I was in a pretty good mood, nursing a mild hangover and listening to Isis (scares the pain away!) while surfing the net and watching the Tottenham v. Fulton game on TV (I like to multitask), when I came across this. It’s bad enough that the US didn’t support the Kurds in Gulf War I, but now it looks like we’re about to create yet another group that hates us. This coupled with the fact that the very same administration that uses the plight of the Kurds as one of it’s reasons for invading Iraq just pisses me off. It just goes to show how far the administration is prepared to go to meet its questionable objectives.
I considered posting this at Metafilter, but anything dealing with Iraq seems taboo over there, due to that horse having been flogged to death.
Suppose, however, this war does happen and Saddam is kicked out. Wouldn’t the Kurds be justified in trying to make their dream of an independent state realized? Can you say Civil War?

Anyway, I have not posted here much lately. Really, not much is going on. I got a new hard drive for my computer, made an appointment to get my hair twisted and have been dutifully trudging back and forth to work. However, I am happy to see the end of The Dolrums. Tonight is Ryan’s birthday…what do you get the man who has everything?

I feel diffused, yet focused today. Let’s see where that takes me…

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