbis is now open. We have new desks and a HUGE work area. I feel right at home! Now that I don't have to ride across the bridge anymore, my mother can relax. And now I can hang out before work! WhooHoo!

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