Randomage: After an excellent dinner with my 'swim buddy' Jay and an NSC meeting...
I was in an exceptionally good mood. At work I was boppin' to classic soul, R&B and house cuts (with nu jazz and downtempo thrown in). I think Ms Dy-na-mi-tee really got me goin'! Pam commented on my smile. At 7AM, I emerged from the basement of the Dexter Horton Building onto Second Ave. It was cold out, but it seemed warmer than it did downstairs. A water pipe in the temperature control system had burst and froze (!) leaving most of us shivering at our desks all night. Around 5AM a crew of workmen came in, stood on ladders, digging around in the ceiling tiles and drilling und klanging. It was quiet and peaceful there on the street.
The sun was coming up as I mounted my bike and headed south, past Seahawks Stadium. There wasn't much traffic and the growing light made my heart surge with the joy of being alive to see yet another day. As I left downtown it got even colder, when I rode past the park, I noticed the grass was coated with frost.
I dream of spring and summer. I think this year will be a good one for getting outta Dodge, hittin the road and getting some new experiences in. the thought of heat and light, things I normally avoid, is constantly on my mind. It sustains my current happy outlook...odd, considering the darkness all around.
Today, I caught up with Heidi. Talked to my friend Chris, hung out with Brianna, was visited by Maria and Tim. Tomorrow, I see a movie with Suze and maybe get to hang with Stu and my beloved Tess.

Good night.

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