So tomorrow is the day. Maria boards an airplane and takes off for an adventure in Europe. I remember that day back in 98 when she and I were at a company party at Belltown Billiards. I knew she was ten years younger than me, but we'd never had more to say to each other than "hello" and I wanted to see what she was all about. I was impressed. She was surprisingly mature, had a really good sense of humor...and she was wearing some tight black trousers (grrr).
Soon after we started hanging out. We went to some shows and Stu and I took her out for her 21st birthday. I introduced her to all my friends and they all got on well. And although I don't think she's the "best friend-having" type, I like to think I come the closest.
Now it's time for the next phase and like so many things in life, it's bittersweet. She's coming to the gig tonight and I look forward to giving her a nice long hug before sending her on her way...you better write!

And come back.

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