I was in a pretty good mood, nursing a mild hangover and listening to Isis (scares the pain away!) while surfing the net and watching the Tottenham v. Fulton game on TV (I like to multitask), when I came across this. It’s bad enough that the US didn’t support the Kurds in Gulf War I, but now it looks like we’re about to create yet another group that hates us. This coupled with the fact that the very same administration that uses the plight of the Kurds as one of it’s reasons for invading Iraq just pisses me off. It just goes to show how far the administration is prepared to go to meet its questionable objectives.
I considered posting this at Metafilter, but anything dealing with Iraq seems taboo over there, due to that horse having been flogged to death.
Suppose, however, this war does happen and Saddam is kicked out. Wouldn’t the Kurds be justified in trying to make their dream of an independent state realized? Can you say Civil War?

Anyway, I have not posted here much lately. Really, not much is going on. I got a new hard drive for my computer, made an appointment to get my hair twisted and have been dutifully trudging back and forth to work. However, I am happy to see the end of The Dolrums. Tonight is Ryan’s birthday…what do you get the man who has everything?

I feel diffused, yet focused today. Let’s see where that takes me…


This is an honest to god Frito quote:

"Dood. You know what's sad? I think I threw my back out while sitting on the couch watching TV last night."


Met with Laura today. We went to Aoki on Broadway for Tonkatsu and spicy tuna maki. Afterwards we dropped my bike off at her place and (after stopping off at Larry’s Market for bulk candy) went to see Daredevil at the Oak Tree. I must admit, I actually liked the movie. Of course, saying this will probably get me an email the Prof asking, “What the Hell is Wrong with You?” But De Gustibus & all that. I was totally prepared to hate Affleck, but he did a really good job! Not nearly as annoying as I thought he’d be. And that first fight scene in the bar was simply amazing.
I think the requisite romance would’ve worked better if it had been played like Chow Yun Fat & Michelle Yeoh’s in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and I thought they should’ve explored Murdock’s Catholicism more-because of the issues of guilt, good & evil and vengence. (If only M Night Shyamalan had directed this flick!)
Anyway, after the movie I stopped in at two local computer stores, looking for a new hard drive and was thwarted at both places! Taking that as a sign that it was not meant to be, I got home just ahead of the rain. Oani called and asked me if I wanted to come out with her and her friends, but I just didn’t have it in me to suit up and go out again. So I wrapped myself in blankets, poured a big glass of RC Cola and watched “Betterman” on Tech TV.
Tomorrow, Heidi is stopping by for a few hours before heading up north to see her brother. We’ll probably get lunch and hang out. I’m going to enjoy a Saturday with no place to be! No band practice for two weeks!! Whee!


I feel mysterious today (Wire)

Always cause for concern
When you're feeling quite bright
And your filament burns
I feel mysterious today
Everything is humming loudly
I feel mysterious today
Everything is coming this way
Is it ever appealing
To stand on a ceiling?
Observe the tension grow
Going walking abroad
Minus hat before dawn
Bats in profusion there
Did you ever conceive
That you too can leave
Exactly when you like?


Wow. I haven’t updated in awhile…Musta been bizzy.
Let’s see. Wednesday was Carmel’s big 3-0 birthday and we went down to Pioneer Square to celebrate. I dunno if it was the food or one too many of Matt’s cigarettes, but by the time my appetizer arrived I wasn’t feeling so good.
I thought I’d stick it out and go to work, seeing how I was mere blacks away at the time, but all I really wanted to do was stick my finger down my throat and be done with it…so I came home and called in sick.
I got some sleep, then met Suze at noon at a Mexican joint on Madison that she was curious about. The food was OK, but the company was awesome!
We went back to her place so I could check it out. It’s in a nice older building and Suze, being “a very stylish girl” decorated it very stylishly. She gave me a tour and we yakked about decorating and art and gossip, etc. But I was tired and needed to go home.
Later on, I met up with Scott at the Baltic Room. Even though he and I live together, we don’t get to talk much, with me working a schedule opposite his. So we had a couple of drinks and caught up. Then we rode home and watched Smackdown!
On Friday, I caught the 11:40 ferry to Bremerton and perused the paper on the hour-long ride. Patty and Chad showed up soon after I did and after everything was squared away the three of us went grocery shopping. We bought a ton of food for their 5-year anniversary slumber party. We went to Pho Hoa for some Pho, then went home. Heidi showed up later and I got to unload the burning hunkahunka love I carry for her. She cut her hair and looked lovely as usual.
The next morning Shelli arrived and the four of us went to an auction. Chad and I wandered around hoping to find something cool, but to no avail. I think there would’ve been better pickings at the local Goodwill!
So he and I hopped in his car and drove back to their place so he could pack up his old Playstation so he could trade it in. We got a PS2 and Final Fantasy X and spent the rest of the afternoon with that. Tracy B. had arrived while we were at the store.
I was pleased to read about the protests that had taken place over the weekend. I would’ve gone had I stayed in town…I certainly wasn’t expecting anything to happen in Bremerton, since the place depends on the Navy for it very existence!
Around 7 or so, the festivities got under way. Patty and Shelli made enough food to choke a horse! Venus De Milo was embraced. Third eyes were squeegeed. There was some projectile vomiting (not me!), foot and back rubs and hugs and much love spread around. We marveled at the speed that time had flown by. I reaffirmed my love for my extended family…it was all good.
The next morning, I reluctantly packed my shit, hopped on my bike and headed for home. No rest for the wicked! Band practice was at 4 and it was imperative that we get the three Ride songs we’re doing: “All I Can See”, “Mousetrap” and “Kaleidoscope” together for the show on Thursday.
After practice, I got about an hours sleep and then headed off to work.

VENUS (Verlaine)

Tight toy night, streets were so bright.
The world looked so thin and between my bones and skin
there stood another person who was a little surprised
to be face to face with a world so alive.
And I fell.
DIDJA FEEL LOW? NO, Not at all. HUH???
I fell right into the Arms of Venus de Milo.
I stood up, walked out of the Arms of Venus de Milo.
You know it's all like some new kind of drug.
My senses are sharp and my hands are like gloves.
Broadway looked so medieval -
it seemed to flap, like little pages:
I fell sideways laughing with a friend from many stages.
How l felt.
Suddenly my eyes went so soft and shaky.
I knew there was pain but pain is not aching.
Then Richie, Richie said:
"Hey man let's dress up like cops
Think of what we could do!"
But something, something said "you better not."
And I fell.
DIDJA FEEL LOW? NO, Not at all. HUH???
I stood up, walked out of the Arms of Venus de Milo.


Laura, upon reading yesterday's post, proceeded to ask me out for Filipino food. Over Lumpia, Garlic Rice and Adobo she proceeds to use the word "subpar" as often as possible...grrrr!


A woman I work with was telling me a story about something that happened to her over the weekend.
"I was at Safeway and one of the bag boys was helping someone out and hit my daughter in the head. When I confronted him about it, he was all denying it. 'I didn't hit your daughter,' he said. So I went to manager and he was denying it too! Finally, they let me into the security booth so I could look at the video but they'd erased the guy hitting my daughter! I mean, all I wanted was an apology. I wouldn't have made such a fuss but I wanted her to know that things like that shouldn't happen and that I'd stand up for her. I'm so pissed. I hate West Seattle. Everytime I go over there, I have to deal with white trash! Does that happen to you?"
"Uh, I don't think Wes'Seattle is any worse than anyplace else..." I offered weakly.
Urgh, I hate that term-"white trash", unless you mean this kind. I also hate it when white folks (especially those younger than me who've probably never been to one) use "ghetto" to describe things that are subpar. I really hate hearing black folks calling other blacks folks "nigger" too. I could go on, but I'm sleepy and wanna get back to the main thrust of this tale.
I don't know my coworker very well. I know she's dating a guy I used to work with back in the Photodisc days. I know she paints "thematic abstracts", I know she was married and that she has a four year old daughter. I know she likes Jill Scott a lot(!).
She sorta looks like a ex-sorority girl, slender, fair and petite, although more the arty or bookish "type", Glasses, scarfs, sweaters, etc.
Don't get me wrong. In my own way I adore her. She can be quite funny. But I was somewhat put off by her white trash comment. I briefly considered telling her that I really didn't like that term, which led to an internal rant about the other two words I hate...but then we were running late on deliveries, due to being understaffed and a couple of huge orders that came in over the weekend. So I got busy.
A few minutes passed and I got up to get some coffee.
As I was coming back to my desk, my coworker asked me if I wanted to see a picture of her daughter. I was a little puzzled by this.
"Sure." I says, ambling over.
On the screen is a little girl...wearing a blue sweatshirt...hey, wait her coloring is really different from...she's got a nose like mine! And that hair! Reddish and thick while Mom's is blond...I'm looking at...a cousin?!
"Hm. She's cute! How old again?"
"She's four..."
"Right on."
I'm back in my seat and a few minutes pass before I realize the full implications of why my coworker showed me the picture. Then I understand the full implications of her story. I supress the urge to giggle, because I'm feeling silly, surprised and for reasons I can't explain, somewhat pleased.

I guess I should know better than to judge a book by its cover...


My goodness...

I ran over a nail yesterday on my way back from an aborted trip to the doctor. Aparently, his address is listed incorrectly on his website and after circling the block several times I gave up. I was close to home when I noticed the bike was handling funny. So I pulled into a parking lot and saw the rear tire was going flat. I had some other things to do that day and was mildly annoyed, so I parked it and walked the ten blocks from home.
This morning I got up and called for a tow truck. Tom the driver, was an older gentleman in his fifties. Riding out to the dealership, he asked me what I do for a living. That led to discussions about computers, gaming, art and digital cameras...All in the time it took to go 5 miles! He was a really nice fella.
It took a couple of hours to fix the flat (they put in an inner tube since the tire was still good) so I walked around the nearby Wal-Mart looking for Mobile Suit Gundam toys and marvelling at all the activity there. Don't any of these people work? The joint was jumpin'! I've started collecting them recently, having gone mad for the original series back in the early 80's. I feel no shame in this. While my parents didn't deprive me of anything, I do get a huge kick out of wandering the toy aisles and buying stuff I want, knowing it's not for nephews, little brothers or my own children, (hee)...so there.
Anyway, they didn't have anything new, so I picked up the latest issue of Details, with that dreamy Colin Farrell on the cover and had a burger at Billy McHale's. The vibe out in Renton is so different from Seattle...so suburban...even in fairly unpretentious areas of Seattle-like Georgetown-there's a different energy...I sat in the bar surrounded by banners announcing all the drink specials and $2.50 Widmer Hefeweizens ($5 if keep the glass!) and office girls who've probably looked the same since 1985...I'm so used to my fairly hip, liberal city that it's almost shocking to realize that this is more like the "Real America."
Betty was waiting for me and we rode home...
Later on, I met Karen for dinner at the Alibi Room. It was good to see her. She looked tired but happy and beautiful. We got caught up and shared dessert, then I walked her to the bus stop and waited with her until the bus came.
It was really cold and sort of misty out, when heavy, dense air rolls off the Sound and the Lake and quickly chills you to the bone. I met Matt, Leslie, Stu, Seth and Sean at the Baltic Room. We had a drink and then everyone decided to go out for dinner. I'd already eaten but I didn't wanna go home yet, it was only 7:30 and Frito had left for Detroit to see his girlfriend.
So, after attempting to get into one restaurant and failing, we wound up at a new Italian place on 15th. I ordered cake and coffee cause I thought it rude to just sit and drink ice water. The waitress was a really cute redhead with an Italian accent. She asked me if I used to come into Romio's in Magnolia.
"I've seen you there before." she said.
I hadn't been in there for several years...I think Matt and I went in there back in The Visitors days (mid 90's) and if I'm wrong about that, then it was sometime in the late 80's.
Tess and Leslie started teasing me, saying that the waitress was hitting on me.
I didn't think so until she came back to pour more coffee. She put her hand on my shoulder...
Later she asked me how I liked the cake...I told her it was great.
"It's my favorite too", she purred.
OK...I know that you gotta work it sometimes to get a better tip. But the stuff I ordered only came to $5...
As we were leaving she thanked us, then turned and said pointedly to me..."You, you will come back, won't you?!"
"Uh, yes..." I stammered, all shy suddenly. Tess and Leslie really gave me a hard time then.
What should I have done? Given her my phone number?
How can I tell when a woman is just being friendly? And if she was just being friendly, why did she single me out?
I should've gone back.

I will go back...by myself this time.

Needless to say my night was made! I went over to Matt and Leslie's and we watched "Dumb and Dumber" then I Batmanned through the dark, chilly and empty streets to home...


Well. We played Chop Suey...and by all indications, we did a pretty good job! We debuted two new songs, "No Suicide" and "Ralph Nader as an Infant/Intoxicated" (or something like that). I was a little brain dead from lack of sleep, but managed not to embarass myself or the band too much. The headliners, The Senate Arcade seemed to really dig us and told Matt they'd like to play some gigs with us...cool. I missed their set, cause I had to go to work.
I'd like to thank all those who came out to support us. Next, Ride cover night!

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month which means the Pioneer Square Art Walk was in effect. Tracy and I went to meet Louise at Terrafazione in Pioneer Square. We hit several galleries and then wandered into the 619 building which is always happening. Louise was cracking me up with her single-minded pursuit of booze. I ran into a bunch of people I know, including my cousin David. Tab was in the house (Honey, don't do it! He's a heartbreaker!!) and my old coworkers Daron and Dona. I didn't see much that floored me this time, but then I've been awake for a loooong time. Tracy and I bailed around 8 and came home to watch Smackdown!
Chadwicke weighs in on Colin Powell's presentation yestiddy:

"I only caught the last 20 minutes or so of Colin Powell's presentation to the UN. So I'm basing my opinion on that, and what I've been able to piece together from reading transcript excerpts on the network and BBC sites. So let's assume that every piece of evidence that he presented was correct in content and in context. I'm still not of the opinion that an invasion of Iraq will provide any additional security for America, or peace in Iraq and the surrounding states. I am not convinced that there is any more immediate or pressing need to disarm Saddam Hussein than there has been for the last 10 years. I am also not convinced that the link between Iraq and al Qaeda has been sufficiently explained. (So there was an al Qaeda lieutenant in Iraq. Big Deal. There was a terrorist cell operating out of Buffalo, NY. Does that mean that Gov. Pataki works for Osama?) While it disturbs me to know that there are mobile laboratories producing chemical and biological agents, I am more frightened by the actions of our own government. That's all I have to say on Powell's presentation. The rest is a rant...and not particularly new or original.

While I not convinced of the need for military intervention in Iraq, I am convinced that such action would contribute to further anti-American sentiment in the region which would lead to many more USS Cole's and 9/11's. It's really a different world than it was back in Hitler's day, and our methods and processes for dealing with situations like this need to evolve. War has changed. Where once there were wars where armies lined up like pieces on a game board, today there are wars with truck bombs, sleeper cells...box cutters. This kind of war cannot be won by defeating an army or ousting a general. If the goal is to make America safe and secure, it cannot be accomplished by military might. Any military action should be a last resort, coordinated by the UN, when all other options have failed. We are not yet in that position.

America has tremendous strength militarily, tremendous resources in technology and tremendous influence in economy and ideology. We are in a position to create a better world, and that is what GWB would have us think he's doing when he goes around calling out "Axis of Evil!" and making war. He'd like us to believe that he's making the world safe for peace. I don't buy it. His motivations have been exposed and documented and amount to nothing more than simple greed and power lust. He doesn't really give two shits about peace as long as he's top dawg. We should take a couple of tablespoonfuls of humility and spend some of those defense dollars on programs that would make the world a more livable place for everyone. We can either have "peace" that results from weakening all of our enemies so that they can no longer hit us, or we can work on becoming a nation that no one has reason to hate. There will always be extremists, but I believe we could do more to deplete their ranks with cooperative actions than systematic extermination. It's not our freedom and democracy that make us targets; it's our imperialism and belligerence.

There will definitely be a massive body count if we launch an offensive, will this number be multiplied if we keep pressing diplomatic solutions? I doubt it. I'm not saying we should stick our heads in the sand while some dictator seizes nation after nation in a military campaign, but we should try some actual diplomacy. Not just the saber rattling, zero tolerance and tough talk that gets passed off as diplomacy, but actual understanding between parties and negotiation. If that makes me utopian or an "appeaser" then so be it. It's not utopian to think that peace through non-violent means is attainable, but it is defeatist to think that it's impossible. What kind of world do we want this to be? If not now, then when?

We've been around and around on this before, before the invasion of Afghanistan. I really have tried to examine the case for military action, but I keep coming back to the question above. What kind of world...and when? I like to think that as humans we're capable of being more than a pack of jackals scrambling in the dust for a scrap of meat.

[Whew. I may put a version of this on my blog, but I wrote it in response to your email...so if you see it there, it's not that I cut and paste it from my blog.]

Personally, I think Bush has not handled this well at all. We already know we can kick ass...so why didn't we gather some bulletproof evidence? If containment isn't working, then why? Who's to blame? Why aren't they being called out? Why are we so quick to turn on each other, when it's various multinational interests trying to make a quick buck that are the ones undermining the UN's resolve. It's like the Drug War. The rich folks with airplanes, money and influence don't get busted at all compared to the street pusher and his customer/victim. I am annoyed by the arguments that there is some moral reason for invasion. "He gassed the Kurds" Well, so what? Turkey kills Kurds and Armenians too, but you don't see us massing troops for a "regime change" in Ankora.
Lately, I fear I am becoming more hawkish as we move forward on this. You see, as I examine this thing from all sides, I conclude that not going to war at this time would be prudent, but same argument could be made for doing so as well. The Administration has basically painted the Iraqis and themselves into a corner. And at my most cynical and depressed, I kinda of wish this thing was over already so we could move on from here.
You see, I think Hussien does have something to hide. Whether it's secret WMD facilities in the western desert in Iraq or a operative with a briefcase nuke in Chicago, time will tell.


OK. So the live gig at KEXP is up in the Audioasis archives, in case you missed it. Yes, the backing vocals on that first song really suck. The person(s) responsible are being hunted down and flog-OW! Stop hitting me! OW!
Anyway, give it a listen and tell me what you think. We played two songs that are not on the E.P. and we're debuting two even newer ones on Wednesday at Chop Suey!


I woke up today to the phone ringing. I tried to ignore it but after the third time it rang I figured something important had happened. Marney was on the phone and left a message about the space shuttle. Nofuckin'way, I gasped and ran downstairs to see if it was true.